Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Freedom, Democracy

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For the whole night, Lu Shu stayed up to practice his ‘twinkle twinkle little stars’.

Humans needed sleep because of the limits of their bodies and not sleeping would result in fatigue, and in extreme cases, even death…

Yet to Lu Shu, practicing his abilities was a form of rest and it would also replenish his energy so he did not feel as tired.

But Lu Shu felt that sleeping was also a form of pleasure and he should not go to the extreme in order to train.

Some people would sacrifice everything else in life to achieve immortality but Lu Shu had a different set of ideals. To him, happiness was the most important and being immortal without it was meaningless.

He allocated his remaining 2700 distress points into two parts, one part of 700 points were used to try his luck on the lottery wheel, only to get 7 ‘thank you for participating’ notifications…

This made his blood boil!

Having tasted the effects of the refresher fruit, Lu Shu was willing to gamble for it but not to the extent of depleting his entire savings.

And so he had 2000 points left to buy two celestial fruits.

Previously, Lu Shu only needed to eat 1 celestial fruit to light up 2 stars but for the 3rd star, it took him an entire fruit.

This time, he bought and ate 2 celestial fruits at one go which lit up the 3rd and 4th stars on the map.

It seemed like as Lu Shu progressed, more fruits and tougher training would be required to light up the subsequent stars but he thought this was quite meaningful.

As soon as the 4th star was lit up, a wave of celestial energy coursed through his body. His bones, muscles and vital passages felt like rocks lying on a beach being washed over and over again by the waves. What a good feeling!

At this moment, Lu Shu felt a surge of strength accumulating within him and it was twice as intense as before. His strength was about that of 4 grown men combined.

Seeing his growth, he should be able to easily throw a rostrum single-handedly and compared to Li Qi, a class F metahuman, he was much stronger.

“Seems like I’ve gotten closer to class E,” Lu Shu looked out of the window and the sun was already rising.

Lu Xiaoyu had woken up early today and was having breakfast together with Lu Shu. After breakfast, she wanted to follow him to sell eggs, “Let’s go sell eggs together. When it is time for school, you can go directly and I’ll bring the things back so that it’s more convenient.”

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. Although Lu Xiaoyu was normally quite mature, it was the first time she volunteered on her own accord to help him sell eggs.

Lu Xiaoyu noticed Lu Shu’s expression, “Don’t look at me like that, I just feel like I should do something for our family.”

Our family… These two words made Lu Shu emotional. Ever since he left the orphanage and rented this small house, he was yearning for the warmth of a family.

Someone who grew up with a complete family would never understand how much an orphan yearned for one.

Although this house had no parents, there was some feeling of family, some feeling of warmth.

These feelings were present right at that very moment…

Lu Xiaoyu hesitated and asked, “If I am able to lift some burdens off your shoulders, can you buy me some roasted sweet potatoes?”

Lu Shu glanced at her and jokingly replied, “Haha, no.”

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +30…”

Lu Shu knew that Lu Xiaoyu would not take his joke seriously and that was why he dared to reject her so directly. And Lu Xiaoyu knew that Lu Shu was just kidding so she did not take it to heart.

This was their chemistry.

Roasted sweet potatoes were Lu Xiaoyu’s favorites. Even if she did not help him out, he would still buy them for her.

Lu Shu had spent his childhood in an orphanage and was not fortunate enough to eat anything nice. Since he could give Lu Xiaoyu a better childhood than his, why not?

Although he gave Lu Xiaoyu food and water, he did not feel like she owed him anything.

The two of them only had each other to depend on so they were not calculative at all.

After selling the hard-boiled eggs for awhile, Lu Xiaoyu suggested that she could handle the shop and urged Lu Shu to head to school.

Lu Shu thought, “Since she has to learn to do so one day and the people on this street are mostly acquaintances, there’s no reason not to feel safe” and left.

It was the second day of exams and yesterday’s math exam was postponed to this morning. After math was English, and in the afternoon was combined humanities – geography, history, and politics.

Upon reaching school, everyone was discussing the blood drive yesterday. They must have gotten news online that the entire country’s sophomores were all called up for this experience.

Following the outburst of awakening incidents, this blood drive happened and everyone thought that there must be some relation.

“Could it be to test if we are eligible for training abilities? Didn’t the golden foundation’s website say that there is a way of training to become a metahuman?”

“I think that’s very possible. There could be a mass selection going on.”

As soon as Lu Shu stepped into the class, for some reason, everyone’s voice became smaller as if they were avoiding him on purpose.

But Lu Shu ignored it and sat down. He had the same opinion as the rest regarding the blood drive but he was curious if it actually worked.

Metahumans did not only include sophomores. Juniors, seniors, university students and adults also had the possibility to become metahumans.

His deskie Ye Lingling had a big mouth and the other classmates did not like to hang out with her. Besides gossips and idle chats, no one could stand her when discussing serious things.

This tempted her to talk to Lu Shu. Teenage girls all had a certain trait- they only wanted to play and have fun…

“Lu Shu, did you go online yesterday?” Ye Lingling asked.

Lu Shu gave Ye Lingling an expressionless look and replied, “Freedom, democracy…”

“From Ye Lingling’s distress, +119!”

Ye Lingling was confused! She had asked if he went online but why was he talking about government systems and politics?!

Then she realized. Lu Shu was not interested in talking to her about metahumans.

Lu Shu only had one objective in mind. He only wanted to find an opportunity to interact with fellow metahumans and these non-metahumans, what was the point in talking to them?

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