Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Fraud

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The temperature outside was negative 4-5 degrees and that man must be unconscious after lying there for a night. His life might even be in danger!

“You, stay inside. I’ll go out to take a look” Lu Shu ordered Lu Xiaoyu.

As soon as Lu Shu finished his words, Lu Xiaoyu grabbed onto the corner of his shirt and silently stared at him.

“Let go, let go!” Lu Shu exclaimed softly.

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +50…”

“Hmph, stop being stubborn, it’s very dangerous outside now.”

After reconsidering, Lu Shu gave in, “You can follow behind me quietly, and you’d better listen to me.”

Lu Xiaoyu quickly nodded and Lu Shu thought that her quick-mindedness seemed quite cute…

Sneakily, the two of them crawled out through the door and Lu Shu tried to make out the face of the man. It was the performer from this afternoon’s circus, the one who had been taken away by the men in black!

Interestingly, two men in black had just run off and now this man had collapsed in front of the door. He looked very pale and weak.

‘What should I do? Wasn’t he taken away? Did he escape? Lu Shu could not believe that those men who claimed to be from the fire brigade would release this guy voluntarily.

At that point of time, he knew that the fire in a distance must be because of this guy and his power must have had something to do with fire. The huge fire that lit up the entire city and this performer who had just escaped from an unknown place……

He speculated that the man must have set the fire in order to escape from the two men in black earlier who were clearly after him.

That man was merciless, setting such a huge fire for his own escape. Who knew if the fire had hurt anyone?

Of course, Lu Shu was only guessing and the truth was still unknown.

But the real issue that he was worried about was the connection between that performer and those men.

There was a saying that with great power comes great responsibility but Lu Shu disagreed. He felt that one should just mind his own business and live selfishly. Being selfless to the point of losing oneself was foolish and no one would even reward such actions.

With changing times, heroes appeared and left, and new heroes would always replace old ones and this seemed like a form of glory to them.

But in this world, no one could fully replace another. This so-called ‘replacement’ was merely the appearance of a new person while the previous one was forgotten.

If the men donned in black came back then, Lu Shu would be in such a pinch.

“What should we do? Do we save him?” Lu Xiaoyu asked.

“I don’t know how to give CPR, but that doesn’t seem very suitable for this situation,” Lu Shu pondered, “Let’s call 120 and can you cook a bowl of ginger water for him? It might help. But calling 120 requires a fee… Let’s not pay it by claiming that we don’t know him, let him pay the fee himself when he wakes up…”

To Lu Shu, the fee was a significant amount and he could do a lot with it. Calling 120 and offering a bowl of ginger water was the best he could offer.

“From Liang Che’s distress, +70…..”

Lu Shu was stunned by the new update in his records. The only person that could be in distress because of him would be the man lying on the ground but could an unconscious man even feel any distress?

Unless he was faking it…

Lu Shu was mad. This fraud happening in front of his house and making use of his compassion, how could he tolerate it?!

Although he did not have much compassion to begin with…

“Let’s lift him up, give me a hand,” Lu Shu whispered to Lu Xiaoyu

Lu Xiaoyu asked, “Do we bring him inside?”

Lu Shu thought about and replied, “Bring him away from our house, don’t bother with him anymore.”

Lu Xiaoyu: ???

“From Liang Che’s distress, +470….”

Inside Lu Shu’s mind, he let out a scream of excitement. It was the first time someone had contributed so much distress points!

Liang Che, still lying on the ground, groaned, “Water… Water…”

Lu Shu was secretly happy but he continued his act.

Liang Che must have been really weak as that could not have been an act. But his condition wasn’t as serious as it seemed.

Lu Shu bent down and replied, “There’s no water, eat some snow instead.”

“From Liang Che’s distress, +170…”

This had confused Liang Che. Since when did normal people become so rude and frank? Can’t he afford to let someone into his house just for a cup of water?

He struggled to help himself up, “Can you let me come in…”

Liang Che had thought that it was this kid’s first time meeting such a situation, which explained why he was so unfriendly.

But before he could get back on his feet, Lu Shu pushed him back down and tactfully replied, “No.”

“From Liang Che’s distress, +800…”

Oh my god, Lu Shu was ecstatic! He could earn so much from the distress of just one person, how meaningful!

He even had enough points to buy a celestial fruit.

At that moment, Liang Che realized it… The kid in front of him was not afraid of the foreign situation at all. He was going to tell the ambulance that he did not know him and when asked to be let inside his house, he coldly rejected. Was he wary that this might be a fraud?!

Liang Che’s expressions slowly returned to normal.

Lu Shu became anxious, is Liang Che going to silence him? Since Liang Che was an escapee, Lu Shu was now a witness who could give away leads about his whereabouts to the people chasing after him.

If the other party was really planning a murder, what should Lu Shu do?

It could not be. In this age, there were not many people who would commit such merciless murders and what were the chances that Lu Shu had encountered one.

From Lu Shu’s point of view, even though there was a small possibility that he was going to be murdered, the fact that his last 17 years of life were peaceful still remained.

His view of the world was a peaceful one- no bloodshed, wars or law-breaking criminals around him.

As Lu Shu’s imaginations were running wild, Liang Che mustered some strength to try and get back on his feet.

But once again, Lu Shu pushed him back down.

Liang Che stared at Lu Shu, and Lu Shu gave Liang Che an innocent look.

“From Liang Che’s distress, +100…”

Liang Che tried to get up again, but Lu Shu pushed him down again and this back and forth exchange repeated for about 5-6 times. Liang Che had noticed that the kid was quite strong…

On the other hand, Lu Shu almost let out a wide grin from the recently added 600+ distress points and he could almost afford a second celestial fruit.

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