Sovereign of Judgment


Author’s Afterword.

Though it makes me emotional, the story I have clung onto for around a year has finally concluded.

I sincerely thank readers from Munpia, Joara, and Bookcube who have accompanied me on my releases. It was thanks to you that I was able to end this story.

Not many people died in my previous novel, Dimension & Business… But, for some reason, I have received various forms of slander for being called SlaughterAgain since the start of this novel.

However, despite the countless suspicions that poured in, I wrote this story with the clear aim of having a happy ending since the beginning. I received tons of criticism thanks to the unclear ending of my previous novel…

Yes, living is already tough, isn’t it a good thing if stories have happy endings?

Though the concept I had when I started writing Sovereign of Judgment was ‘bloody action scenes’, ‘scheming amongst sovereigns’, and ‘love for humanity’… There are parts I’m satisfied with and many more that I am not. I felt that the part where the story went from being a survival game on Earth to the alliance’s outlook of the world was especially a shame. I had a hard time in the middle since I couldn’t continue the ‘scheming amongst sovereigns’.

Still, I am very happy since I think I wrote a satisfactory ending.


It was a very difficult time for me during the early stages of writing this novel.

While recovering from my surgery due to problems regarding my rear end, my dear friend departed from this world due to leukemia on April 24. She was a kindred spirit, very pretty, and 30 years old.

One of my friends departed last year, and now this year… Due to circumstances, I couldn’t contact my friends very often.

It was heartbreaking.

As you know, I am an expert at late releases so I didn’t reveal my circumstances at the time when I went on a hiatus because I felt they would only be excuses.

If my readers who have accompanied me this far could pray for her, I will be forever thankful.

I am thinking about a concept for a new story.

It’s a story about a magician. I think it should be considered a fusion fantasy more than a modern one, but it’ll be fun.

I am planning on releasing it sometime in March or April 2017.

While it’s brazen of me, I hope that you enjoyed my previous project and will enjoy the new one I will be writing as well.

To my readers who have accompanied me through Choi Hyuk and the Berserkers’ struggle, I once again bow my head in thanks.

Then, until next time!

Translator’s Afterword.

It’s been a great journey. I cannot describe how much I appreciate all the support you have given me while translating this project. When I first began this project, I couldn’t even imagine finishing it, yet here we are, 210 chapters of Sovereign of Judgment completely translated.

I would like to thank my editor, Obelisk, for helping me out since the early releases of the project despite his busy schedule. He was one of the two who reached out to us, offering to help edit our chapters. This was before we were officially recruiting at all. 🙂

I plan on solely translating Top Management for the time being. Top Management has been my side project for a while now, and the novel has unfortunately been on hiatus at 216 chapters. I hope that the author returns before I catch up.

Once again, thank you all for accompanying me this far! Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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