Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 It was a Mistake

After that day whenever Vice Headmaster Xu made an appearance he was in a bad mood, Ye Xinghe wanted to ask and apologize for his mistake but he could not make him ask. Liang Yu seeing Ye Xinghe’s distraught expression chuckled hard “Ye Xinghe, this idiot, unexpectedly offended Master Xu”

These days Ye Xinghe was cultivating specifically hard.

Ye Xinghe did not know why but even after practicing hard for several days without any sleep, he still was full of energy and not the least bit sleepy. Ye Xinghe had a vague thought that this may be related to the Ancient Tablet that he saw that day, but he never dared to ask anyone about the matter of that day.

Ye Xinghe realized that since he doesn’t need to sleep, and was still full of energy, then he obviously cannot waste any time and start cultivating crazily all the time.

When others were practicing for 10 hours in a day, he was cultivating for 20 hours.

Even after spending twice the amount compared to others, he did not believe that he can be compared to them in cultivation.

Ye Xinghe was circulating his Qi inside his body unceasingly as per Master Xu’s instructions. He was also trying to sense the powers of stars and trying to induce them in his dantian as per Star Martial God Technique.

Often in the night, Ye Xinghe could sense a special power gathering everywhere, this should be the power of stars mentioned in Sky Martial God Technique, he gathered this power in his body without stopping in the night.

In Night When Ye Xinghe used to look up at the sky he would see infinite groups of glittering stars making a mysterious and unfathomable celestial chart with their lights.

Within the millions of stars in the sky, one star was especially bright among them all outshining everyone around him. It was surrounded by a glow of colorful light.

It was even more dazzling than the moon.

Ye Xinghe was staring at this star and slowly he went into a trance. Ye Xinghe started feeling some changes in his dantian after watching the star for some time.


Suddenly an exceptionally vast and profound aura entered Ye Xinghe’s dantian. His dantian started shaking fiercely, Ye Xinghe woke up from his trance and quickly focused his spirit in his dantian. What Ye Xinghe found there was a luminous twinkling star, just like the one in the sky. When Ye Xinghe tried to feel this twinkling star in his dantian he felt a specifically warm feeling which traveled all over his body and made a complete circle ending back in his dantian.

Ye Xinghe was excited “This must be the star fusion stage mentioned in the Star Martial God Technique, I have successfully found and integrated with my star”

This small ball of twinkling star clearly tells me that, the Seven-light luminous star is my Fate Star.

“I have successfully finished the star fusion stage mentioned in the Star martial god technique, but shouldn’t that means that I am in 2nd Layer of Heavenly Realm?” However, Ye XInghe was doubting himself. Vice-Headmaster Xu had told him that he can achieve 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm in several days practice, but to reach 2nd Layer of Heavenly Realm he will have to practice for at least a month.

“Am I really in 2nd Layer of the Heavenly realm?”

Ye Xinghe was ignorant and had no experience regarding cultivation levels. He couldn’t determine at what stage his cultivation has grown to.

The power of stars was a very mysterious force, after completing the star fusion stage, Ye Xinghe could feel that the luminous star in his dantian is continuously sending a mysterious Qi which is slowly nourishing his body, and slowly but surely making it grow in power.

Ye Xinghe suddenly threw a punch with a low thunderous sound and the power of stars was surging around it like a heat wave.

Ye Xinghe was very happy seeing his improved strength, he was practicing crazily for past few days, even in his rest time he was pondering upon Star Martial God Technique and other mixed books.

Several days later, In Heavenly Star Academy’s martial arts room.

Inside the Martial arts room, Vice-Headmaster Xu is standing in front. An Xueyun, Liang Yu and Ye Xinghe are standing side by side in front of Master Xu.

“For the past seven days, I have instructed you to channel your Qi, but from today onwards I will be teaching you Martial Arts.” Vice-Headmaster Xu smiled and lightly said “An Xueyun, You come first”

“Yes Master” An Xueyun was standing straight and in-line with others but upon being called she quickly took a step out. She was wearing tight fight clothes for martial arts practice, which outlined her perfectly tall and slim figure.

Vice-headmaster Xu looked at Liang Yu and Ye Xinghe ” Liang Yu you also come to watch and learn, Ye Xinghe you still have not reached 1st Layer of Heavenly realm so you practice Qi Circulation first”

“Master wait!” Ye Xinghe hurriedly called out to Master Xu.

“What…” Vice-Headmaster Xu turned and doubtfully asks Ye Xinghe.

“Master this disciple thinks that he has probably already reached 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm” Ye Xinghe was not too sure, so he hesitatingly replied to Master Xu.

As soon as An Xueyun and Liang Yu heard what Ye Xinghe said they couldn’t help but look at Ye Xinghe stunned.

“Oh! You have already cultivated till 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm” Vice-headmaster Xu was surprised and quickly asked, ” How did you cultivate so fast?”

As per Ying Xinghe’s martial arts foundation, Master Xu had estimated that it will take at least a month for Ye Xinghe to reach the 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm. But Ye Xinghe is saying that he has reached it in 7 days only.

“This is not possible, Ye Xinghe, do you believe that cultivating to 1st Layer of Heavenly realm is a child’s play” Liang Yu coldly snorts and said.

Ye Xinghe himself was not quite sure in his heart, yesterday while practicing he had thought that he may have reached 2nd Layer of Heavenly Realm. Even his punch had felt powerful enough but today he did not want to speak irresponsibly.

“You already have a thread of Qi in your dantian in needle breadth?” Vice-Headmaster Xu asked.

Ye Xinghe hesitated after hearing Vice-Headmaster Xu. Should the Qi had been in needle breadth, but mine Qi is at least a thumb thick. Was this not normal?

“Yes… Master!” Ye Xinghe hesitatingly replied.

“If you really are at 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm, then from today onwards your Qi will surely but slowly increase your body’s strength. Let’s take a little test first to determine your current strength level, and then we can determine how to enhance your strength.” Vice-Headmaster thoughtfully said.

“Yes, Master!” Ye Xinghe nodded respectfully.

Liang Yu Curled his lips in disgust. It was impossible for Ye Xinghe to achieve 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm so quickly, he must be lying to gain Vice-Headmaster Xu’s attention after his mistakes.

An Xueyun was standing on the side when her eyes fell on Ye Xinghe’s body it was full of doubt. Has Ye Xinghe really practiced till 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm so soon?

Vice-Headmaster Xu said while beckoning Ye Xinghe ” If you really have achieved 1st Layer of Heavenly realm than you can come and practice Martial Skill.”

“Yes!” Ye Xinghe excitedly walked towards Master Xu.

Vice-Headmaster Xu made An Xueyun, Liang Yu and Ye Xinghe stand in front of a wooden stake separately and said ” You will treat this wooden post as your enemy and throw a punch. First, steady your whole body, and then inducing your fist with a tiny thread of Qi……..”

Vice-Headmaster started teaching An Xueyun, Liang Yu and Ye Xinghe over and over, he was very patient in teaching in all three of them. Ye Xinghe discovered that Master Xu may look like a strict elder but he was actually very kind inside.

“With the strength of your whole body behind the Qi induced fist, you have to hit right in the middle of the stake.” Master Xu was slowly explaining while also guiding everyone’s actions.

Listening to Master Xu’s voice An Xueyun and Liang Yu threw their punches at the wooden stake with a slow droning sound.

Bang! Bang!

“To display your full strength you have to induce your fists with Qi but release it only in the last moment. This will help you show your real strength, right now your powers are insufficient.”

As soon as Vice-Headmaster Xu finished speaking, they all heard a loud sound.


After Ye Xinghe threw the punch he was looking glassy-eyed at the result. He did everything exactly as Master Xu said while throwing his fist, he induced it with his Qi and with the power of his whole body he threw it at the wooden stake. But the sturdy looking wooden stake was broken in two after receiving his punch, not only that but the upper part of the stake got thrown meters away from it’s original position.

Ye Xinghe did not know that he has become so powerful. His fist wasn’t even injured because of the power of stars.

“Master, I did not meant to do it. It was a mistake.” Ye Xinghe hurriedly called his master. He was disturbed in his heart, he had not meant to break the wooden stake.

Liang Yu stared dumbfounded, was he seeing a ghost? When he just now connected with the stake he knew how sturdy it actually was, then how did Ye Xinghe break his?

“Ye Xinghe’s stake must be damaged from before, that’s why it broke so easily. Yes, I am certain” Liang Yu firmly thought.

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