Sovereign of Judgment

Chapter 4: Ring of Rebirth (4)

Episode 1: New World / Chapter 4: Ring of Rebirth (4)

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The chosen Yoon Girim moved forward as if she was being pushed by something.

“No. No. Mingi. Mingi! Don’t do this! Please?”

However, he showed no mercy. The girl was slowly dragged towards the ring by an invisible force.

Everyone was silent.

‘What to do? What could I do?’ Those thoughts never entered their minds.

As if it was a nightmare, they blankly watched Yoon Girim getting dragged across the floor.

Like before, there was only one person who moved. The class president, Jung Minji.

Jung Minji grabbed Yoon Girim’s shoulder.

Everyone wondered.

‘You’re trying to pull her back? You failed last time with Gilsoo.’

However, she wasn’t trying to pull her back.

Jung Minji pushed against Yoon Girim’s shoulder and used that momentum to leap forward.

“I will fight instead.”

She declared just before making contact with the transparent wall.


The transparent wall let her through instead of Yoon Girim.

Now then did everyone recall one of the rules of this game.

{The first person to climb up can choose their opponent. Unless someone substitutes for the chosen person, that person will stand in the ring.}

Jung Minji came forward as the ‘substitute’.


Yoon Girim who was being dragged forward flopped on the floor.

Jung Minji lightly jumped up onto the ring. As soon as she went on, she lightly checked her body condition by clenching her fists, swinging her arms and even running in place.

“Eiyahh~ Minji. You wanna fight me?”

Jung Minji didn’t reply to Lee Mingi. Lee Mingi smiled suspiciously. She was always like that. She would consistently ignore Lee Mingi. Whenever Lee Mingi saw Jung Mingi, he couldn’t stand the feeling that she was looking at him like she would a cockroach.

Lee Mingi slowly scanned her slim thighs and waist. He didn’t pay attention to outsiders anymore. The true nature of a person would be fully displayed once they had power. Lee Mingi said with a crooked smile.

“It’s good that you came. I’ve always wanted to fuck you… Let’s do a live show.”

Jung Mingi who was checking the changes in her body due to karma suddenly stiffened.

She smiled.

With an innocent and charming smile, she said with a slight lisp.

“Fuck off.”


Jung Minji and Lee Mingi’s fight was normal.

After getting stronger from killing Yang Gilsoo, every aspect of Lee Mingi, including speed and power, surpassed Jung Minji. Jung Minji kept a defensive stance until her collar was grabbed by Lee Mingi.

Lee Mingi became relaxed when he became certain Jung Minji was not his match. He grabbed her collar and attempted to rip her top.

“Minji~ Let’s take off your clothes.”

However, those were his dying words.


Jung Minji’s hand stabbed into Lee Mingi’s temple. In her right hand was an awl she had taken from the tool box.


Jung Minji pressed her left hand on Lee Mingi’s shoulder and pulled out the awl from his temple. It was stabbed in so deeply that they could hear the friction between the metal and his bones as she pulled it out.


Lee Mingi tilted over after letting out his last breath. Wet blood oozed out of his temple before he turned into ash. With that, it ended.


Jung Minji let out a short sigh. Her shoulders shivered as if she was appalled by Lee Mingi’s ashes permeating her body.

As if nothing had happened, the ring was clean.

The students fell into a state of shock once again. The awl they would always see in the tool box, if they stabbed that into someone’s head, they would die. There was no one that didn’t know this but the shock was completely different when they had personally witnessed it.

Jung Minji expressionlessly walked out of the ring.

“Th… Thanks, Minji!”

Yoon Girim who was still on the floor expressed her thanks to Jung Minji.

However, Jung Minji coldly laughed.

“For what? What are you thankful for? You’re going to die anyways if you act like that.”

Yoon Girim’s shoulders stiffened. Jung Minji simply passed her.


The classroom door opened. She said without looking back.

“Do you think I stepped in to save you? Do you still not understand the situation? Kill while you can. The ones who die are in the wrong.”

Then she exited into the hallway.


Following behind her, students rushed to the door.

“What! It’s blocked! Open it!”


It became noisy but there was a transparent wall blocking the opened classroom entrance. They were still unable to leave.

“Assholes… you’re fucking loud.”

It was Kang Minho who had used the chance to enter the ring. 190cm tall. The student who was the best at fighting after Choi Junsung.

“Isn’t that right, Choi Hyuk?”

He picked Choi Hyuk who was known as the tall loser.

“Get up here.”

Choi Hyuk’s head creaked as it turned.

He had a strange smile on his face.

A single thought repeated in his mind.

‘Lee Mingi and Jung Minji killed as if it was nothing.’

If that was the case,

He who had killed a middle schooler 5 years ago,

Lee Mingi who had killed Yang Gilsoo and

Jung Minji who had killed Lee Mingi

were all murderers.


A laugh sounded out.

‘… What the hell?’

A beast was born among chicks.

Whenever the beast touched a chick, the chick would easily crumble.

The ones who would easily crumble were them… was what his mother said.

That it wasn’t the weak who were bad but himself.

That was why the beast pulled out his teeth and lived among chicks with his arms tied behind his back.

While enduring as the chicks who didn’t know their place pecked at him and walked all over him…

But a chick had just called him out. He said that he looked weak and that he would kill him.

‘You? Kill me?’


Choi Hyuk laughed. He felt refreshed. It felt like the chains that were tightly wrapped around him were breaking off. He was trying to kill him. He thought that since he was weak, he could kill him.

‘But are you really stronger than me?’

No matter what, he didn’t feel that he would lose.

It couldn’t be confirmed rationally. He last fought when he was in grade 6, it was too far in the past. All this could be an illusion. However…

‘I just need to confirm it myself.’


‘The weak will die.’

He probably wouldn’t have any regrets.

Choi Hyuk walked onto the ring with his own two feet.

On the ring, Choi Hyuk’s arms and legs were slightly trembling. Kang Minho laughed when he saw this.

“This bastard cowering… fight with confidence. You’re the only one in the class in the same weight division as me.”

“Haha. Okay.”

Choi Hyuk continued to laugh awkwardly. His arms and legs were trembling from extreme excitement.

It was neither fear or anxiety.

Choi Hyuk was trembling in happiness.

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