Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 12

Chapter 012 Misunderstanding

A slamming sound could be heard.

Ye Xinghe blocked the incoming kick from An Xueyun. Surprisingly, it was An Xueyun who was forced to retreat several steps.

“Senior sister An, what are you……..” Ye Xinghe frowned. Never had he expected An Xueyun to surprise attack him which nearly caused his head to be hit. This action of hers really couldn’t help his heart but to have some anger.

Although he came from a small family and didn’t have a big family background like An Xueyun, but he was not someone who could be so easily bullied!

Ye Xinghe still hadn’t regain his stability in standing and yet, An Xueyun once again rushed forward to begin her assault. A kick was directed to his chest.

“Senior sister An, you….”

In recent days, Ye Xinghe had learned martial arts with Vice President Xu. Now, his fighting ability had improved by leaps and bounds. Seeing An Xueyun’s incoming attack, he did not panic or showed any weakness. Instead, he instantly counterattacked.

After several rounds of exchanging moves, An Xueyun’s endless and sharp attacks forced Ye Xinghe to retreat under such tremendous pressure.

Peng peng peng!

Never did he expect that An Xueyun to be that formidable. Ye Xinghe felt that he could no longer follow the tempo of attack by An Xueyun. Even his chest had to suffer several kicks from her.

In fact, An Xueyun’s heart was more shocked than Ye Xinghe. This was because several days ago, An Xueyun had just broke through into 4th layer of heavenly realm. She thought that with her capability, she would be able to firmly pressure Ye Xinghe in duel but never did she imagine that he still haven’t lose after exchanging moves for such a long time.

Originally, An Xueyun’s heart still had that little pride.

Since young, An Xueyun was determined to be someone like a heavenly goddess character. Within her peers, she would always be among the top. Besides the Chen family’s Xia Yuning, Xia Yaofeng and a few other people, nobody could catch up to her.

However, Ye Xinghe was a very special person. From an ordinary civilian family, he enrolled into heavenly star school and since then, he kept improving at a very fast rate. This really made An Xueyun curious and wondered how did he cultivate these days.

An Xueyun was unable to hold herself back. Thus, that was the reason why she came here to exchange notes with Ye Xinghe. Worrying that Ye Xinghe was saving some moves for himself, she immediately attacked him out of nowhere; forcing him to make his move.

An Xueyun’s attacks were endless. Ye Xinghe was being forced back again and again and suffered a few additional kicks.

Ye Xinghe was now very mad. He did not provoke An Xueyun but she attacked him the moment she entered his living place. She did not him give any second to speak.


An Xueyun once again kicked at his chest.

Ye Xinghe could only been forced back several steps.

An Xueyun’s figure paused for a moment; she had never came across any idea to harm Ye Xinghe. Thus when her kick was connected to Xinghe, she began to slow down her movement.

Suffering such heavy blow, Ye Xinghe was of course brimming in anger. The twin stars within his dantian started to rotate rapidly. Endless majestic star energy appeared within his body. The moment when An Xueyun revealed a trace of flaw, he immediately seized her calf and threw her to the side.

An Xueyun noticing her calf being caught, her heart was surprised by his action. When she wanted to retreat her leg, it was already too late. As she attempted to do so, she realised that Ye Xinghe’s grip on her calf was as tight as an iron hoop.

How could Ye Xinghe have such a powerful strength?

An Xueyun wanted to resist but was too slow. She could only helplessly being thrown off guard onto the ground.

Noticing An Xueyun was about to be thrown to the ground, Ye Xinghe’s heart was greatly surprised. An Xueyun afterall was still his senior sister. Plus, she was the direct descendant of Tianheng family. She was definitely not an entity which he could provoke. If he accidentally injured An Xueyun, he was afraid the consequences would be very serious!

Ye Xinghe hastily pulled back; he wanted to pull up An Xueyun.

Seemed to notice the flaw in the move by Ye Xinghe, An Xueyun’s both legs suddenly springed out to the direction of Ye Xinghe; locking his neck and heavily slammed him to the ground.


Ye Xinghe was brought down to the ground by An Xueyun. He was heavily slammed down right on the hard surface of the ground. He could not help but groaned in pain. This attack of An Xueyun really made Ye Xinghe suffering a more serious injury, his five viscera and six bowels were raging endlessly.

This time, Ye Xinghe’s switch was really flipped on. He already decided to stop attacking yet this shameless woman actually took this opportunity to attack him!

At the same time when he was being brought down to the ground by An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe’s roar could be heard. Without any delay, he stood up and rushed forward to An Xueyun.

An Xueyun regretted noticing her heavy move. It was just that at such situation, she didn’t have much time to think. That was why she just instinctively acted for her own self protection! Just when she was stupidly dazzling at her mistake, she heard the roar from Ye Xinghe and saw him rushing towards her like a madman, she hastily returned back the attack.

Two people made their move continuously, they even went to the stage of graping each other, rolling over the ground. Only after for quite some time, did they finally halted their assault.

At this time, these two people’s body were entangled in a very awkward position. An Xueyun’s long and slender legs were tightly wrapped around Ye Xinghe’s neck while both hands of hers were holding his right hand; ensuring her restrain on Ye Xinghe without any weakness.

Both of them were completely not able to move.

“Quickly let me go!” An Xueyun felt that the current position of them were too embarrassing. Even when she tried to twist her body a bit, she could not move!

“You let go first!” Ye Xinghe said in a depressing tone. An Xueyun’s legs were tightly wrapped around his neck; making his cheek red and even his breathing was somehow difficult.

An Xueyun’s cheeks began to turn rosy red. Have she ever been treated in such a disrespectful manner by a man? Feeling the monstrous gripping strength of Ye Xinghe, she took a deep breath. This brat did not have any mean to stop this.

Ye Xinghe’s left hand was still tightly holding with even greater strength. This made An Xueyun to tighten the leg wrapping on his neck even more.

“Stop! I almost couldn’t breath anymore!” Ye Xinghe said while in the brink of being suffocated. He at first thought wanted to counterattack but considering the opponent was a weak little girl, he decided to let it go. He was really in bad luck, he could only halt his attack.

“How could you be like that….” An Xueyun loosen her wrap a bit. With tears dropping from her eyes, she felt that she had been played cheap by this Ye Xinghe. Really, she had no face to go outside and meet people.

“I also want to ask you why, why did you attack me?” Ye Xinghe also felt that he needed to clarify this situation.

“I just wanted to test your cultivation. I had already withdrew my leg yet who knew that you suddenly made your move!” With her depressing tone, An Xueyun replied.

“Just now I wanted to stop attacking you too, who knew you suddenly wrap my neck and slam me. I didn’t even have any time to evade….I think we just misunderstood each other….We let go together. I will count till three!” Ye Xinghe also felt that the current situation they were on right now was not right and understood that this was all just a misunderstanding. If this scene is to be seen by others, all sort of problem will arise. He was just afraid that An Xueyun would suffer any damage. Such incident, to a girl, it will bring a huge impact.

“One, two, three….” Ye Xinghe released his hand.

An Xueyun also loosened her legs.

Ye Xinghe took this opportunity to inhale several mouthful of air. When he raised his head looking at An Xueyun, he was about to say something but suddenly slightly surprised by the scene in front of him. At this point, An Xueyun’s clothes had been ripped which vaguely revealed her proud figure.

That crystal clear skin, perfectly pure white.

The one standing in front of him, such a beautiful young girl, dignified yet elegant. Also due to her clothes being ripped, it also revealed some kind of indescribable temptation.

“Ah!” An Xueyun screamed and quickly pulled her clothes. She was deeply depressed. She had just been taken advantage of and yet now, he even saw her nearly naked body.


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