Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Good man, let me go

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Liang Che couldn’t help but concede to the fact that he was suppressed by this teenager. His face turned pale, “Why are you pressing onto me?”

“You need to rest…” Lu Shu explained.

Liang Che: ???

Have you seen someone lying down to rest in winter? Liang Che could not let this drag on further. His escape from that place did not come easy. At this time, the people from that department were probably still after him. He could not risk staying here any longer.

The initial plan was to find a house to seek refuge for a short while, and seeing two snowmen, one big and one small, in this garden, thought that with such a youthful spirit, these people should be nice as well?

These two snowmen might look ugly in the winter, but it instilled a warm and fuzzy feeling into people.

However, it was this judgment that led to Liang Che being stuck on the floor now…

One mistake could lead to countless regrets!

Suddenly, Liang Che grabbed onto Lu Shu’s arm. In this cold weather of -4 degrees Celsius, a flow of heat could be felt from Liang Che’s palms, which suddenly turned into extremely burning heat.

Liang Che hoped that his ability was enough to scare Lu Shu, with totally no intention of hurting him. The reason he had to resort to that was due to the fact that he was being suppressed by Lu Shu and was unable to stand up…

At this instant, Lu Shu’s heart jumped. This was the opponent’s ability, and he was shocked that the opponent could activate it under such a compromised circumstance.

However, he noticed that at this point in time, Liang Che turned even paler.

Would using his ability take up his energy? Lu Shu was thinking. Liang Che had no wounds on his body, meaning that he was not tortured or treated inhumanely by the black coats after being brought away.

But why was he so weak and frail? Was it because of the huge fire he set in the city, perhaps it consumed too much energy?

If this was true, Liang Che might have come here to seek a place to recover.

At that instant, the white snow in the dark night suddenly turned crimson red as a red flame sparked alive. The reflection of the flame did not waver, and even the wind changed direction!

Lu Shu wanted to lose his grip on Liang Che and move out of his area, but Liang Che had already grabbed onto his arm.

The problem was, however, that the flame in Liang Che’s hand soon fizzled out.

The atmosphere was tense again, and Lu Shu glared at Liang Che. Liang Che stared back at his arm that was grabbing onto Lu Shu…

He initiated his ability once again, causing a hot flame to arise once more.

The white flame in Lu Shu’s heart jumped slightly as the flame on Liang Che’s palms ceased once more…

“From Liang Che’s distress, +150…”

The white flame hopped around very slightly, and even Lu Shu himself did not notice anything unusual.

All of this, to Liang Che, was very unexpected. Was it because he had exhausted all of his energy? Using his ability had indeed depleted him, leaving him fatigued and since he had only discovered his ability for a short period of time, he had yet to fully master his abilities.

Which was why he had absolutely no idea what was happening!

He was adamant about his incompetence, burn!

Poof, extinguished…

“From Liang Che’s distress, +150…”



“From Liang Che’s distress, +150…”

Ugh, Liang Che inhaled a breath of cold air and sighed awkwardly, “Would you believe me if I told you I was joking previously?”

“Of course I’d believe you. You continue then,” Lu Shu was celebrating the points he was amassing from Liang Che’s distress. This guy was so weak he could never hurt him now, he should make use of this situation to earn more distress points…

Lu Shu already had more than 1700 distress points now, he could even purchase the second celestial fruit he was eyeing. He wanted to know what it would feel like to practice his lullaby after eating a celestial fruit… …

This damned lullaby, thinking of that over-extravagant lottery system pissed Lu Shu off.

Liang Che, upon hearing Lu Shu’s words, thought to himself: This teenager had a rather high threshold. He then used his ability again, twice, and the fate was still the same for both attempts.

Liang Che did not dare to use it anymore and any further usage of his abilities would probably result in him not having the energy to even walk! This smiling teenager in front of him was definitely his curse. Liang Che did not know why he was smiling so happily, it seemed as if he just found a stash of money…

“From Liang Che’s distress, +291…”

Liang Che had a face full of helplessness. “Good man, let me go…”

“Shall I call the ambulance for you?” Lu Shu said with good intent. He still felt that he could get more from this guy, but he was also clear that if the black coats really came, it would not be good for him as well.

“No need, there’s no need…” Liang Che got slightly anxious upon hearing the word ambulance.

“Oh, then go! Take care along the way and go home earlier. Don’t let others worry about you,” Lu Shu nodded his head and pulled Lu Xiaoyu aside. He had no reason to make this guy stay, and felt that letting him stay would do him no good.

Even though he had a huge secret now, and that he could experience that new, unknown world now, he felt that this secret should only be kept between Lu Xiaoyu and him.

He, by himself, grew up into a 17-year-old naturally. In the past, he only had Lu Xiaoyu by his side all along and in the future, he probably did not need any other so-called companions.

It wasn’t Lu Shu who was cold-hearted, it was the cold and realistic world.

Liang Che stood up pitifully and turned away. It was really unlucky for him and of all the doors he could have chosen, he chose this one. Couldn’t he try another household?

Lu Shu watched as Liang Che left. However, the distress points from Liang Che was still rising, it was definitely a good deal for Lu Shu.

He was also not worried that this guy would come back to him for revenge. After all, the Liang Che was struggling to even stay alive, how could he have the time or effort to come for Lu Shu?

Lu Xiaoyu held onto Lu Shu’s shirt and walked back into the house, “Was that the performer from this afternoon?”

“It should be him,” Lu Shu nodded.

“Wasn’t he taken away? Why would he appear here?” Lu Xiaoyu asked, scratching her head.

“Possibly for… his freedom?” Lu Shu could only think of this answer. If it was him in that situation, he would also exhaust every capability or method to escape.

What could be more important than freedom?

“Was he trying to burn you just now?” Lu Xiaoyu asked.

“It seemed like it,” Lu Shu nodded.

“Then why did he fail?”

“Possibly because… he was weaker…” Lu Shu explained.

“Lu Shu then you would never awaken to your ability, or whatever ability you would awaken to would be useless because you’re even weaker than him. You’ve been weak since young,” Lu Xiaoyu chided.

Lu Shu’s expression turned dark, “What nonsense are you spouting. I have an ability alright, I’ve already awakened to my powers!”

“Are you sure? Let me see?” Lu Xiaoyu laughed coldly.

Lu Shu hesitated for a moment. He did not have an ability to show this girl! He hadn’t even started training!

Lu Shu’s problem turned into slight rage, “Go and sleep quickly, I already told you not to come out but you’re so stubborn!”

“Hehe,” Lu Xiaoyu could only muster a soft snigger.

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