Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Effects of the Refresher Fruit

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This question had to be asked, whether it was for Lu Xiaoyu’s sake or for other reasons. Firstly, he had to respect Lu Xiaoyu’s opinions.

Lu Xiaoyu nodded, “I do!”

“Relax, I will think of a way,” Lu Shu warmly smiled and replied, “Wake up and eat your sweet potato, just leaving a quarter for me will do.”

Lu Shu did not specify how he was going to find a way and Lu Xiaoyu did not dig deeper. Their rapport was not something which was built in a short time and since Lu Shu had claimed that he would think of a method for her, she strongly believed that he would practice what he preached.

The current Lu Xiaoyu was the healthiest she had ever been. Without the Refresher Fruit, perhaps Lu Xiaoyu would have to suffer a week’s worth of injection and medicine in order to recover a little from this fever which would also cost a fortune.

Lu Xiaoyu happily watched the television as she held onto the sweet potato. Lu Shu stared at the clothes airing on the veranda as he could hardly believe that this little girl had such desires as well.

This girl was very mature compared to the kids who were the same age as her, if not she would not have helped Lu Shu in his egg-selling business.

Although Lu Xiaoyu did not openly express it, Lu Shu knew clearly that since they relied on each other for survival, she had always wanted to do something for him and not to always rely on him to take care of her.

A relationship where one party was always giving while the other was always receiving would not last for long.

Both of them were impoverished orphans and they knew very well about how cruel and cold the world can be.

“Xiaoyu, if you were to become a metahuman, what would you want to do?” Lu Shu curiously probed.

“I would probably… …earn some money. Then I would go out shopping and finally, I would find a place to stay,” as Lu Xiaoyu replied after thinking for a long time.

Lu Shu smiled as it was the same answer he had told the little kid this morning. This was maybe the reason why both of them wounded up together.

Currently, he possessed about 3000 distress points and it was probably time for him to continue his research on this system.

Lu Shu initially planned to continue his consumption of the refresher fruit and after each one he ate, he would practice his celestial powers to see whether there was any change in his speed of activating it.

Only the answers to these questions would set his mind straight: Was there a relationship between his aptitude for abilities and the Refresher Fruit? What role did his aptitude play in his ability to practice his powers and was aptitude really the basis of one’s powers?

Lu Shu understood that the world was unfair and after having eaten the two Refresher Fruits, his aptitude for abilities could possibly be what others had when they first started out.

But since he knew about the existence of such unfairness, only then was he able to put in the extra effort to strive for whatever he could possibly get.

While others were sleeping, he was out selling eggs.

While others were up at night playing games, he was out working as a waiter at the BBQ stall till 2 a.m. in the morning.

All these events were insignificant, what was important were the results.

Lu Shu went for the lottery wheel again and having gained nothing from his previous ten tries, he felt more prepared as to what could happen next…

However, something he never expected happened. This lottery system actually rewarded him with three Refresher fruits in a row with not even a single failure!

At this point, Lu Shu’s hands were shivering as he did not dare to continue with the lottery. This damned probability rate was something he had experienced before and he had already learned from it. He understood how difficult it was to be winning prizes consecutively from this lottery.

It was similar to poker in the sense that at times where you had no choice but to believe in the odds of winning. Lu Shu was terrified that The Mischief System would give him over ten failures in a row afterward and that would be so frustrating!

Slowly…slowly, Lu Shu finally came to a conclusion that he did not need to go through the risk again since he already had these three Refresher Fruits in hand. Would it not be fine to use the remaining 2700 distress points to redeem a Celestial Fruit, why go through the trouble just to add on to his own suffering…

Lu Shu retrieved one of the Refresher Fruits from his system and this red-colored fruit was coated with a layer of crystal-clear honey. Consuming it, the fruit actually had no taste but it was able to deliver a sense of comfort directly into one’s body. This sensation was even more direct and intrinsic than its tastiness.

The previous time Lu Shu had practiced his celestial powers, he had estimated that 15 days of training would bring about an effect similar to consuming a Celestial Fruit.

Thus, by using this estimate as a reference, he would use this opportunity to measure the positive effects the Refresher Fruit had on his aptitude to practice his powers.

After consuming the fruit, Lu Shu went back into the room to sing the lullaby softly. If Lu Xiaoyu hears him, would she not die from laughter?

The moonlight felt like sprinkles and there was no snow nor wind outside. However, the starlight seemed like snowflakes as it swiftly descended from the skies.

Lu Shu looked up and saw that the starlight had linked up with him in the darkness, with the scene resembling a huge spiraling galaxy.

While Lu Shu directed the light into the third star, he was suddenly overjoyed to find out that the starlight’s speed was much faster than it was previously.

If he had needed 15 days of practice previously, it had decreased to only 9 days now!

Of course… … Of course!

Lu Shu found it hard to suppress his excitement from deep within. If he was able to continuously increase the speed of practicing his ability, it would reach a point where it would not delay his practicing speed even if he had no more distress points.

All along, the Celestial Fruit and his own practice would complement each other to increase the speed of his ability’s progress. Perhaps, the time where he would complete the first nebula and become E-Class was not too far away!

While everyone believed that Lu Shu would never become a metahuman; and when his classmates could only discuss the matter and not actually awaken their powers, he had already unlocked a higher level!

After eating another fruit, 9 days had been reduced to 6. As he looked up once again, Lu Shu could see that the spiraling galaxy had sped up together with the descending starlights which seemed like pouring rain now.

After another one, the 6 days reduced even further to 2. That spiraling galaxy had suddenly given off a bright burst of light, resembling an actual nebula!

With every refresher fruit he ate, the spiraling galaxy formed even faster and the speed at which his body accumulated that starlight had become even quicker as well.

Up to this point, Lu Shu had undeniably confirmed what effects the Refresher Fruit had on his aptitude for abilities. Maybe it was something which could actually alter a person’s foundation.

From just two days of practice, he would be able to gain the effects of a Celestial Fruit. He had made it big. At this stage, the Refresher Fruit could possibly be what he needed the most.

Lu Shu felt that he needed to slow down and even if he wanted to continue on with the lottery, he would have to wait until tomorrow. There was a moment of silence every time something significant occurs and Lu Shu felt that he should use this time to settle down from tonight’s reward.

It was not confirmed that something surprising would happen all the time during his training and he needed to get into the mood in order for him to endure the dullness and loneliness of training.

The strength-type were considered to be F-Class and in this class, everyone only had brute strength. However, if Lu Shu was to be able to break through to E-Class, would he possess extraordinary powers like the elemental-type metahumans?

Perhaps everyone who practiced their powers was the same since it was claimed that if one was to reach the higher classes of metahuman grading, he would be able to possess indomitable abilities. If so, what would his future powers be like?

Lu Shu was filled with hope as he awaited the future.

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