Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Star Martial God Technique

Night time came.

Ye Xinghe finally got used to the whole courtyard of his personal quarter. In addition to a living area and a yard their was also a private study room, which was filled with all type of books.

However among these books there was no book for Martial Cultivation. It was to prevent the students to practice without the guidance or approval of their masters.

Ye Xinghe looked at all the different books.

“Herbs, astronomy, divination and miscellaneous book….” Ye Xinghe turned around while identifying different sections of books. There were more than 500 books, the walls of whole room had been filled by these books.

I will be starting practice from tomorrow, without the guidance of a master its impossible and ill advised to practice cultivation. Ye Xinghe had been admitted in Heavenly Star Academy only after passing several difficult exams. One of them was language exam, so Ye Xinghe really liked to read. Soon he picked up a book from Herbs section.

Ye Xinghe after opening the book, was soon completely entranced by it. He even forgot how much time has passed.

Ye Xinghe has been reading for past 2 hours, but unexpectedly he did not feel any exhaustion. A faint trace of energy from his dantian was slowly dispersing in his four limbs and hundred meridians.

Not only was his body not tired, but even his mind felt completely clear. As soon as Ye Xinghe looked at the writing in the book, his mind completely memorizes it. He can even repeat it word by word, without omitting a single word.

At this time, if there was someone else in the room , then they would notice that the center of Ye Xinghe’s eyes pupil, was covered by a golden thread. His eyes were shimmering with faint golden light.

After two hours of continuous reading, Ye Xinghe completely read the whole book. He was a bit surprised to find that he can remember everything that he has read just now. However soon he was attracted towards another book, this time it was a thick tome of Complete medicinal solutions.

Ye Xinghe surprisingly kept reading for the whole night. He read about different medicinal plant and about their complete uses through these two books.

The day had already brighten by the time Ye Xinghe closed the second book of medicinal solutions. After reading the whole book he looked outside.

“What it’s already day time….? It’s not good I am late.” Ye Xinghe exclaimed in surprise. He hurriedly ran outside, it was his first day of training with Vice-Headmaster Xu, if he is late then master will surely be very angry!

Although Ye Xinghe have not slept for a minute but he was not feeling any fatigue. Ye Xinghe was full of energy, he wildly dashed for the training area.

Practice Grounds.

By the time Ye Xinghe arrived at the practice grounds, he could already see some people standing in the field. Everyone was wearing pure white gowns. While standing in front of An Xueyun and Liang Yu, Vice-Headmaster Xu was giving an appearance of immortality and extra-ordinance. Vice-Headmaster Xu was already teaching An Xueyun, Liang Yu and giving instructions.

Ye Xinghe hurriedly ran and took his place beside them.

“You came just now?” seeing Ye Xinghe coming late Vice Headmaster Xu wrinkled his brow.

“Sorry!!!” Seeing Master Xu’s unhappy expression Ye xinghe did not dare to argue. He silently rebuked himself in his heart for coming late in his first day.

Liang Yu watching Master Xu’s unhappy expression was suddenly very much delighted in his heart. He really wanted to laugh out loud, this idiot Ye Xinghe unexpectedly was late for his first day of training, he will surely be severely punished by Master Xu. The first impression of Ye Xinghe in Vice-Headmaster Xu’s heart is definitely a poor one.

Master Xu had been angry in his heart from the morning when he did not find Ye Xinghe in the practice field. Ye Xinghe inspired six soul crystals in the test so his talent in cultivation will be good, however, if he is too lazy to cultivate than he will never be able to become a true powerhouse.

What time is it.

He has been teaching An Xueyun and Liang Yu for half an hour, and Ye Xinghe has just arrived.

He valued Ye Xinghe very much, and precisely because he valued him so much he was feeling so much angry.

He was worried about Ye Xinghe, he had seen many students who had good talents but because they did not like to cultivate diligently, were soon vanished completely from cultivation world.

But to see Ye Xinghe’s guilty expression after being rebuked, Master Xu relented a little and said in a deep voice ” From now on you can never be late, every morning you have to start practice by 6:00 AM. You have good talent but not working hard will not be tolerated by me. An Xueyun and Liang Yu are already in 2nd Layer of Heavenly Realm and you have not even touched the threshold of 1st Heavenly Layer Realm. You should make vigorous efforts so that you can sooner catch up to them. How can you be Lazy ?”

“Yes Master, disciple understand his mistake” Ye Xinghe said while lowering his head.

He could only blame himself to lost track of time and to be late at the first day.

Linag Yu took pleasure in his mis-fortune but An Xueyun simple shook her head in disappointment and continued to practice.

An Xueyun also thought that Ye Xinghe had been sleeping late, therefore was late for his first day. No one knew that Ye Xinghe had been reading books the whole evening and night, and that he had memorized both books regarding herbs and complete medical solution by just reading them once.

“Hmm.. Good, the matter of your being late in morning will be put aside for now. Now we will start practicing” Vice Headmaster did not further criticizes Ye Xinghe and beckoned him to come close while saying ” Now i will start teaching you Martial Arts”

“Yes” Ye Xinghe immediately stood straighter and replied seriously.

Liang Yu was greatly surprised, Master Xu did not even scold him heavily and it’s already over? He also thought that with Master Xu’s personality at-least he will get to see a good punishment to Ye Xinghe.

“An Xueyun and Liang Yu have already reached 2nd Layer of Heavenly Realm, but you still have to even reach 1st Heavenly realm. Now what i will teach you is how to sense Qi in you Dantian for the first time.” Vice-Headmaster Xu said ” First stand in Horse Stance, Now close your eyes, center your mind in Dantian near your navel, now control your thoughts in dantian an try to harmonize it with Qi in your datian. When you have successfully sensed Qi in you datian it should give you slight heat, when that happens it means you have successfully passed the threshold.”

As soon as Ye Xinghe heard Master Xu’s words, he took horse stance and started trying to do exactly as the Master had said.

He gathered all his thoughts and mind in dantian, it took several breaths of time for him to calm his heart and be successful. As soon as he was able to center himself fully he sensed unsteadily moving heat waves inside his dantian.

Could it be that, these gas like warm waves in his dantian are the Qi that Master mentioned? Having sensed the existence of Qi, Ye Xinghe was immediately excited.

“Why did you open your eyes?” Vice-Headmaster Xu wrinkled his eyebrows while asking. He was just about to leave because a beginner martial cultivator who is trying to sense qi for first time always take more than two hours at least. He was planning to go and teach martial arts to An Xueyun and Liang Yu while Ye Xinghe was practicing. And then come back when Ye Xinghe has succeeded.

“Master i think i have sensed the Qi you speak of” Ye Xinghe said a little weakly, because he was not confident that the heat waves he have sensed are the Qi.

“What, you have sensed it so quick” Vice-Headmaster Xu froze for a moment and then asked “Did you perhaps had already sensed Qi before this?”

Ye Xinghe did not know how to reply, it was his first time sensing something in his dantian.

“When you center you mind in dantian, do you sense a faint trace of surging heat wave of needle point size in it” Vice-Headmaster Xu seeing Ye Xinghe standing confusingly and not answering, asked another question.

A heat wave of needle point size, faint trace? Ye Xinghe gawked. When he sensed heat wave in his dantian it was definitely not Needle-point size, but it was at-least thumb size. How should he answer to Master’s question.

“Yes”Ye Xinghe hesitated but it still nodded.

“Then that was it”Vice-Headmaster Xu smiled while saying it. “You will try to lead this heat wave through life gate(Ming-men point) in your lower torso. After passing it from there lead it to the back of your head and then going over it through god gate while leading it near your lips and now lead through the front of your body back to your dantian. The more revolutions you do, more your Qi will become sturdy. when you can do 36 revolutions in quarter hour then i will teach you next”

“You have inspired six soul crystals, so your talent in cultivation should be pretty good, if there is no accident then you can reach the threshold of 1 st layer of Heavenly Realm in 10 days.” Vice-Headmaster Xu smiling said “When you can sense a steady trickle in you dantian then it will mean that you have taken first step in 1st layer of Heavenly Realm. In 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm your body’s strenght will grow enormously, and you will have special feeling in your vigor.”

“Yes” Ye Xinghe took his horse stance and started practicing as Master Xu had directed.

“This is star martial art cultivation basic technique, called Star Martial God Technique. First take it, and when you have reached 1st Layer of Heavenly Realm then start practicing according to this book and start sensing the power of stars. If you have any question during training then you can come and ask me.” Master Xu took out a booklet and said after giving it to Ye Xinghe.

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