So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 16 - Her feeble soul was afflicted with 10000 points of damage

Chapter 16: Her feeble soul was afflicted with 10000 points of damage

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He practically looked like a stunning incubus.

Changqing was dazed by his looks.

“This child is really terrible with his drinking ability. He gets drunk just from drinking this little.” Yan Lei laughed cheerfully when he saw him collapsed on the table.

“Dad, did you think that everyone is a wine deity like you?” Changqing pouted after she heard Yan Lei.

“It’s hasn’t been that long since the two of you’ve been married, but you’ve already started to speak up for him.” Yan Lei laughed as he waved his hand. “Why don’t you take Chuyi back to your room to rest? From the looks of it, he won’t be able to go back home tonight.”

Changqing’s heart tightened. “Dad, are you suggesting that he’ll… sleep in my room tonight?”

“Both of you are married; obviously he’ll sleep in the same room as you,” Yan Lei said as he instructed Lin Yiqin: “She won’t be able to move him, so give her a hand.”

Lin Yiqin had a burly physique. He carried Song Chuyi up to Changqing’s room on the second floor easily and placed him on Changqing’s large pink bed.

Changqing followed behind with small steps, and when she saw that her huge bed had been occupied by a man, her small lips pouted high up in the air.

“He’s pretty drunk. Help him wipe his face with a towel in a bit.” Lin Yiqin encouraged her with a smile and left the room.

After Changqing closed the door, she nudged Song Chuyi several times and said, “Hey, wake up. How am I supposed to sleep tonight if you’re like this?”

“Dad, no more, I can’t drink anymore…” The slight smell of alcohol escaped from his throat as he pushed her hands away. Then like an overgrown boy, he tugged off the shoes on his feet and wriggled into the bed.

Changqing felt annoyed and amused at the same time. He was seriously still thinking that he was at the dining table drinking wine.

But even so, she wasn’t going to help him wipe his face.



Changqing took her clothes with her to shower. Her room had an ensuite bathroom, but the bathroom was only separated from the room with some frosted glass and there wasn’t any lock on it. She didn’t mind that the bathroom wasn’t locked as she thought Song Chuyi was asleep.

When she was halfway through her shower, she heard what seemed like movements coming from the outside amidst the pattering sound of the shower. A bad premonition surfaced in her mind, and she hurriedly turned off the shower head.

The door was abruptly pushed open, and Song Chuyi staggered into the bathroom.

At that moment, it was as if Changqing’s face was burned by hot scalding flames. “Ahhh!” her scream resounded. “What are you doing!? Leave this instant!”

She wanted to reach for her clothes, but her clothes were behind the door. She had nothing that she could use to cover herself with, thus, she could only shield her chest with her bare hands. Then she realized she wasn’t covering herself down below, so she managed to free up a hand in a scramble to cover herself there. However, she knew for a fact that there wasn’t any significant difference between her current state and being completely naked.

Her feeble soul was afflicted with 10000 points of damage, and her heart was beating uncontrollably and erratically.

She didn’t expect that “it” would look like that. It was her first time seeing it, and she was stunned as she was slightly frightened by it.

About ten minutes later, when she probed her head out of the changing room, Song Chuyi was already sleeping in her bed once again. Changqing’s feelings were slightly complicated as there was a man sleeping on her bed no matter which way she turned her head towards her bed.

The scene in front of her was too graphic and suggestive.

Unable to fight her curiosity, Changqing’s little eyes kept shifting downwards. It was the first time she realized that underneath the solemn white overcoat was actually a well-defined chest and abs. His muscles wasn’t like the extremely buff coaches and sports athletes at the gym. His muscles exuded a sensual vibe, were just the perfect size, and wouldn’t make her feel disgusted. As her eyes continued to move further down…

Changqing was relieved when she noticed his eyes were still closed. Feeling a sense of guilt coupled with an inexplicable sense of excitement, she continued to look further down. It was probably after he finished going to the bathroom that his pants became loose. The sight of his perfect V-shape mermaid line was exposed, and the sight of it made her feel dizzy.

She had lived for 24 years, but this was the first time she examined a man’s body so closely. Although she often met several models and stars who had great bodies at the TV station, she could only steal some glances at them as it would be embarrassing for her if she kept staring.

Changqing covered her face and tried to shift her eyes away from him, but she couldn’t stop herself from turning her head back and staring at him several more times.

Changqing couldn’t help but admit that the body of this husband of hers was honestly so ideal that she couldn’t find any flaws about it.

However, Changqing purely admired his body and had no other special thoughts about him. In the evening, when she was about to sleep, she spread her blanket on the floor beside the bed to serve as a mattress for herself. She felt she must be the saddest bride in the world as she was going to sleep on the floor on the first night of her marriage.

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