So You’re Such A Doctor Song

Chapter 29 - My newly acknowledged godson went missing because of me

Chapter 29: My newly acknowledged godson went missing because of me

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When she arrived at the event venue, Wen Tong, her assistant, instantly yanked her backstage and gave her a lecture: “Changqing, just when will you let me have some peace of mind? If I didn’t bring your clothes along for you, you’d have to attend the event dressed in your current attire, looking like a ghastly ghost. Let’s see if there’s anyone who would still dare to use you when that happens.”

“I’m sorry, sister Wen.” Changqing grabbed her hands and asked for forgiveness.

“Hurry up and change into these clothes.” Wen Tong pushed her into the changing room with a look of disdain.

During today’s event, Changqing and Zuo Qian were arranged to host on the stage together. For the past two days, Changqing had been avoiding Zuo Qian constantly, but she couldn’t continue to do so when it came to her work. Furthermore, Changqing wasn’t in the mood today to think about the stuff that happened on that particular night. Currently, her mind was congested with thoughts of Robben, and Robben only…

Zuo Qian handed a glass of champagne to her, and with a complicated and deep voice, he asked: “Changqing, you have something on your mind. Is it because you got a scare from what happened that night?”

“Hmm?” Changqing jerked as she recovered from her thoughts. She shook her head and replied, “No, it’s my newly acknowledged godson. He went missing because of me.”

Zuo Qian got a shock. “When did you have a godson? This isn’t a trivial matter; have you reported this to the police? I have a fairly good connection with the police chief. Do you want…”

Changqing pouted and said depressingly: “My godson is a dog. This morning, I took him out to do some shopping, and he went missing while I wasn’t paying attention.”

Zuo Qian: “…”

Zuo Qian took a sip of his champagne and felt awkward. He couldn’t possibly request the chief of the police force to help him search the whole city just for a dog.

“Excuse me while I take this call,” said Changqing when her phone suddenly rang. She went to the other side of the room and answered the phone. “Song Chuyi, have you found Robben?”

“Yep,” replied Song Chuyi. He was honestly baffled as to why he would go out of his way to call her as well.

“You’re so good. How did you manage to find him so quickly?” Changqing was so delighted that she even forgot about her fear just a while ago. She had been searching for at least two hours in the afternoon, and the time was currently only 4 pm.

“I asked my friend for help.”

“Then Robben… is he injured?”

Before she could finish speaking, Changqing heard the “dudu” sound of the phone being hung up.

“How rude,” Changqing mumbled in a vicious tone. Despite this, she could finally rest assured.


On the other side of the phone call, after Song Chuyi put away his phone into his pants pocket, and when he was just about to leave with Robben, Li Shaobing, who was behind Song Chuyi and had sinister-looking facial features, complained furiously. “Hey, hey, hey. I, the boss of the underworld who is famous throughout South city, mobilized all my manpower in the city to find your dog for you. Don’t you have any intentions of treating me to a meal? Are you going to leave just like that?”

“What do you want then?” rebutted Song Chuyi coldly as he turned around. “Do you want me to open up your head with my scalpel to check whether you’re sick?”

“You have guts,” snorted Li Shaobing, who was hopping mad. “Hey, I bumped into that little bi*ch Guan Ying yesterday at a hotel. She was with Fu Yu. Do you want me to help you teach that bi*ch a lesson?”

“No need,” Song Chuyi said flatly.

“Then, how about… I abduct her and you slash her small face with a scalpel?” Li Shaobing smiled darkly.

“Creep.” Song Chuyi hurled an insult at him.

“You’re the one who’s the real creep. I learned it from you.” Li Shaobing crossed his arms and snorted. “Seriously, I can let it pass when Guan Ying cuckolded you like that. But I’ve heard that Fu Yu admitted his mother to the hospital you work at. You couldn’t possibly be treating his mother, right?”

“You’re really well-informed with your sources.” Song Chuyi touched the ends of his hair, and with an uncaring voice, continued to speak. “The attending physician isn’t me. Besides, even if it was me, I wouldn’t violate the professional ethics of a doctor.”

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