Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Chapter 357

Chapter 357

Although it was said that Cui Jun was just trying to help Sun Yan, it was basically no different from announcing that his words were said to protect the ‘white moonlight’ in his heart. Moreover, his white moonlight was actually his own cousin, causing him to want to protect and love his cousin forever, yet she was like a fairy, who was unattainable.

Once a woman has a place in the heart of a man, it is at that moment that others would become expendable in the eyes of said man.

Sun Yan was very smart since she knew that she would suffer from discrimination by living under the roof of others while staying in the Cui Family, hence why the first thing she did was to capture the heart of Cui Jun. As a result, from then onwards, her position within the Cui Family was solidified.

Although Sun Yan had a good memory, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had the Cui Family’s support, she wouldn’t have been given the chance to learn so many things.

Furthermore, would the Cui Family actually whole-heartedly support an ‘outsider’? If Cui Jun wasn’t there to help Sun Yan through her journey, Jing Yun Zhao wouldn’t have believed that Sun Yan had the capabilities to practice medicine on her own.

At most, she would’ve only been able to help out by doing some miscellaneous chores related to medicine.

Yet even with all the evidence provided, Ji Shan Shan still didn’t understand that she doesn’t have a place in Cui Jun’s heart.

Hearing her words, Ji Shan Shan froze for a moment before replying, “Cui Jun isn’t as bad as you described him to be, not only is he smart, motivated and good looking, he also has a gentle personality!”

“But does he treat you with gentleness? I’m afraid that he only does so and adopts a slightly more modest attitude towards you when he needs to ask you for help right? Ji Shan Shan, you don’t know what he sees you as right? In his eyes, you’re just one of the thousands of spare tyres he has, and that you’re low-quality goods with a snowball’s chance in hell for him to actually treat you with sincerity.”

Even Ji Shan Shan, who normally had a thick face, wanted to cry and felt depressed when her place in Cui Jun’s heart was scrutinized and questioned.

However, at the same time, Ji Shan Shan thought that since she was being bullied by Jing Yun Zhao, Cui Jun would surely come to her defence and dispense justice on her behalf, proving to everyone that she wasn’t just one of Cui Jun’s many spare tyres.

After all, she was pampered and treated as a gem by her parents since she was small and her brother also protected her. As a result, who dared to call her a spare tyre?

Finishing her thoughts, Ji Shan Shan pouted and turned her head towards Cui Jun expecting comfort, instead all she saw was Cui Jun comforting Sun Yan.

At that moment, Ji Shan Shan’s vinegar jar was filled to the brim and exploded.

“Cui Jun! A loss is a loss, since Sun Yan lost, you comforting her has no use! Who called her to be so dumb to have the gall to challenge Jing Yun Zhao!” Ji Shan Shan screamed.

The corners of Jing Yun Zhao’s mouth twitched as she thought, ‘No wonder Cui Jun likes to use her.’


Sun Yan instantly let loose her grievances, “I… I’m sorry Biao-di, I lost… I’m so useless, even though there’s still three rounds, I’ve already lost two… what do I do…”

The competition had five rounds, and the first 2 was only a warm-up, the real test was during the last three rounds, as it involves concocting medicine.

The only problem was that the current Sun Yan had already lost all her fighting spirit. After all, Jing Yun Zhao’s capabilities truly shocked her, and she didn’t know what other type of shocking surprise Jing Yun Zhao would bring to the onlookers in the later rounds of the competition. At that time, Jing Yun Zhao would receive the respect and admiration of the onlookers, while she herself would be seen as the clown who ran away during a difficult situation, with no chance of being able to concoct medicine in the future!

“I don’t blame you Biao-jie, I really don’t blame you!” Cui Jun said in a hurry the moment he heard Sun Yan cry in anguish, and in the next moment instantly shouted at Ji Shan Shan, “Ji Shan Shan, are you mentally ill! Don’t you see how distressed my Biao-jie is now? If you don’t have any thoughts to comfort her, then shut up! Your voice makes my head hurt!”

Hearing his words, Ji Shan Shan’s heart skipped a beat.

Inexplicably, Ji Shan Shan wasn’t very surprised hearing Cui Jun’s words towards her. After all, she’s also been scolded by Cui Jun in the past, and many times it was also caused by Sun Yan.

As a result, she only pouted and didn’t say anything.

However, Ji Shan Shan’s father and brother couldn’t tolerate it and let it go. After all, even they didn’t have the heart to lecture and reprimand her, yet now Cui Jun had the balls to scold their precious gem, and to also do it in front of such a large crowd!

“Cui Jun! You better not go too far with your bullying! My daughter’s still young and isn’t mature enough to deal with such situations, but you’re her friend! Has your conscience been eaten by dogs?!” Father Ji roared in anger.

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