So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 17 - His body was so ideal that she couldn’t find any flaws.

Chapter 17: His body was so ideal that she couldn’t find any flaws.

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So many things happened during the day, and it made Changqing experience insomnia again. It was only until around 2 o’clock in the morning that she finally fell asleep.


Song Chuyi woke up at eight o’clock in the morning. He generally didn’t drink alcohol typically. When he opened his eyes, he found himself surrounded by a canvas of pink. He moved his hands slightly and felt that he was hugging something furry with his hands.

When he looked down, the corners of his mouth twitched. It turned out he was actually hugging a big brown teddy bear.

He surveyed his surroundings and from just a glance, he recognized he was in a woman’s bedroom. The bombardment of pink made his head felt heavy. It had been many years since he got this drunk.

He sat upright to look for his shoes, only to find Changqing sleeping on the floor adjacent to the bed. He noticed she was wearing mint green cotton pajamas, and that there was a blanket on the floor as well. It seemed that half of the blanket served as a mattress for her and the other half of the blanket was supposed to cover her. However, it was evident that she had an uncomfortable night as the entire blanket was kicked away by her, and she had rolled down to the cold floor. Furthermore, she was lying down on her stomach with her face pressed against the floor, and there was even a small puddle of drool on the floor as well.

It was hard for Song Chuyi to conjecture how a woman who looked fairly glamorous normally had such an ugly sleeping position. She bore a resemblance to a lazy panda at the zoo with both of them looking kind of stupid.

Traces of resignation were displayed in his eyebrows as he gently bent and carried her up from the floor and onto the bed.

When Changqing was lowered down to the bed, she immediately turned her body and wiggled into the blanket while her butt was arched.

Song Chuyi watched on for a short while and helped cover her body with the blanket.

Changqing was alone in her bedroom when she woke up, and she had absolutely no idea how she ended up on the bed. The blanket she was sleeping with last night had been folded neatly and was placed on a nearby chair as well.

As she went downstairs hastily after she finished freshening up herself, Zhangrui, who was eating her breakfast, smiled ambiguously at her and said, “Yo, you finally woke up. Last night was pretty tiresome for you, huh?”

“Sis, what are you going on about?” Changqing gave her a stern stare.

“My room was just beside yours, and last night I happened to hear you scream several times,” Zhangrui replied with a sleazy look. “You finally got your first time out of the way, right?”

Overwhelmed by shyness, Zhanging’s watery peach-blossom eyes became wider than usual.

She tried to recall if she had screamed last night.

Numerous scenes flashed across her mind, and her face boiled from the heat. She seemed to recall that she did scream last night, but that was because she was frightened by Song Chuyi.

“It’s not what you think,” Changqing argued and subsequently tried to change the subject. “Where’s Song Chuyi?”

“He needed to leave for work. He left at 8 o’clock. He was pretty considerate; he even asked me not to wake you up,” Zhangrui answered with smiling eyes.

“I’m going to the TV station now.” Afraid that her sister would continue teasing her, Changqing scurried away and grabbed a toast and a soy bean milk on her way out.

While on the way to her workplace, Changqing received a phone call from Song Chuyi. “I heard from your sis that you left for work.”

“Yeah,” Changqing replied with a nervous heart as she didn’t know if he remembered the things that happened last night.

“I didn’t do anything out of line when I was drunk last night, did I?” Song Chuyi asked suddenly in a clear voice.

“… Nothing, nothing at all. You slept like a log.” Changqing sighed a breath of relief.

“That’s good then. By the way, are you free tomorrow night? My dad is inviting you for dinner at his house. The dinner was supposed to be today, but I’m on a night shift tonight.” All of a sudden, Changqing heard a voice calling for “Dr. Song” in an anxious tone from Song Chuyi’s end, and after a short moment, he continued: “Something cropped up and it needs my attention. I’ll call you again tomorrow.”

“Sure…” Before Changqing could finish her sentence, he already hung up the phone.

Feeling displeased, she pouted her lips at her mobile phone.


At 10 o’clock in the morning, Changqing stepped inside the studio once again, however, her feelings differed slightly from her usual state.

From this moment onward, she was now in a hidden marriage.

“Changqing, did you finish rehearsing last night for the rundown of today’s show?” Zuo Qian, who was wearing a red suit looking dashing and fashionable, asked her.

“I practiced these past few days. It shouldn’t be much of a problem for me.” Both of them had been partners for a long time, and since long ago, they had developed a great chemistry. Changqing immediately took out the script and requested, “Teacher Zuo, let’s rehearse our lines together lest we make a mistake in the afternoon.”

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