Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Chapter 356

Chapter 356

Jing Yun Zhao merely looked at Cui Jun with contempt as she sat upright on her chair with an extraordinary presence, before coldly laughing as she spoke, “Are you insinuating that the people who came up with these questions gave me the answers beforehand?”

Amongst the nine judges, three of them were involved with the making of the test questions and they were all highly respected seniors in their own field, leaving no chance of them leaking the questions just for a junior, even if the junior was sent here by the respected Senior Xu.

After all, all these elders still had their own dignity, and although some of these elders were greedy in nature, most of them still had integrity as people in the medicinal field. Since medicine had the power to both save and harm someone, from the moment these elders started learning medicine, they also learnt about morality and integrity at the same time.

Obviously, there would be some people that had no integrity occasionally. After all, it was easy to be corrupted after one has experienced both fame and fortune.

However, the three elders in question here were definitely just and righteous, else they wouldn’t have been chosen by everybody to become a judge.

The moment Jing Yun Zhao finished her words, the facial expression of the three judges turned bad as they looked at Cui Jun unhappily.

“The three of us have never said anything unrelated to the competition from the start. Not only that, we haven’t even spoken to anyone unrelated to the competition, so how could Jing Yun Zhao cheat? Cui Jun, you better consider your words carefully before speaking!” One of the judges said unhappily.

Although Cui Jun had an arrogant personality, he only showed it when dealing with people around the same age as him, but when faced with these famous elders who exuded an imposing aura, he had nothing to say.

As a result, with a red face filled with embarrassment, he replied with panic, “That wasn’t my intention…”

Jing Yun Zhao mocked Cui Jun in her mind as she thought, Cui Jun truly was the type of person that only dared to bully the weak, yet cower in fear when confronted by the strong.

“Then what did you mean by your comment? If no one gave me the answers, how did I cheat? Since you said that I cheated, then you should explain your reasoning for saying so right? Unless you were desperate and said that in the heat of the moment just to discredit my answers?” Jing Yun Zhao replied, without any intentions of letting him go.

Seeing Cui Jun in a bind, Ji Shan Shan hurriedly said, “Cui Jun only said these words in the heat of the moment solely because he didn’t believe you were so awesome, why are you making things so difficult for him?”

Although she didn’t hate Jing Yun Zhao anymore, she still loved Cui Jun.

This was a first for Jing Yun Zhao as she finally met someone that would display their bias towards someone so blatantly.

Before, when Ji Shan Shan wasn’t near Cui Jun, her behaviour and actions were just like a normal person, yet the moment she was in the presence of Cui Jun, her attitude did a 180° and she was willing to disregard her relationship with Jing Yun Zhao. As a result, Jing Yun Zhao was willing to bet that after the competition ended, Ji Shan Shan would still find her and act as if nothing had happened.

At this point, Ji Shan Shan was basically a schizophrenic.

Jing Yun Zhao stared at Ji Shan Shan at a loss of words before replying, “Ji Shan Shan, are you retarded?”

Although Jing Yun Zhao never showed her weakness to others, she would rarely insult others. However, she truly couldn’t hold it in anymore.

As the saying goes, ‘Women in love are all batshit crazy’, and the saying didn’t appear out of nowhere, especially when applied to people with Ji Shan Shan’s personality.

“Why are you scolding me! If you’re dissatisfied with anything then just be frank and say it!” Ji Shan Shan said while frowning, although she wasn’t angry anymore.

If this was before, she would’ve already rolled her sleeves up and gone to war against Jing Yun Zhao. However, after spending time with Jing Yun Zhao for the past 2-3 days, she knew that Jing Yun Zhao had a calm personality and wasn’t an easy person to anger. Not only that, she also knew that Jing Yun Zhao wasn’t small-minded and wouldn’t fight over small matters. Obviously, it was different when Jing Yun Zhao dealt with her enemies.

Jing Yun Zhao gave her a glance before replying, “You want me to be frank? Fine, I’ll say it for you! I’m holding him to his words and not letting him go isn’t because I hate him, although I do! It’s because it’s a matter of principles! The fact that he started spouting such shameless words the moment they lost shows how bad his character is as a person! It shows how immature he is, based on the fact that he was in denial after being reprimanded by his elders! Take a look for yourself, I didn’t even do anything to Sun Yan, yet he’s already rushed to her defence like a white knight, it shows that he clearly has an eyesight problem based on the fact that not only is he greedy, but on the fact that when he saw you rushing to his defence, he didn’t even say anything… he only considered whether your blind rush to defend him was beneficial or not, totally ignoring the harm to your reputation! Ji Shan Shan, do I still need to say more to wake you up?”

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