Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Ideal

Ye Xinghe received the simple booklet from Vice-Headmaster Xu’s hands. In his heart Ye Xinghe could not help but be excited, he received it with extreme care and nervousness.

Vice-Headmaster Xu cannot help but smile watching Ye Xinghe’s appearances and said “This Star Martial God Technique is the foundation building cultivation technique for star martial art users; almost every Star Martial Arts user will use this cultivation technique for foundation development. Only after 3rd Layer of Heavenly Realm will they move on and study more profound cultivation technique.”

A cultivation technique to practice only your foundation.

Ye Xinghe was surprised because his Azure Feather Family did not possess any cultivation techniques let alone a foundation building one. Ye Xinghe regarded the Star Cultivation God Technique as a precious treasure and carefully put it away.

Liang Yu watching Ye Xinghe’s appearance while receiving the most common cultivation technique, laughed hard inside his heart. This naive hick truly doesn’t know how high the heavens are,is unexpectedly treating a trash cultivation technique for Star Martial Arts Users as a precious treasure.

However, on another side, An Xueyun was faintly smiling and thinking that Ye Xinghe’s nature is very pure and simple. From all the people she knew, no one was same as Ye Xinghe.

Vice-Headmaster Xu did not mind, he knew that Ye Xinghe’s family background was ordinary. Ye Xinghe does not know much about the outside world, he knew that he will know soon enough how normal Star God Cultivation techniques is. And when he has reached the 3rd layer of Heavenly Realm, then he can trade it for a higher cultivation technique.

After that, Ye Xinghe practiced for a full day without any rest.

Vice-Headmaster Xu in starting thought that Ye Xinghe is a lazy person, but watching him working hard for the full day, he has a new impression of him.

An Xueyun and Liang Yu also practiced very hard but they had to rest for every one hour of practice, to restore some strength. Whereas Ye Xinghe who was practicing diligently had almost not stopped from the starting. Seeing this Vice-Headmaster Xu cannot help but admire Ye Xinghe’s vigor. When Ye Xinghe did stop for some time, he was studying Star Martial God Technique.

Ye Xinghe was looking at Star Martial God Technique because he can already feel a steady trickle of Qi in his dantian, that Vice-Headmaster Xu was talking about. Now even the Qi revolution within his body is completely automated. He didn’t even have to focus on it anymore. With each passing second, his physique was getting an enormous enhancement.

Cultivation is such a magical thing, after starting, one can unceasingly feel his physique getting better.

If reaching 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm will boost one’s physique to this level, then what about the 9th Layer of Heavenly Realm, how much stronger will that be?

What Ye Xinghe didn’t know was that his cultivation from the beginning was not quite similar to an average person.

Ye XInghe started looking through Star God Cultivation technique, he repeated the words written in the book inside his head.

“He who is great and transformative is called a Sage; a Sage who cannot be known is called a spirit” Ye Xinghe savored the words inside his mind, the more he thought the more full of mysteries the sounded.

When he repeated it the first time, he thought that they are full of mysteries. In his second repetition, he realized that they hold more meaning than any other words he heard so far. However, when he repeated the third time, he was suddenly struck with a revelation that the meaning of these words is infinite.

Such a Mysterious technique is it really only a foundation building technique. Can one really only achieve 3rd Layer of Heavenly Realm through this technique?

In Ye Xinghe’s heart, this matter suddenly made him realize how vast and profound Martial Arts Cultivation world really is. If this Profound technique can only be called a foundation building technique, and one can only reach till 3rd Layer of Heavenly Realm, then what about the advanced cultivation techniques, how profound and mysterious will they be, just what height can he achieve if he trains in it in future?

Vice-Headmaster Xu suddenly asked while looking at Liang Yu, An Xueyun and Ye Xinghe ” For successfully practicing Martial Arts and become a powerhouse, what do you think is most important? Liang Yu, You reply first.”

“To practice martial arts the most important thing is Qi. One who has more Qi in his meridians will naturally have more strength than the other. Flame Martial Arts user can use Qi to produce scarlet flames. If he can produce the purest flame than one can even refine fine steel with it.” Liang Yu without any hesitation replied.

Vice-Headmaster Xu smiled but didn’t reply hearing Liang Yu’s words, he looked towards Ye Xinghe “What do you think?”

“I think the most important thing in the road of cultivation is one’s spirit, it can help to achieve harmony between Nature and Qi, also it helps the cultivator to be aware of the vastness of heaven and earth. If a cultivator has an idea of spirit than his road of cultivation will always be without any difficulties, Spirit is the core in gaining enlightenment of Dao.”

Vice-Headmaster Xu was startled after hearing Ye Xinghe’s words, for a long time he did not said a word.

“What is that? that was nonsense” Liang Yu sneered and did not spare any thought in Ye Xinghe’s words.

Hearing Liang Yu’s words, Vice-Headmaster Xu took a deep breath and said: ” If one only have a shallow understanding of martial arts, then that person should avoid showing off at will, lest he disgrace’s himself.” Then he looked at Ye Xinghe and slightly nodded ” Xinghe said well, moreover the comprehension of spirit is extremely hard but Xinghe can already see the road.”

An Xueyun looked at Ye Xinghe in astonishment, she never thought that Master Xu will give Ye Xinghe such high appraisal.

Liang Yu’s face became flushed, he did not think that he will be reprimanded by Vice-Headmaster Xu. He did not know from where Ye Xinghe had heard these words but he was praised by Master Xu for them, he was soon extremely mad. One must know that in cultivation a Master’s opinion is very important for future advancement.

Damn Ye Xinghe.

The more he looked at Ye Xinghe, worse his mood becomes. He must find an opportunity to step upon Ye Xinghe.

Vice-Headmaster Xu continued saying ” Later you all should also pay attention to your spirits growth. Since the ancient times, there had been infinite martial arts inheritance, but the broadest spread martial arts are only Dargon Martial Arts, Flame Martial Arts & Star Martial Arts. The cultivators of these three martial arts are numerous but some martial arts are very mystical and formidable despite not being very popular. Never underestimate any Martial Arts inheritance.”

“In this world, there stands the Tower Of God with its 12 floors, this majestic tower is so big that one can never see it’s peak. All around the year it’s peak is shrouded in clouds. It is said that this Tower Of God leads to ways of Gods life and provides eternal life to the cultivator. So many peak level cultivators practice unceasingly to travel this God’s road in the lure of eternal life”

“Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun and Liang Yu you will also have to pursue an ideal to achieve success in your martial and spirit cultivation. This ideal will not only help in your cultivation but will also determine your future achievements in Martial World.” Vice-Headmaster Xu sternly looked at all three of them and asked “What are your goals that you pursue?”

Hearing Vice-Headmaster Xu’s question Liang Yu challengingly looked at Ye Xinghe and proudly said “I naturally practice martial arts to one day be able to become the prime minister of Great Zou Empire. I want to be a pillar of the state to support it.” I was reprimanded by Master Xu just now , I definitely have to work extra hard from now on.

“Hmm… supporting your state by becoming a pillar in which it stands, good ideal” Master Xu smiled and nodded his head.He immediately looked at An Xueyun and asked “An Xueyun, What about You?”

An Xueyun thought for a moment and with looking at far said ” I practice martial arts for freedom ”

“Freedom?” Vice-Headmaster Xueyun was startled and stared for a second.

“I want to roam anywhere between heaven and earth, without unimpeded by anyone. I want to be a fish in this sea of the vast world, who can go anywhere anytime it wants.” What An Xueyun said was that she didn’t want to be bound by her family. The family will eventually decide to whom she has to marry, after becoming a wife she will be a common woman, no different from many other. However what she desires is for Freedom.

“I understand, looks like you want to be like Martial Goddess Tian Yin,who is also not bound by anyone within Six Great Empires” Master Xu smiling nodded his head “That is also a good ideal to pursue ”

Vice-Headmaster Xu looked towards Ye Xinghe “What is your dream Xinghe”

“My Dream? I do not have any lofty ideas Master, I just want to help my clansmen live a better life” Ye Xinghe thought that when he started cultivation he also wanted to become a powerhouse of Cultivation world, to reach the peak of martial arts but now all he wanted was to help his family and clan.

Won’t it be funny if a man who doesn’t have enough food and clothing is dreaming of some far way ideals?

After hearing Ye Xinghe’s words Liang Yu laughed hard inside his heart. People of Ye Xinghe’s stature were never destined to be able to achieve anything in their lifetime. Why the heavens would bestow such talent to him is really mysterious. However Ye Xinghe inspired Six red soul crystals to glow for him, It was very difficult to estimate how high his achievements will be.

The road of cultivation requires enormous resources, but how many can be provided by Ye Xinghe’s family for him?

A star Martial User needed 56-star stones to breakthrough from 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm to 2nd Layer Of Heavenly Realm. One of those star stone cost 10 taels of gold, this was not an amount that an ordinary family can pay.

“Let the clansmen to live a better life” vice-Headmaster Xu was slightly surprised and silent for a moment “This is also a good ideal”

Vice-Headmaster Xu looked a little desolate, in his eyes there could be found a hint of pain, he lightly sighed and unexpectedly without saying anything left. Every step of Master Xu was like thousand Jin heavy.

Vice-Headmaster Xu’s sudden action made Ye Xinghe panic inside, Did I do something wrong?

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