Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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It was already at night once school was over. The sun was setting over the horizon, and a speck of red could be seen floating right over the indigo hue of the horizon.

The passing of the lunar new year also meant the approaching summer.

Lu Shu preferred the fall because the weather was more favorable, cool and refreshing.

He feared the winter the most when he was younger as he had a weak body. The thermal wear from the social service was not bad, but the blanket was thin and not insulating.

He used to wake up with a cold nose and cold feet, and at that time he was very vulnerable to illnesses, so he especially hated the winter.

After all, to appreciate the winter and admire the snow, those were activities for the wealthy who did not have to worry about food or warmth.

Back in the past, Lu Shu would sneak out with Lu Xiaoyu to buy sweet potatoes in the street. They didn’t have much money with them, only 2 dollars and 5 dollar notes, and most of their money came from volunteers from the social service.

But one sweet potato wasn’t expensive. 2 dollars were enough to feed the two of them, and Lu Shu ate less so that Lu Xiaoyu could eat more.

On the way home, Lu Shu bumped into an old man selling sweet potatoes. The stove seemed warm and on it were already a few cooked sweet potatoes.

He greeted the boss and looked over at the cooked sweet potatoes. He wanted to pick one which was cooked well.

Lu Xiaoyu loved eating sweet potatoes, and the best ones were those that were golden and oozing with juice.

The boss, holding onto one sweet potato, said, “2 dollars and 60 cents, 2.50 will do.”

Lu Shu gladly paid for the sweet potato, deciding to give the little girl at home a treat tonight.

Back at home, the two snowmen in the garden had already melted. But more importantly was seeing his ripening tomatoes which he planted, and it gave him some sort of happiness.

He took out the key to open the door, “Lu Xiaoyu! Do you smell it?”

No one responded and Lu Shu was curious. By logic, Lu Xiaoyu would dash out once she smelled the fragrance of the sweet potato.

He went further into the house, “Lu Xiaoyu?”

He opened Lu Xiaoyu’s room door and found Lu Xiaoyu hiding in her blanket, face white as a sheet.

Lu Shu panicked and touched Lu Xiaoyu’s forehead. It was scalding hot! This little girl was running a fever!

Lu Xiaoyu only just started coming to, “Is the sweet potato cooked well… Don’t buy those that are not cooked well, not delicious…”

Lu Shu heaved a sigh of relief, “Still greedy for sweet potatoes, why did you get a fever suddenly?”

“I washed the clothes you’ve been wearing for a week, and the water was rather cold…” The little girl, not as lively as she used to be, said softly.

“Why wash clothes on such a cold day?” Lu Shu complained and took out a thermometer from the cupboard, “Put it under your arm.”

Lu Xiaoyu obediently listened, and within 5 minutes, showed Lu Shu the thermometer. His eyebrows raised, 39 degrees!

Just when he was preparing to go look for common medicines in the house, he realized he didn’t need to use such commoner means to solve such a problem.

Lu Shu had thought about this before, if he could help Lu Xiaoyu cultivate skills as well, will he let her?

The answer was yes, definitely yes.

Maybe through the cultivation of skills, one could be immortal and live a long life. If he had to see Lu Xiaoyu pass on in just tens of years, while he could live a long life, that didn’t seem very favorable to him.

He also always felt that if Lu Xiaoyu could train with him, it would be more meaningful as he would have a partner.

Even though he didn’t have many of methods of training and cultivation as of now, he could possibly teach Lu Xiaoyu in the future.

Be it the Daoist training and cultivating skills in the video, or whatever, Lu Shu could attempt anyway.

And now, Lu Xiaoyu could eat the refresher fruit. Although it wouldn’t bestow her with significant skills or improvements, it could at least make her healthy.

Healthy was what Lu Shu felt when he ate the refresher fruit.

And now, since Lu Shu gained 4109 distress points from what happened today, it was a huge amount to him and it was probably enough to get a refresher fruit for both Lu Xiaoyu and him.

Lu Shu felt joyful spending all these points…

Celestial fruits could wait a little, as he could train even without celestial fruits and they were replaceable.

Refresher fruits, on the other hand, were irreplaceable. Lu Shu had no other methods of achieving what the fruit could provide.

Got it!

Lu Xiaoyu looked at Lu Shu, who was by her side, uneasily, as if something was about to happen.

“Lu Shu, why is your face so black?”

“Maybe I’m an African,” Lu Shu replied indifferently.

Lu Shu thought he might have encountered a system which was cheating him!

The past 10 lottery attempts all failed with ‘thanks for participating!’ Only on the 11th attempt did a refresher fruit appear!

The lottery’s lowest prize is the refresher fruit? So in future when Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu didn’t need it anymore, could it be sold outside? Strengthening limbs and joints, many people outside probably need it.

Trading what he didn’t need for money for his survival seemed like a good idea.

He just wasn’t clear about this lottery system. Could it provide him with different prizes such as new skills or training methods?

He also didn’t know if the refresher fruit an expiry date. Of course, the current Lu Shu didn’t have the points or ability to experiment with refresher fruits…

He passed a refresher fruit to Lu Xiaoyu, “Eat it, it’s for you.”

Lu Xiaoyu looked at the refresher fruit and her eyes widened. This fruit looked so good, just looking at it felt delicious.

She took the fruit and stuffed it in her mouth, and shouted in shock, “Lu Shu what did you give me? Why did it disappear immediately after entering my mouth!”

Lu Shu didn’t respond, but closely observed the change in Lu Xiaoyu. Once she ate it, she started sweating, and her complexion changed from pale to rosy and colorful once again, it was incredible.

This could prove that the fruit he gotten through his points could be shared with others as well. It supported his point that it could be sold.

Even if he didn’t sell it to metahumans, he could sell it to those who were ill? He just didn’t know how many illnesses this refresher fruit could cure.

He measured her temperature again, she had restored her normal temperature. Lu Xiaoyu, as if she felt something, looked at Lu Shu with her wide gleaming eyes, “Lu Shu, have you awakened?”

Although she didn’t hear of any special ability involving producing fruits, such a mysterious fruit, it definitely had something to do with metahumans.

Lu Shu thought for a moment, “I don’t know if I count as having awakened, but I’m definitely not weaker than an average human now. Do you want to be a metahuman too?”

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