Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 13

Chapter 013 Treatment

“This, there must be some misunderstanding!” Ye Xinghe embarrassedly explained, “Just now when I invited you inside, you attempted to surprise attack me. I want you to apologize!”

An Xueyun clutched the clothes around her chest; raising up her head to stare at Ye Xinghe with her cheek boiling. A moment later, she voiced out, “Today it was indeed me who moved first and you just returned back my fists. The matter just now, you must never tell anyone!”

An Xueyun this time had overstep the limit. Within her eyes, there were traces of tears. Although she had decided not to bring this matter up anymore, whenever she thought of the incident happening just now, she felt she was being wronged.

“En.” Ye Xinghe actually wanted to add his words. However, noticing An Xueyun’s sad looking appearance, he could only silently nodded and cried in his own heart.

It was all just a misunderstanding. Ye Xinghe himself realised that the action he took just now was a bit too much.

An Xueyun is the direct descendant of Tianheng family. Whether it is power or status, it was never something which Ye Xinghe could compared with. An Xueyun willing to let him go and no longer calculate with him, such act was already a very huge favor. How could Ye Xinghe dare to add any more words?

“From now, we are going to ignore each other!” An Xueyun bit her lips. She wanted to stand up but she could only helplessly groan and fell down again.

“Are you alright?” Ye Xinghe quickly asked An Xueyun. He felt very sorry to this girl. After all, a pure girl getting herself into such situation, if this was to be known by outsiders, her image definitely will be damaged.

An Xueyun pulled up her clothes at the lower body part which then revealed a pair of white delicate legs. Surprisingly , there was a deep grabbing mark at one of her legs.

This was the mark left by Ye Xinghe when he grabbed one of her legs. Ye Xinghe subconsciously activated the law of star martial god technique. Also, he wasn’t sure himself how powerful this strength was. Never had he imagines that such strength was able to leave such a huge mark on her leg. Ye Xinghe felt even more apologetic in his heart.

“I’m sorry. Just now it was my fault to act heavily!” Ye Xinghe said in an apologetic tone.

An Xueyun frowned her eyebrows. Besides the injury at the leg, the pain on her chest was burning too. She couldn’t help to feel a trace of peculiar feeling. Recalling back the incident happening just now, her mind went back into a stage of confusion and her cheek turned red. Even though she wanted to leave this place, she couldn’t do so. What should she do then?

“Your injury is so serious!” Ye Xinghe went silent for a moment; his eyes lit up, “I will go make you some injury ointment!”

Ye Xinghe stood up and walked into his own room. He then prepared Ziyun fruit and some vegetables. All these are something normal household would eat. However, if these two ingredients are to pair up, the healing effect brought surprisingly wouldn’t be bad. Ye Xinghe knew about this prescription from the herbs manual.

Watching Ye Xinghe’s figure who was busy preparing the ointment from a distance away, An Xueyun looked down. It was not known what was she thinking at this moment.

Although Ye Xinghe was wearing ordinary plain clothes, still he looked good in them.

A few moment later, Ye Xinghe brought out from his room the completed ointment, walked to the side of An Xueyun and squatted down.

“I will help you apply.” Ye Xinghe used his fingers and dipped into the oinlment. When he was about to apply it on her calf, he noticed that An Xueyun’s legs were retreating. Ye Xinghe was stunned for a while and raised his head, looking at her. In front of him, An Xueyun was pretending to be looking at somewhere with her rosy red face. Ye Xinghe laughed awkwardly and passed the ointment to her, “This is a healing ointment, you apply it yourself! I am a star martial artist and cultivate power of star. I can help you heal too!”

“En.” An Xueyun silently nodded her head.

Hearing the words of An Xueyun, Ye Xinghe silently applied the ointment on top of the wound in her calf. While applying, he also included some power of star into the wound. Experiencing a smooth and soft sensation from her skin, Ye Xinghe could not help to feel a bit embarrassed.

After applying the ointment, the grab mark on An Xueyun’s calf could be gradually seen disappearing by naked eyes.

Both of them did not speak at all. Some spark was going on within the atmosphere. Although Ye Xinghe called her senior sister, An Xueyun was only older by one month old.

Feeling the power of star, An Xueyun’s eyes were flashing a hint of surprise. How long had Ye Xinghe cultivate power of star? How could he gather such rich power of star!

This is really too hard to be imagined! This is the so-called genius talent who could lit up six red crystal, totally extraordinary than normal people.

Since young, An Xueyun had always been proud of her own talent in cultivation. From a very young age, her family had promised to wed her to a son of a powerful clan in Jingdu. She was not willing herself to such fate. That was why she had always worked hard in cultivating. Instead of being her clan’s sacrificial victim, she wanted her own freedom and become a heavenly goddess character.

An Xueyun’s talent was obviously not bad among the younger generation. However to become a heavenly goddess character, it is still far from enough. Thus, she intended to improve her way of cultivation. When she knew Ye Xinghe had a rapid progress in cultivation, she wanted to test him and perhaps learn some methods too.

It was just that she did not expect for such incident to actually happen...

Whenever she recalled back Ye Xinghe shamelessly touching her body, her cheek turned red. After all, it was her first time with a boy…..Now being unable to move,she could only let Ye Xinghe help her. Feeling a warmness from the power entering the wound on her calf, the wound slowly began to heal itself.

With the power of star, a very strange force had been keep drilling within her body as if it was a small ant. A numbing flow of electric current climbed up her calf and passed through the inner part of her thigh which then caused her to embarrassedly close her legs. Then, this weird power entered within her dantian.

An Xueyun took a deep breath. She felt that this mysterious power, once entering her dantian, was like a stone being thrown into a calm lake, producing a very slight ripple.

This was such a weird yet wonderful feeling.

An Xueyun blushed, she could not help but look at Ye Xinghe, what had he done? Looking at his serious expression while healing her injury, that look of his caught her off guard.

Ye Xinghe’s look wasn’t that annoying after all.

At the moment, Ye Xinghe was actually nervous. That smooth and silky feeling when he was in contact with a girl’s skin, he could not help sweating from his palm.

“Your injury should have already recovered!” After a while, Ye Xinghe examined An Xueyun’s calf and said. This was the very first time he used the power of star which he had just cultivate to help healing people’s injury. Noticing An Xueyun’s calf had recovered back to the usual smooth and white skin, Ye Xinghe was surprised by the potency of his power of star. Using this power to treat injury seems to be very effective, not even a small scar was left.

In awe, Ye Xinghe subconsciously had a little touch. Really, not even a trace was left.

“What are you doing?” An Xueyun’s face reddened; she then quickly stood up.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to check how is the wound.” Ye Xinghe nervously explained.

“You….” An Xueyun stomped her feet on the ground. Since young, she had never been touched by a boy before. Yet, today she had been touched so many times by Ye Xinghe. What made her more surprised was that after Ye Xinghe’s treatment, the injury on her calf was completely healed. There was not even a tiny bit of scar left. She even felt comfortable while moving too.

Ordinary 3rd layer of heavenly star would not have such capability! Ye Xinghe’s way of cultivation, was definitely too strange and mysterious.

When Ye Xinghe wanted to say something, he heard a groan from An Xueyun with a painful expression shown by her face.

“What happened to you?” Ye Xinghe asked with concern, “Is there any other injury? Want me to help you heal it?”

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