Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Chapter 201

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 201 – Omnipotent (无所不能)

Whenever Jing Yun Zhao went to the Gan family home, she would usually bring some fresh fruits. Today's difference in the routine made Su Chu and Gan Jin Chen feel strange, this was even more so when they saw that what she brought was alcohol.

The old man wasn't an avid lover of alcohol, and the bottles that other people sent him previously were piled up everywhere. In the end, they had no choice but to give them away. No matter what, the old man wouldn't even give them a single glance.

Today's reaction was…somewhat wrong?

Was it to give Jing Yun Zhao some face?

The duo's thoughts aligned, but when they watched as their grandfather not only received the alcohol but also took a sip, they could not contain their astonishment and surprise. His large hands clapped as he remarked, "Good wine! The scent has no impurities, and it's much stronger than the ones I've drunk before! Yun Zhao, come accompany this old man for dinner today before I taste it again…"

"Oh right, you said you fermented this yourself?" The elderly suddenly remembered what she said and was once again shocked.

Why did this brat always give him the feeling that she was omnipotent and could do anything?

Fermenting wine wasn't a strange thing. In the past, Su Chu had also fiddled with making grape wine, but the taste definitely left a lot to be desired.

However, Jing Yun Zhao's wine was on the opposite side of the spectrum. The dense and fragrant aroma and the clear colour distinguished the wine. The feeling from drinking just one or two sips was as if his stress was eliminated, improving his mood exponentially.

There were also the fruits that Jing Yun Zhao brought; he heard that they were something her mysterious Teacher had grown, the taste was incomparable to the ones in the market. Not only were they good looking, the taste was also great. They could never finish the fruits that Jing Yun Zhao brought over all the time, but ever since they appeared, there was no one in this house who came down with the flu or other minor illnesses.

Of course, it might not have any link to the things Jing Yun Zhao gifted them, but he kept having the feeling that her strengths and abilities were out of the ordinary.

"Grandpa, you are the first one to taste it, but apart from this wine, I also fermented some medicine wine and fruit wine. Next time, I'll bring it over for you to have a taste," Jing Yun Zhao explained.

She also came up with a name for this wine on her own. She would wait till the factory could mass produce these to engrave the name on the bottle.

"Yun Zhao, this brat, what are you thinking in that little brain of yours every day? To think that you can even ferment wine, is it something that the Teacher of yours taught you?" The old man gasped in admiration.

She nodded.

Grandpa Gan took a moment before he started taking another sip, and the feelings he experienced changed with each sip he took.

He secretly felt a hint of pride; if this wine could be sold, it would definitely stand out in the market. If that day really came, as the one who ate the crab first, wouldn't others envy him to death?

Unfortunately, this matter would probably only happen two years later after Jing Yun Zhao came of age.

However, the old man never would have thought that it wouldn't be long before this wine would engulf the market in a storm.

Under his gaze, Jing Yun Zhao wasn't anxious to tell him the news. After all, things weren't ready yet and she didn't want the old man to worry needlessly. He only needed to experience the surprise and happiness that came after the dust had settled.

Jing Yun Zhao's wine let the elderly become an alcoholic for the first time ever, this event became a small joke amongst them.

Grandpa Gan had one son and one daughter, but they were both independent and working adults. Recently, his scandal was abuzz and it was unavoidable for them to know about it even if they didn’t want to. After the two of them received the news, they immediately rushed home, but who knew that the moment they stepped into their home, they'd see their father who usually didn't like to drink have a small party on his own. The shock that the pair of daughter and son received wasn't light.

To reach the point of drowning his sorrows with alcohol, could his mood still be good?!

Thus, the pair negotiated a proposal to send him overseas to travel and relieve boredom, even secretly pouring away the alcohol and changing it into water. When the old man couldn't find the treasure that Jing Yun Zhao gave him, he was so anxious his eyes were red and furious. Only after he flew into rage did his children own up.

After he heard their confessions, he almost cursed them to hell and back.

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