So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 28 - You don’t understand. My husband wants the dog, he doesn’t want the person

Chapter 28: You don’t understand. My husband wants the dog, he doesn’t want the person

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Song Chuyi jumped up from where he was sitting, his face cold as frost. “Who gave you permission to take him out? Where are you?”

Changqing reported her current position. Song Chuyi really wished to skin her alive. “Wait there. I’m coming over right now.”

“Dr. Song, where are you going?” Dr. Yan, who was beside him, asked.

“My dog disappeared.”

Song Chuyi left his lunch alone and immediately rushed to the car park. While on his way to the car park, he called Dr. Xin to ask if he could swap shifts with him. Dr. Xin was supposed to be on night shift today, so he happily agreed to the swap readily.

On the way to Changqing, Song Chuyi was in a towering rage. This Yan Changqing is really capable. It’s only been a few hours after she moved in, yet she already caused such trouble.

He was truly regretting that he married someone like her as his wife.

Seeing as she lost his dog today, he wondered if she would forget to lock the apartment door tomorrow when she went out.

After he arrived at the greenhouse, he proceeded inside with large strides and heavy breaths. When he saw Changqing, his expression became piercingly cold as he fired a gleaming stare at her. Just as he was about to lecture her, Changqing spoke chokingly with teary eyes. “Just… go ahead… and scold me… you can hit me too… I didn’t… do it on purpose… as long as… we can find… Robben, I’m willing to… work my fingers to the bone for you…”

She apologized in a choked voice; her peach-blossom eyes were filled to the brim with watery and glistening tears, and she had cried to the point where her nose and cheeks were completely red. Her current appearance looked immensely enchanting and ravishingly beautiful; she was like a Chinese peony that had been drenched in the rain—delicate and oozing with cuteness.

Song Chuyi suddenly found himself reluctant to scold Changqing with the insults that were boiling inside him while he was en route to the greenhouse.

Changqing sniffled her nose and turned around. Then she started wiping away the tears that were dripping down from her swollen eyes frantically. Any man would feel sorry for her if they saw her look of distress.

Even the owner of the greenhouse who was standing to the side couldn’t bear to see her acting like this and persuaded, “Sir, you should stop blaming your wife. She was desperate when she lost the dog, and she went everywhere to search for the dog. She was afraid you would abandon her because she lost the dog, and as a result, she kept crying…”

After the owner finished speaking, he displayed a face that seemed to imply: If you scold your wife because of the dog, you’re not a real man.

Song Chuyi had a headache. He used a finger to press the space between his eyebrows as he passed his handkerchief that he always carried to Changqing. “Here, wipe yourself with this, and stop crying. I should’ve warned you from the beginning that Robben has always been mischievous. It’s only been two hours since we lost him. There’s still a chance we could find him…”

“Really…” asked Changqing, her eyes were sparkling brightly while she bit her lip as she accepted the handkerchief.

Song Chuyi took a deep breath and nodded.

Changqing then pleaded pitifully again: “I have a brand promotion event that I need to attend at 2.30pm, can… you search for the dog first? I’ll come back again later and join in on the search as well.”

Song Chuyi froze. Every vein that surrounded the contours of his face burst with rage instantly. “Do you believe that I’m going to crush you?”

Changqing’s legs buckled upon hearing his threat. She hurriedly grabbed onto his shirt and said abjectly: “If I don’t go, I’ll have to fork out more than 100000 dollars for breaching the contract. I can’t afford it.”

“Alright, fine. You can leave for all I care. Besides, you wouldn’t be of any help to me even if you stayed.” By now, Song Chuyi had figured out one thing—this woman was someone who couldn’t do anything right and would only make things worse.

“Then don’t be mad at me anymore. If you find the dog, give me a call immediately, okay?” Changqing pinched the corner of his shirt and kept shaking it lightly. She subconsciously used the skills she usually used on Yan Lei to deal with Song Chuyi.

Song Chuyi’s breathing briefly paused, his gaze was akin to a sharp knife, slashing towards Changqing.

Changqing became frightened and didn’t want to stay any longer. In a flash, she slipped away from him.

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