Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Lin Hong

“Teacher is coming back” An Xueyun suddenly shouts from beside.

Hearing An Xueyun words Liang Yu’s heart beats erratically for a second, he immediately looked towards the distant place and clearly saw the teacher walking towards them.

“It seems today you are quite lucky, later I will slowly teach you again” Liang Yu snorts coldly and turns around to leave.

Ye Xinghe looked towards nearby An Xueyun, saw her smiling towards him, after giving her a graceful nod he carefully sit down in his place.

Ye Xinghe lowered his head while sitting, he couldn’t forget Liang Yu’s words, and they were buzzing in his head till now. The incident taught Ye Xinghe that without strength he can only be humiliated.

He must become stronger, no matter what, for himself and for his clansmen.

A moment later the teacher came back and swept everyone with his gaze, seeing bloodstain in ground as well as on Ye Xinghe’s mouth, he frowns slightly and asked with a sinking sound “What’s this all about?”

After hearing the words of teacher, Liang Yu’s eyes flickered noticeably, Heavenly Star academy is not like other places, it’s an institute of Great Zou Empire, which happens to put it in the same place as City Lord Mansion. It cannot be messed with. If teacher lets this issue go then its ok, however if he investigates seriously then there will be perhaps serious repercussion.

Numerous students looked at Ye Xinghe with hopeful eyes, hoping he will help them kill Liang Yu’s malicious arrogance.

“Replying to teacher, I just fell down” Ye Xinghe lowers his head to say.

Hearing Ye Xinghe’s words many students showed disappointed expression.

“Spineless coward” a person next to Ye Xinghe taunts him quietly.

Ye Xinghe however was silent and did not speak.

The young teacher hesitated a moment, he understood the situation roughly, however looking at Ye Xinghe distressed appearance he lightly sighed, he understand that in the cultivation world sometimes practitioner have to overcome difficulties on their own.

“The exam will test your martial will and talent, all of you prepare” Teacher said.

Liang Yu observing, that the teacher is not going to pursue this matter relaxed slowly. He calculates that Ye Xinghe knows his own limitation and what will happen to Azure Feather Family if he speaks.

All students are calmly waiting for the test.

At this moment, Ye Xinghe’s emotions are hard to restrain, his head has started ringing. The blood of his whole body is rushing in his head, his mind is blank, he can’t hear any sound, in his heart there is only anger and hatred.

Although he is sitting, but still hasn’t recovered, it’s as if in entire world only he is remaining and everything else is blurred.

The sunlight in his face is a very abnormal and dazzling, making him light headed.

Suddenly there seems to be something influencing his innermost feelings, slowly he started to become calm and entered a tranquil state. When he regained his focus and opened his eyes he didn’t know where he was, everywhere was white light.

“Where is this?” Ye Xinghe’s eyes are filled with wonder, he carefully watched the whole scenery in front of him, and it was like a fairyland.

There is a lake in a forest, atmosphere is very peaceful, and moonlight is like white snow shining everything, when the shining moonlight touches the surfaces of lake it started glittering.

Ye Xinghe is confused, why would he see this type of picture, moreover everything is so real.

He was attracted towards this peaceful world; unexpectedly he saw faint trace of luminous in the bottom of lake.

He fully opened his eyes and leaned forward to clearly see catch another glimpse of this luminous.

He saw that the luminous is getting near and near, from being just a wisp of spark, it became something dazzling.

While he does feels the glare, but Ye Xinghe still wanted to understand, what it is that he is seeing.

In that dazzlingly bright luminous an ancient tablet could be seen indistinctly, it’s not clear home many years have this tablet seen, in the surface of the tablet one can see some fine ancient writings. When Ye xinghe caught glimpse of that writing, it was as if suddenly a millennia of time has flown.

Then a Majestic ancient voice started in his head, which started Ye Xinghe’s head roaring.

“Dao of Inaction, Road of all source, Refine spirit and return to emptiness, To be aware of Universe, Soul Clarity!……”

When the ancient voice started saying, every character it said made Ye Xinghe’s head feel like exploding.

A force with vigorous strength enters Ye Xinghe four limbs and hundred meridians.

The luminous in ancient tablet is getting more and more bright, it looks like a giant fireball of white flame, an intense burning feeling started coming from Ye xinghe’s body, the white flame was like a general running amok inside his body.

Ye Xinghe’s meridians were ready to burst apart.

“Stop” while being burned by white flame, Ye Xinghe started growling.

Just for an instant Ye Xinghe was completely burned, and nothing else was remaining.

Ye Xinghe suddenly returned to his own body, he opened his eyes and started gasping for air. He is again sitting in the practice ground surrounded by students.

The nearby students of Ye Xinghe, looked towards him with some surprise, what is this guy up to?

Ye Xinghe is lost, he takes a fast look around himself to confirm himself of his surroundings, what happened? What was that white light? Did he just had a dream? But it was so real, even the pain felt absolutely real.

He tried to move his body, but there was no pain now. However he could vaguely feel an immense hot strength within his body.

His breathing gradually returned to normal, he very much wanted to go and investigate his body, to know what has happened, but Ye Xinghe decided to hide this incident and to not speak about it with anyone. If he does share this knowledge with someone then they will surely say that he was being paranoid and crazy.

Also, he have just arrived to Heavenly star Academy, he doesn’t have any friend with whom he can share, and others will not take him seriously.

Ye Xinghe continued to sit quietly with everyone.

Shortly after, the young teacher said “Ok it’s time for all of you to take test, everyone come with me.”

All the kids became energetic and stood up, everyone lined up behind the teacher, and they started walking towards the distant testing building.

Although the line is a bit disorderly at first, but soon everyone automatically separatedthemselves on basis of power, in front the young master of noble and powerful family can be seen walking, Liang Yu and An Xueyun were in forefront, after them were the city merchants son and other important kids, and at the very last could be found the commoner students and subordinate families young son.

In Heavenly star academy every student was equal. However fully removing society distinctions were impossible.

Ye Xinghe is walking silently in behind, in his side other youth was walking, this youth had a tall build, he was wearing same plain clothes as Ye Xinghe but he carried himself extremely gracefully. He had fair skin long hair and a lazy happy smile.

“Are you alright? I heard you gasping for breath just now, thought that you have become ill.” The youth smiled while saying.

“I am alright” Ye Xinghe shakes his head in negative.

“If you are alright, then good, later we will be classmates, we have to look after each other.” The youth brightly said while smiling.

Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but look at Lin Hong carefully, the boy was smiling as bright as sunshine, also he had an aura of warm spring breeze.

“You do not laugh at me?” Ye Xinghe clenched his fist; he still felt humiliation in his heart for earlier incident.

“Laugh at you, why would I laugh at you?” Lin Hong doubtfully asked then he suddenly came to understand, and said with a smile “Why would I laugh at you, common man doesn’t have to care when he is angry, but we have to first think about our clansmen. If lady An had wanted me to kneel down to her, then what choice would I have. We of subordinate family members have no other alternative, although let me tell you, lady An is very kind hearted and would never make me kneel. As to act against the Main family! that we never dare to do. I am very happy to meet you; I am Lin Hong, from Anyang town.

“You do not fear that you will offend Liang Yu?” Ye Xinghe asked.

“I don’t have anything to fear, because my family is attached to Eternal Heaven Family and not to Dark Moon Family. Also I have young lade An to support me.” Lin Hong said with a smile.

Looking at the smiling sincere youth, Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but feel warm in heart. “Thanks”

After feeling as great a shame as that, finding a person who could understand him, made him feel that he have found a friend.

Under teacher’s leaderships, the students soon entered a broad Main Hall. In the hall a stage had been built, ten individuals of 40-50 years were talking in low voices upon it. All of them were wearing simple clothes however no one can doubt their imposing aura.

Below the stage was an open area, on which 30 tables had been arranged, on which strange apparatus could be find.

The atmosphere was a little oppressive; all students did not dare to speak even in low voice, all of them understood that today this test will likely decide their destiny.

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