Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Chapter 200

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 200 – Qualified Successor (后继有人)

Although there were many individuals who fell from grace, there were also people whose reputation soared from the incident.

Since Jing Yun Zhao was still a minor, her face in the viral video was mosaiced to hide her identity. However, this did not deter the curiosity of the netizens.

In this age, there were several pretty girls, but ones with such an imposing aura were a rarity. Even when they were separated by a screen, they could still feel the cold air that the girl emitted. Her powerful and resonating voice, and the deterring force in every word she spoke, was incredibly fierce. It was simply much more exciting than watching a television drama.

The moment Jing Yun Zhao showed up and gave a ferocious roundhouse kick that sent Director Liu flying, it became one of the top discussions among the netizens.

Ever since the video was uploaded, the family and friends of the Gan family went wild. How could they have been completely ignorant of their Gan family suddenly having an extra capable granddaughter?! More importantly, this granddaughter had such an innate gift for medicine that stunned all the senior doctors!

For two days, Gan Song Bai was sullen because he was forced to leave the hospital, but once the people around him came forward one after another to congratulate him on finding such a talented successor, any complaints the elderly man had disappeared.

“Jin Chen, you need to learn from Yun Zhao properly. If you really aren’t able to, you can also take her as your master. Our family acknowledges that too. As long as you learn something, seniority or whatever is definitely not a problem…” Old Grandpa Gan spoke as he smiled at his grandson.

Gan Jin Chen returned home mostly to comfort his biological grandfather. Who knew that the moment he stepped across the doorway, the old man would immediately start to nag. Right away, his expression turned bitter.

Jing Yun Zhao’s age wasn’t more than his; if he took her as his master, would he still have the face to meet others?

Instead, it was Su Chu who nodded giddily, her entire being expressed her attitude of taking joy in others’ misfortune.

“Grandpa, I’m your biological grandson…” Gan Jin Chen blushed in shame.

“So what if you’re my biological grandson? Yun Zhao is more obedient than you are,” The old man lightly snorted.

What he now regretted the most was the fact that Jing Yun Zhao wasn’t a child of the Gan family! She was both attractive and talented; where else could someone find such an ideal seedling?

He was old, but he wasn’t muddled. Yun Zhao acknowledged herself as her biological grandfather and treated him as such. If it weren’t for her at the hospital that day, even if he wasn’t angered to death by Director Liu, in the future, he would have been heavily devalued. The most important thing was that his reputation would have been completely tarnished!

Sitting by the side, Jing Yun Zhao’s solemn and silent expression was just like a jade carving, looking at her would make anyone feel more relaxed and serene.

“Oh right! Yun Zhao, that thing you gifted, what is it? I can smell its aroma from here.” Moments later, Old Grandpa Gan couldn’t take it anymore and directly decided to ask as he pointed at the gift bags Jing Yun Zhao brought.

This moment was what Jing Yun Zhao was waiting for; quirking her lips into a smile, she directly opened the bag, showing the alcohol she fermented in her space.

This alcohol was fermented using the recipe in the spirit jade. The alcoholic content was not very high. The main allure was the scent of the alcohol. She had thoroughly experimented before and found that grain sold in the outside world could still be fermented. Moreover, the taste would still be better than the alcohol available on the market. The downside was that it still couldn’t compare to the alcohol made from the grains in her space.

The alcohol in front of her was a gift for the old man, so she naturally used the best ingredients.

The bottle was exquisite and made a nice sound when swirled around. From the outside, it looked like a slim and light gourd bottle and didn’t have too many decorations, but the bottom of it was carved with the words ‘Spirit Jade’. It was the name of the company she set up with Bai Yu An.

“Grandpa, try this alcohol. I made it myself,” Jing Yun Zhao popped open the stopper and instantly, the elder’s eyes shone.

He loved drinking, but he mostly drank medicinal wines, and each time, he never drank excessively. However, he still held a certain level of appreciation and understanding of alcohol. This alcohol Jing Yun Zhao brought had a rich and heavy scent. Just smelling it made him drool in anticipation.

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