So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 12 - To have seduced someone like Zuo Qian to dance to your tune.

Chapter 12: To have seduced someone like Zuo Qian to dance to your tune.

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He handed her a business card, and as he spoke, there were no traces of warmth in his eyes. “I reckon the Yans have barely more than a few more days left to wait for you.”

After accepting his business card, Changqing exited the car silently and entered her house.


Inside the brightly lit house, Yan Lei and Yan Zhangrui were chatting with radiant faces, seemingly in good moods.

“Changqing, I heard from Dad that your blind date was with Dr. Song. Ah, it’s destiny!” Zhangrui snickered as she placed her hand on Changqing’s shoulder and whispered in her ear: “Now you can make him take responsibility for your ‘little Changqing’.”

“Sis…” Changqing grumbled as she stared at Zhangrui. Zhangrui was deliberately poking her sore spot.

“Changqing, I already asked your sister all about him. Not only does Dr. Song have an excellent family background, but his medical expertise is the most authoritative in the entire hospital as well. The best thing about him is that from what others have said about him, he has a fairly good character, and he’s never tried to flirt with women in the hospital.” Yan Lei, who was now unable to stop singing his praises, continued, “He’s good enough to deserve you.”

“I regret getting married so early. I’m so jealous of you,” Zhangrui said with smiling eyes. “Dr. Song is really the cream of the crop with that face and body of his. Although I’ve come into contact with him only a few times, and despite him always having a grim look on his face and talking very little, he treats his patients equally regardless of their wealth.”

“Previously, when an old lady fainted in the hospital as a result of having no money to cure her sickness, Dr. Song paid for her diagnosis and treatment fee on her behalf without any hesitation. What’s even more important is that he’s humble and doesn’t flaunt his wealth around. If Dad didn’t mention to me that he’s Song Huaisheng’s son, I wouldn’t even have realized that the hospital I work at is part of the Song family’s enterprise. It’s only after working for so long that I realized he’s the crown prince.”

Zhangrui rarely praised anyone the way she was now, but whenever she did, that meant her praise was credible and the events really did happen. Changqing had a hard time imagining Song Chuyi having such a side to him.

Yan Lei complimented him. “There aren’t many rich children who behave like him.”

Changqing thought to herself that there really weren’t that many rich children who had issues regarding that kind of stuff.

However, looking at Yan Lei who looked so glad, she didn’t want to give her father any more worries.

During the night, Changqing felt depressed and she couldn’t sleep well. The next day, when she was on her way to the TV station, she received a phone call from Station Head Feng’s secretary. “Changqing, the station head is informing you that your position will remain the same for the moment and you will still continue to host ‘Challenge to the End’.”

This great fortune that descended from the heavens made Changqing think she was still half-asleep. She asked, “Why?”

The secretary sneered twice and replied, “You’re pretty formidable, and you have quite the means to have seduced someone like Zuo Qian to dance to your tune. Yesterday, Zuo Qian went to see the station head personally and told him that if you were replaced on the show, he would quit and join a rival station once his contract expires next year.”

The secretary hung up the phone. Changqing was in a daze for a while before she hurriedly called Zuo Qian. “Teacher Zuo, I heard you spoke with the station head for my sake…”

“Changqing, don’t think too much about it. Just stay by my side and host the show with me.” Zuo Qian’s warm voice interrupted her sentence.

Changqing was deeply moved. “Teacher Zuo, thank you. You’re my savior, my ‘Bo Le 1 ‘.”

Zuo Qian laughed softly and suddenly asked, “Am I only just a ‘Bo Le’?”


On the other end of the phone, Zuo Qian hesitated. “I’m on a business trip in Beijing right now. I’ll treat you to a meal when I get back.”

“No, no, no. The meal should be on me,” Changqing promptly said.

“… Haha, sure.”

Cupping the phone in her hands, Changqing grinned from ear to ear.

Ah, Teacher Zuo is really a good man. He’s like a mentor to me.

Not only did he teach her a lot of things, but he even guided and supported her in her job as well.

Let alone treating him to a meal, but even treating him to a Manchu Han Imperial Feast was something that she ought to do after receiving so much support from him.


When she reached the TV station, Changqing suddenly discovered that a number of people were talking behind her back.

But as soon as she turned her head, everyone went silent and resumed their work with their heads bowed.

She was perplexed by this situation. Just as she arrived at her office, Chi Yining went up to her promptly, the clattering of her high heels emitting an intense anger. “Yan Changqing. Oh, I really underestimated you. You pretend to be a saint most of the time, even though you already secretly hooked up with Teacher Zuo all this time. How shameless.”

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