So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 856 - Getting into Trouble

Chapter 856: Getting into Trouble

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“It’s hard to explain in a few words. Dad, Mom, I will get a room for you. You should take a break. I will talk to you later in detail.” Wang Mei said.

“Alright, as long as everything is fine…” Wang Mei’s parents were honest people. They nodded and listened to Wang Mei’s arrangement.

After getting the room, Wang Mei told her parents about the breakup with Liu Jihao and introduced Zhang Bing to them.

Zhang Bing was well-behaved, looking good as a serious person. Wang Mei’s parents complimented that this boyfriend was a million times better than those rich young men like Liu Jihao.

“Little Mei, as long as you come around to the idea, it’s fine.” Wang Mei’s father said, “Don’t see that Liu Jihao is so rich, but that person’s character is not good. The fact that he did something like this proves just that!”

“Yeah, I see Zhang Bing, this guy, is good. Although simple, his character is very good! It’s nothing to have no money. Happiness is enough. You see me and your dad, although we have no money, we are still very happy…” Wang Mei’s mother also thought deeply and said, “The friend of yours is also a good person. He faced danger to rescue us. Mom is pleased that you have such a good friend!”

Yang Ming just came in at that moment and heard the words of Wang Mei’s parents, so he smiled and said, “Who said that Zhang Bing, this kid, has no money? This kid is now worth several million yuan!”

After that, Yang Ming gave Zhang Bing a look and motioned for him not to speak.

Although money was not the most important, in today’s society, being without money was out of the question. When they heard Yang Ming say that Zhang Bing’s family was worth millions of yuan, Wang Mei’s parents were suddenly stunned. They never thought that Zhang Bing actually had so much money. They suddenly became happy for their daughter.

They noticed that their daughter really liked the boy in front of her, and the boy named Zhang Bing also treated their daughter very well, completely different from Liu Jihao.

“Zhang Bing, come out for a while. Let Wang Mei talk to her parents.” Yang Ming waved to Zhang Bing. Wang Mei was also trying to tell her parents about moving to Song Jiang.

Zhang Bing and Yang Ming came out together from Wang Mei’s parents’ room, standing in the hallway by the door. There wasn’t a room near Yang Ming’s and Zhang Bing’s room so they could only get Wang Mei’s parents’ room on a lower floor.

“Bro, why did you ask me to come out?” Zhang Bing asked with a smile.

“Zhang Bing, I don’t know what your attitude toward women is. Although there are some words that I should not tell you, I still want to tell you what I think.” Yang Ming patted Zhang Bing’s shoulder.

“Bro, why is there still a need to be polite between us? This time it is thanks to you. If something happened to Wang Mei’s parents, then Wang Mei certainly would not spare me.” Zhang Bing said sincerely.

En , don’t mention this anymore.” Yang Ming didn’t tell Zhang Bing about Ouyang Junwei, and there was no need to tell him. Zhang Bing would be more worried if Yang Ming told him. “How long do you think your feelings toward Wang Mei will last?”

“Bro? Why are you asking this?” Zhang Bing was a bit puzzled.

“You answer me. Are your feelings toward Wang Mei momentary, or are you planning to want her for a lifetime?” Yang Ming waved his hand and asked.

“It should be a lifetime.” Zhang Bing hesitated.

“Your concept of love may not be the same as mine.” Yang Ming sighed. “You see, I have quite a lot of girlfriends. In fact, I just cherish each of them. I don’t like one-night stands, so I will never do the kind of discarding thing. The reason why I asked you today is that I think that Wang Mei has sacrificed a lot for you. Her own parents were threatened by Liu Jihao. This feeling should be very unpleasant, right?”

Zhang Bing nodded silently. Yang Ming continued, “I thought that Wang Mei was a woman who was more casual and greedy, but the things that happened made me change this view. What do you think?”

“Bro, I know what to do.” Zhang Bing nodded. “I will handle it well.”

“And Zhao Sisi is also very good to you. Don’t let her down because of Wang Mei.” Yang Ming reminded Zhang Bing.

“Do not worry, Bro!” Zhang Bing smiled. “Bro, are you very disgusted by my one-night stands?”

“I can’t say that it’s disgust, but I don’t like it very much.” Yang Ming also smiled.

When Zhang Bing was trying to say something, Yang Ming’s cell phone rang. He glanced at the phone number. It was Su Ya who called.

“Hello, Little Ya.” Yang Ming made a silence gesture to Zhang Bing as he picked up the phone.

“Yang Ming… I am leaving Macau tomorrow… I really want to see you again, but the company’s arrangement is too tight.” Su Ya’s voice came over with some tone of complaints.

“Where are you going? I can go to see you!” Yang Ming said to comfort her.

“The location for the next concert is in Beijing, then Shanghai. But I won’t be staying for a few days so there would be no time,” Su Ya said with regret.

“Then, are you free this evening?” Yang Ming asked in a low voice.

“But I can’t go out. I didn’t sleep that night, and I almost fainted on the stage the next day.” Su Ya’s heart was a little moved but said helplessly.

“I will go find you.” Yang Ming thought about it and said.

“There are a lot of people in the hotel. Can you come in?” asked Su Ya.

“Have you seen Spiderman? I can climb in from outside…” said Yang Ming.

“Better not. It is too dangerous…” Su Ya was shocked and said quickly, “Or, I can ask Xu Li pick you up…”

“That can’t be done. If the reporters photographed me and you meeting privately, then I will become the enemy of the people the next day…” Yang Ming smiled.

“Can’t you just change your appearance?” Su Ya complained and said.

“I am afraid that it will badly affect your reputation. Some scandals would be spread!” Yang Ming said.

“I don’t care. So be it. I will ask Xu Li to pick you up.” Su Ya hung up the phone after she finished.

“Shu Ya?” After Yang Ming hung up, Zhang Bing asked curiously.

Yang Ming nodded and said, “Everything is fine now. I will go to see her tonight. You will stay with Wang Mei at the hotel.”

“Bro, you are too bad*ss. Right, after returning to Song Jiang, you have to tell me in detail about you and Su Ya.” Zhang Bing said.

As he spoke, Wang Mei pushed the door and walked out, but her face was sad.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Bing saw that Wang Mei had something to worry about, so he bewilderedly asked. Wasn’t everything still fine before?

“My parents don’t want to go to Song Jiang with us…” Wang Mei sighed and said.

“Why?” Zhang Bing asked quickly.

“My parents have lived here for a lifetime. They are used to the living environment here. Especially now that they are older, they are even more reluctant to go live in other places. Here, the old neighbors of the old neighborhood usually meet together and chat. They are afraid that they’ll get very bored after they leave.” Wang Mei explained.

Yang Ming couldn’t help but nod after he heard it. The leaves fall back to the roots[1]. Many people are thinking about going home when they are older. How could Wang Mei’s parents still leave their hometown? So he said, “You can try to persuade them again, but if you really can’t then they could just stay here. Just come back and visit them more frequently.”

“But Liu Jihao, he…” Wang Mei was obviously still worried about whether Liu Jihao would retaliate again.

Yang Ming smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Liu Jihao will not find any trouble from you after taking the money this time.” Yang Ming would, of course, not say that Liu Jihao was dead. Otherwise, it would be harder to explain, and his own identity as an assassin might also be exposed.

“Well… then I will try to persuade them again to go…You can go back to your room first.” Wang Mei nodded and went back to the room.

Zhang Bing and Yang Ming also walked upstairs to their room. As they were walking, a man and woman came over. The man walked as he read the newspaper. He came to Zhang Bing, but he didn’t look at the floor, so he stepped on Zhang Bing’s foot.

Ah …” Zhang Bing screamed, but the man who read the newspaper didn’t care at all. He didn’t even look at Zhang Bing and continued to move forward.

“What is wrong with you?” Zhang Bing was a little angry. He grabbed the man who stepped on his foot and said, “You stepped on someone else’s foot. Why don’t you even apologize?”

At this time, the man who was reading the newspaper turned his face. This guy was the “Japanese Chinese” who deserved to be beaten up at the restaurant in the morning!

“Apologize? You accidentally put your foot under my foot! I am reading the newspaper; I can’t see you. Are you reading the newspaper? Or you don’t have eyes?” He looked at Zhang Bing and said with conviction.

“Do you know how to f*cking talk?” Zhang Bing was initially quite civilized, but at first glance of this kid, he was immediately uncivilized. How one talked depended on who the person was, this guy thought he could forget his ancestors when he joined other nationalities. Can such people be called people?

“The quality is low! You people are of low quality!” The man twisted his mouth and disdainfully said.

“I’ll f*ck your old man. Is your quality good? Believe it or not, I will f*cking kill you!” Zhang Bing pointed to the man and loudly shouted.

The people in the corridor gradually became more and more, and they were all attracted by the quarrel here. Some of them participated in the gang-up incident in the morning, and they all accused the man.

“Forget it. Don’t bother with this guy!” Yang Ming shook his head and said to Zhang Bing.

Hmph , if it weren’t for bro, I would kill you today!” Zhang Bing glared at the man and said fiercely.

Just as Zhang Bing and Yang Ming were leaving, a person suddenly ran out of the crowd and slammed into Zhang Bing. Then Zhang Bing fell down with the man who deserved a lesson. Zhang Bing landed in a standard push-down posture on top of the man.

“It’s damn disgusting…” Zhang Bing laughed and climbed up from the man, pretending to be vomiting.

Ah !” Suddenly there was a scream. The woman who was with the man screamed, “Murder!”

Murder? Zhang Bing was stunned, but he surprisingly found that the man suddenly had a dagger stuck in his chest out of nowhere!

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