So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 27 - Marrying Song Chuyi was worth it

Chapter 27: Marrying Song Chuyi was worth it

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When Song Chuyi was about to leave the apartment, Robben was still circling around Changqing and didn’t behave like he usually did, which was following Song Chuyi to the doorstep.

As expected from a male dog. Song Chuyi shook his head inwardly.

At 11 o’clock, after Changqing finished unpacking, she led Robben to her car and drove him to the streets. She decided to buy some decorations and potted plants for the apartment as the apartment was too plain.

The window of her Audi was lowered, and Robben’s beautiful and lovely little head poked out of the window.

All the numerous car owners who drove past Robben looked at him with fond eyes. Changqing felt proud and pleased inexplicably, and the pride made her sit upright with her back straightened up fully as well. In the past, she was especially envious seeing others with a beautiful dog on a leash as they walked down the streets. She didn’t expect that God would one day throw such a fancy-looking dog at her out of nowhere.

She suddenly felt marrying Song Chuyi was worth it.

After parking the car outside a greenhouse, Robben followed closely behind Changqing into the greenhouse while his butt swayed left and right repeatedly.

The owner of the greenhouse complimented Robben when he saw him, and this made Changqing grin so broadly that the corners of her mouth almost touched her ears. The greenhouse was huge. She bought all the flowers that caught her fancy as she walked from one end of the greenhouse to the other. Eventually, when she reached the fresh flowers section and saw the flowers there, her eyes were dazzled by all the rare and different varieties of flowers available. All the fresh flowers were imported from overseas, and the owner introduced them to her one by one.

Changqing started choosing the flowers she fancied, and after she finished, she suddenly remembered Robben and realized that Robben, who was leashed to the side with a dog leash, had unexpectedly disappeared.

It was like a thunderbolt came out on a clear day.

Changqing was stunned. She didn’t even want those flowers anymore, and she began to look around the vicinity for Robben. The owner helped her look for Robben as well.

But even after searching for a long time, they couldn’t even find a strand of dog fur.

Countless drops of sweat, both warm and cold, appeared on Changqing’s forehead. Her face turned pale as well. She felt that even if the sky collapsed, she’d feel less frightened than she would in this current situation.

She had done many things that made her panic in the past—getting a zero for her middle school exam, accidentally breaking a smoking pipe that was bought by Yan Lei for more than 100000 dollars, driving Zhangrui’s car into the fence surrounding their front yard, etc…

But those things she did only angered her blood relatives. Blood was thicker than water. They’d reprimand her and smack her, but their anger would be quickly appeased as well. Song Chuyi was different in this case. Currently, the Yan family needed help from the Song family, and despite Song Chuyi becoming her husband, they were still unfamiliar with each other. It could be said that the importance of her in his heart couldn’t even match a single strand of fur of Robben’s.

Finished. She was finished. She must be the first woman in this world to get divorced and get thrown out of the house because of a dog.

As for the lovely Robben, perhaps he’d be killed by those unscrupulous dog traffickers and be sold to a restaurant. Nowadays, in order to earn money, the dog traffickers would even dig out the remains of a dog from their grave in an attempt to sell them.

“Aiyo, pretty girl, don’t cry,” consoled the owner. “Print a photo of the dog and paste it around the neighborhood, and see if you can find him.”

“Boss, you don’t understand. This isn’t my dog,” Changqing said in a panicked tone. “He’s my husband’s dog.”

“Would your husband swallow you whole just because you lost the dog?” the owner asked.

Changqing answered in a trembling voice, “You don’t understand. My husband wants the dog; he doesn’t want the person.”

Boss: “…”

Changqing was anxious and was at a loss for what to do. “Finished. I’m finished.” She thought to herself. She still had to attend a branding event at 2.30pm in the afternoon, and if she didn’t go, she would have to pay a huge sum of money for the breach of contract.

She resigned herself to her fate. Her only option left was to call Song Chuyi.

At around one o’clock in the afternoon, while Song Chuyi was halfway through eating Chinese food in the canteen after doing his rounds, and while he was in the middle of thinking about some unusual medical cases he saw that morning, his cell suddenly rang.

After the call connected, Changqing’s weak voice rang out from the other end of the call. “Song Chuyi, I’m going to tell you something, but you have to calm down. At around eleven o’clock, I took Robben out to buy some potted plants. Initially, I didn’t want to bring him along with me, but when I was going out, Robben clung onto me persistently. When I closed the door, he made a din in the house, and I… I couldn’t bear it so I brought him along with me. Who knew that he’d suddenly disappear when I was purchasing some potted plants. I had tied him to one side…”

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