Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Red Soul Crystal

The person sitting in the forefront and most central position of the stage is a black clothed old man, his hair and beard was all white, with appearance/features suggesting extra-ordinariness and immortality.

His eyes swept over all the students, and said “Children I am the Vice Headmaster of Heavenly Star Academy, surnamed Xu, who is responsible for your test today. On each table there are seven red soul crystals, you have to sense these crystals with your mind. Numbers of crystals shining will determine the number you can sense, from this numbers we can determine your innate talent.”

“Children who can sense two red soul crystals are qualified to attend classes. However children who can sense three crystals have good talent, and children who can sense four crystals, although not genius but their talent is quite good, so children who are sensitive to three or more will have the opportunity to become personal disciples of Heavenly Star Academy’s most outstanding teachers. Every one of them is a powerhouse at 6th Heavenly Layer or above.”

“This is an opportunity which cannot be forced. If for some reason you are not able to sense required number, then you will be given a chance to further train with young teacher and try again next year with more experience.”

Although Vice Headmaster Xu’s voice not very loud, but it easily spread to everyone’s ear in the hall.

Everyone was anxious.

This test is quite important for their future. Although Vice-headmaster Xu told them that they will have opportunity to try again next year, however the talent most time is inborn. If they don’t have it this year to be successful then it’s highly unlikely that they will have it next year.

Every student was eagerly expecting the test after Vice-headmaster announcement. Young teacher (Teacher Chu Xian) who was leading them right now was at 4th Heavenly Layer cultivation, however each and every one of the instructor in stage was at 6th Heavenly Layer or above. If they can achieve guidance through them then it will be an enormous good fortune for them.

In Great Zou Empire, master and disciples have very strong bonds, just like father and sons. To be a disciple of a famous master will make their whole family happy.

“Ok, Chu Xian make them start” Vice-Headmaster Xu said lightly.

“Yes” Chu Xian bowed, and started arranging students in various tables.

Soon before each table a student is standing. In each table there are seven red soul crystals resting, each and every crystal is glittering and clear.

Students look at the crystals with vacant and anxious look.

“Place your hand, 2 inch above crystals, and be attentive to sense the crystals.”Teacher Chu Xian while sweeping his gaze on every students, said gently “No one needs to feels anxious, everything will happen naturally.”

Hearing Teacher Chu Xian words, every student has placed their hands above the crystals.

They are trying to sense the red soul crystals attentively.

In the first row, Liang Yu, An Xueyun as well as many other noble family sons and daughters are standing. Some people from this row quickly started sensing crystals.

Noble families have their own Red Soul Crystal, these young family members are allowed to experience it before the test. More than one student have quick responses with their first crystal because of it. A noble family youth even had quickly sensed three red soul crystals. The three Red souls Crystal which have started shining, have different colors, they are shining red, orange and yellow respectively.

After making three crystals shine, the noble youth proudly faced others while thinking; I have sensed three crystals which should be a good result.

Several of the old man above the stage, gave him the bow of recognition. In the last year classes there were only five or six students who achieved excellent results in year end, and every one of them had outstanding talent in the beginning. Therefore these old man’s loved the students of high potential.

Many students looked towards that youth with envy and jealousy. They redoubled their efforts to sense the crystals.

Liang Yu after witnessing this, with a ghost of smile, proudly placed his hand above the crystals, fingers spread, started concentrating on crystals, soon the first crystal started shining in red.

First crystal is always very easy to sense, and soon started shining a dazzling red. After a moment orange glow came from second and then yellow came from the third.

“Ho, even he have sensed three crystals”

“Really, fierce” Students standing in rear and waiting for their turn all looked with envy.

“Worthy of being the young master of Dark Moon Family, his talent is above than others”

As soon as the voice’s fell, fourth soul crystal had started shining, it was the color of pure green emerald.

“Heavens, Fourth!!”

On Vice-Headmaster Xu’s plain and strict face, a smile can be seen. Four crystals shining is definitely deserved to be called a talent to nurture. This type of talent can be found once in several years.

This year’s test could be called well after this result.

However Fifth soul crystal did not shone. Liang Yu breathed heavily several time, he can faintly sense the fifth crystal, but it’s not enough for it to shine. Linag Yu thought, even if it’s four, it’s enough.

Liang Yu looked around proudly, seeing every one exclaiming in surprise and envy; he couldn’t help but give a content look in his face.

Before An Xueyun there were seven students, soon everyone was tested.

So far the result had been, Four crystal sensing one, three crystal sensing has three, two crystal sensing has three.

Soon everyone’s eyes came to rest upon An Xueyun.

An Xueyun, manners were elegantly simple, with beautiful facial features, add a white skirt to perfectly outline her beautiful figure and light timber voice, was the goddess of numerous noble family’s young masters heart. Numerous youth wanted a opportunity to talk to her. The only one looking at her coldly was perhaps Liang Yu.

Liang Yu liked city lord’s daughter Xia Yuning. Xia Yuning and An Xueyun were Heavenly Ancestor city’s twin stars, both women’s beauty was outstanding; also their talent was simultaneously outstanding.

These two young girls, make entire Heavenly Ancestor City other youth feel inferior.

An xueyun without caring for other people gaze, stretched out her white pure arms and placed them above the seven crystals. She started to try to sense them.

First red soul crystal shone quickly, and then second and third.

Soon a glow of red, orange, yellow, green and blue could be seen. When fifth soul crystal shone all the spectators quickly sucked breath and didn’t even dare to breathe. Everyone was shocked watching those five glows.

Five Red Soul Crystals.

If a talent who can sense four crystals could only be found once in several years, then what about one who can sense five crystals.

Vice-Headmaster Xu’s countenance changed after seeing An Xueyun’s test results.

“The Eternal Heaven Family’s young lady is really extraordinary. Five crystals have shined for her; this type of talent can only be found once in a hundred years. People having this type of talent are really few.”

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