Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World

Chapter 223 - Prison Guard Felt That Something Was Not Right!

Chapter 223: Prison Guard Felt That Something Was Not Right!

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“They even used bombs? If they still can’t blow up the wall, doesn’t that mean that Jon will definitely lose?”

“There’s no need to be so pessimistic. We don’t understand how Jon escaped, but with Jon’s intelligence, he should have planned it out.”

“Then does that mean that the surveillance signal from before was also done by Jon’s team?”

“It’s very possible. There are a lot of experts in this team. Let’s just say that this computer expert was able to hack into the surveillance system of the Aga Mountain Prison. It’s really amazing.”

“Yeah. This is not something that ordinary computer experts can do.”

“No matter what, he’s also an elite of the Pennsylvania State Police Department. You shouldn’t be so surprised.”

“Jon’s team is really full of hidden talents. Other than the leader, the others are all experts in various fields.”

“But even though Jon had someone hack into the surveillance system and used a bomb, it feels like it’s still very difficult for the two of them to successfully escape.”

“It’s definitely very hard. Aga Mountain Prison is also one of the safest prisons in the world. But I believe that Jon will definitely be able to successfully escape.”

“I also believe that. After all, he encountered a lot of difficulties in the past few drills. However, he still managed to win in the end!”

“Don’t say anything else. Jon will be done as long as he’s awesome.”

The comments in the live broadcast room surged crazily.

Although the surveillance screen had turned black, the audience in the livestream did not know what direction the drills were heading in.

But this did not affect the enthusiasm of the audience at all.

They treated the livestream as a chat room, discussing the direction of the drill.

They were so enthusiastic. It was almost three or four o’clock in the morning, yet they were still not sleeping and discussing.

There were even a few haters of Jon.

At this time, they were still not sleeping. They were tirelessly leaving negative comments about Jon in the livestream.

“The prison’s surveillance system didn’t malfunction. Someone hacked into the surveillance system and cut off the surveillance footage in the prison area.”

After the technicians checked the system, one of them said to the older prison guard.

“Hacked into the surveillance system?”

When the older prison guard heard this, his expression immediately turned grave.

He had a bad feeling in his heart.

First, the surveillance system was hacked, and then there was the sound of an explosion outside.

These two things were very likely done by Jon’s rescue team.

Otherwise, it would be too much of a coincidence.

If it was really done by Jon’s rescue team.

Then would Jon in the confinement room be safe?

“What’s wrong, Blake?” The young prison guard saw the serious expression on the older prison guard’s face. He walked over and asked.

“The prison guard on the fourth floor of the confinement room disappeared for a period of time during the surveillance. If I remember correctly, Jon’s confinement room happened to be in the surveillance blind spot.”

“Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but after this prison guard came out of the surveillance blind spot, something really strange with him.” this old prison guard named Blake spoke, he was still trying hard to recall the scene from before.”

Before, when he could still see the surveillance footage, Blake didn’t pay too much attention to it.

After all, at that time, he didn’t think that Jon would escape today.

Even if he escaped, he might not be able to successfully leave the prison.

Therefore, he didn’t think too much about it.

However, the prison’s surveillance system had been hacked.

There was also the sound of an explosion outside the prison. All of this seemed to indicate that the robbers outside were covering for Jon’s escape.

Connecting these things together.

When the prison guard disappeared from the surveillance blind spot, he appeared extremely strange.

“Strange? He seemed quite normal.” the young prison guard scratched his head and said.

He indeed did not feel anything abnormal.

“Think about it carefully. After he reappeared from the blind spot, did he keep his head down as if he wanted to hide from the camera?”

“Do you think that within the few minutes when the prison guard entered the blind spot, he was controlled by Jon, and Jon also put on the prison guard’s clothes and came out, disguised as a prison guard?”

“After all, the blind spot of the surveillance is right in front of Jon’s room.”

Blake leaned into the guard’s ear and whispered his thoughts to the young guard.

However, Blake thought that it was not likely the case.

After all, the confinement rooms were all separate compartments with locks on them.

Perhaps the prisoners in the confinement rooms thought that they could make some noise and lure the prison guards over. Then, they could subdue the prison guards, grab the keys, open the door, and escape.

But this was impossible!

First of all, the prison guards would only bring the keys unless it was to release the prisoners or to lock them up. Otherwise, the keys were always kept in the guard room.

Moreover, every prison guard was trained. When they were patrolling, they would maintain a certain distance from the cell to avoid being touched by the prisoners in the solitary confinement room.

The most important point was.

Although the upper part of the iron door of the solitary confinement room was made up of prison bars, the gap was so narrow that it could not allow an adult’s arm to reach out.

Therefore, it was completely impossible for the prisoners to control the prison guards behind the iron door and snatched the key.

“Blake, are you saying that Jon came out of the confinement room and changed into the prison guard’s clothes and showed up under the surveillance camera?”

“This is impossible. After all, for so many years, there has never been a situation where the prisoner could come out of the confinement room.” The young prison guard said in disbelief. He thought that what Blake said was completely impossible.

Even though he had seen Jon’s drill and knew that he was a very powerful person.

But to break out from the confinement room, it was simply undoable?

“Forget it, I’ll stay in the monitoring room. I’ll go to the confinement room to take a look!” The older prison guard, Blake, thought for a while and was still worried.

Then, he picked up the walkie-talkie and walked out of the control room.

He could have asked the other prison guards on the other floors to check the situation.

However, because of the explosion just now, many prison guards had rushed over to the scene.

There weren’t many people around.

Therefore, Blake could only go and check the situation himself.

And when the cameraman saw this, he frowned and thought for a few seconds.

He quickly picked up the camera and followed Blake.

After all, a large portion of the surveillance footage had disappeared in the monitoring room, and no one knew when it would be taken care of.

There was really nothing to film in the monitoring room.

He might have something to film by following Blake.

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