So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 13 - Am I only just a Muse?

Chapter 13: Am I only just a Muse?

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“What are you trying to imply?” Although Changqing rarely quarreled with anyone most of the time, it didn’t mean she wouldn’t lose her temper at all. “Chi Yining, who do you think you are to come to my office while screaming at the top of your lungs? Didn’t your teacher ever teach you to respect your seniors? Also, can you stop venomously slandering me? Not everyone sells their body to men like you do for the sake of climbing the corporate ladder.”

“What right do you have to say that about me when you did the same thing as me? There’s a rumor between the two of you circulating around the TV station. If you hadn’t slept with Zuo Qian, then why would he have helped you? More often than not, I saw the two of you exchanging flirtatious glances with each other discreetly. You mentioned to people that the relationship between the two of you is merely that of a mentor and a student, but from what I see, both of you have definitely been having a sexual relationship on the sly for a while. You have no sense of shame. No wonder everyone said you’re a woman with loose morals. In my opinion, you are…”

In the doorway, a continuous stream of people came over to the scene and stood to watch. Changqing forcefully pushed Chi Yining away as her face turned red from rage. “I dare you to say one more word…”

“Alright, enough. Both of you, stop quarreling.” Director Liang, who happened to pass by, instantly pulled them away from each other.

“Director Liang, you didn’t hear it, but just a while ago, she defamed me and was even going to hit me.” Chi Yining choked up while she complained.

“Who’s the one who barged in here intending to cause trouble in the first place?” Changqing cried. Chi Yining wasn’t the only one who knew how to cry. Changqing’s eyes turned red as well as she had never suffered such insults in her life before.

Director Liang had a headache. If he decided to get involved in their quarrel, he would be in a predicament. However, if he decided not to get involved, they would continue to make a din and it would only put the station head in a difficult position.

“Both of you are at fault with regards to this matter. Yining, it was certainly rude of you to barge into Changqing’s office while yelling at her. Moreover, Changqing is your senior. As for you Changqing, why did you argue with her in such a manner when Yining is still young and doesn’t know any better? Both of you are public figures; it would look so unsightly if word of this incident got out. Alright, all of you scatter from here.”

As director Liang was the chief director, everyone there had to give him some respect.

After the crowd scattered, Changqing sat in her office room alone, feeling extremely terrible.

She didn’t think she did anything wrong. It was clearly Chi Yining who was at fault, but Director Liang, whom she had known for two years, didn’t help her as he was probably afraid of offending Station Head Feng.

In the past, when the Yan family was still performing well, everyone at the TV station all protected her. However, now that they knew the Yan family had declined, all of them swapped sides.

How could humans be so cold-hearted?

In the afternoon, Yan Lei called to ask Changqing if Song Chuyi had invited her to a date in the evening.

Changqing’s throat choked up and she fell silent.

Yan Lei was disappointed. “He must’ve been interested in you yesterday. If not, why else would he have invited you for a coffee? Are doctors always busy? Let me make a call and ask your sister.”

“Dad, is the company’s situation really that dire?” Changqing asked while trying desperately to hold back her tears. In the past, she always told Yan Lei whenever she suffered grievances, but now, she mustn’t add on to his burden anymore.

Yan Lei felt slightly guilty. “Changqing, before this, Dad was really worried about making you feel aggrieved from the blind date, but Song Chuyi is really a great…”

“Okay, I understand. You don’t have to worry—we had a fairly nice chat yesterday.” Changqing hung up the phone and took out the exquisite white business card from her bag.

She looked at it for a long time before dialing Song Chuyi’s number.

“Hello, who is this?” The voice at the other end of the phone sounded deep and unfamiliar.

“… Yes… Is this Dr. Song? I am… Yan Changqing.”

“Miss Yan…” Song Chuyi didn’t seem surprised at all that she would call him. He replied, “When are you planning to apply for a wedding certificate with me?”

The corners of Changqing’s mouth twitched. “How can you be so sure that I…”

“I don’t think I can find any reason for you to turn me down.” Song Chuyi interrupted her. He completely guessed what she was going to say.

Changqing was speechless for a moment before she snorted. “When do you want to do it?”

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