Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World

Chapter 224 (END) - The Drill Is Over! Jon Reached the Peak of His Life! (Finale)

Chapter 224: The Drill Is Over! Jon Reached the Peak of His Life! (Finale)

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Ten minutes later.

Blake arrived at the confinement room building.

He ran straight up to the fourth floor.

When he saw that the guard room was lit up, but there were no more guards.

His heart sank.

Could it be that something had really happened?

Could it be that Jon had escaped from prison?

If that were the case, it would be a serious matter.

He quickly went to the confinement room where Jon was held. When he saw a person sleeping on the bed, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Jon had not escaped from prison.

However, when he saw that the lock of the door to the confinement room was already open, he was instantly shocked and froze on the spot.

Then, he walked in with a flashlight. When he saw the person lying on the bed…

His face instantly turned ashen.

Although he didn’t know this prison guard, he had seen Jon’s picture. The person lying on the bed was definitely not Jon!

In an instant, Blake’s entire body went numb.

The thing he was most worried about had still happened.

“Calling superintendent, there’s an emergency in the confinement room. Jon has disappeared!”

“I repeat, Jon has escaped from the confinement room. His whereabouts are unknown!”

Blake quickly spoke into the walkie-talkie and told the superintendent about this.

“Roger, we’re on our way!”

Soon, the superintendent replied.

Soon, the superintendent came over and asked Blake, “What happened?”

“After most of the surveillance footage in the monitoring room was lost, there was the sound of an explosion outside. I sensed that something was wrong, so I quickly went to the confinement room to check the situation. In the end, there was no one in the confinement room.”

Blake looked at the superintendent and told him the whole story.

“So, Jon and Brown Williams are probably looking for an opportunity to escape from the prison!” the superintendent said after thinking for a moment, and then arranged for people to search around the prison wall.

They sent a few people to search the confinement room building to see if Jon was hiding there.

Then, they woke up the prison guard who had been knocked out by Jon.

The prison guard quickly told them how Jon had knocked him out.

Then, a prison guard found another prison guard who had been knocked out by Jon in the storage room on the first floor.

This time, there were already two prison guards who had been knocked unconscious. It really put a shame on the prison officers.

However, the most important thing was that after Jon knocked out the two prisoner guards, he took off their clothes.

In other words, Jon and Brown must have changed into the prison guards’ clothing and mingled among the prison guards.

“All prison guards, please pay attention. The two robbers have two sets of prison guard uniforms, which means that they have changed into the prison guard uniform and mingled among the prison guards.”

“I repeat, the robber is suspected to have changed into the prison guard uniform and mingled among the prison guards.”

“All prison guards, please pay attention to the people around you.”

After the superintendent learned about the situation, he quickly said to all the prison guards through the walkie-talkie.

“Check if anything is missing in the storage room.”

Then, the superintendent ordered.

Since the robbers were in the storage room before, they should be looking for something.

A prison guard heard this and quickly responded. He quickly asked someone to get the inventory list in the storage room to check.

In a prison, the rules and regulations were relatively strict. Even if it was a storage room, whatever was in the storage room needed to be checked.

The purpose was to prevent the prisoners from stealing anything from here.

Soon, the storage list in the storage room was sent over.

A prison guard took the storage list and started to check the things inside the storage room.

“Report, a folding ladder has been lost in the storage room!”

Soon, the prison guard who checked the storage list came to the back of the superintendent and reported the situation.

The third item on the storage list was the foldable ladder, so he found the problem right after he started checking the storage list.

Losing a foldable ladder was a big problem.

After all, if the ladder was really taken away by Jon and Brown, it would greatly increase their chance to escape.

This was definitely bad news.

The superintendent frowned.

He did not expect that such an item was missing from the storage room.

Jon had taken this item. After such a long time, it was possible that he had successfully escaped from prison.

At this moment.

“Report, we found a folding ladder. It was taken by the robbers. The electric fence above the wall has also been cut by the robbers… Jon may have successfully escaped from prison.”

When the superintendent heard this, he was extremely embarrassed.

“A six-meter-high wall? Can the robbers escape unscathed after jumping down?” the superintendent asked.

“According to the situation we have now, it’s indeed possible that the robbers jumped down from here and jumped out of the prison.” the prison guard reported.

Jon ran away.

This was a sure thing. Aga Mountain Prison, which was known as one of the most secured prisons in the world, only took Jon less than two days to successfully escape.

This was a disgrace to Aga Mountain Prison.

The superintendent did not know how to explain it to the warden.

However, he still had to report it.

“Jon and Brown Williams have already left Aga Mountain Prison, they have won the drill. Clean up the scene and fix the electric fence before dawn.” the warden announced it after learning about the situation.

It only took two days for Jon to successfully escape, which surprised the warden.

However, the warden still accepted it.

He knew how Jon strong was, so he had some sort of mental preparation for it.

After Jon’s successful escape, the media reported on it.

The number of viewers in the livestream reached 150 million, once again breaking the previous record.

At this moment, Jon had already returned to the hotel. After the warden called, the two of them had a discussion together and decided to start the interview at three o’clock the next day.

After all, it was already early in the morning. They had to give Jon some time to rest.

Jon agreed to attend.

Then, just as Jon was about to rest, the director of the FBI called and told him that the person who killed Jon’s team three years ago was a former leader of his. He was now in prison because of some crimes, but he died in a car accident on the way to prison.

Jon was speechless for a long time after hearing that. He got his revenge, but he didn’t do it himself, but it also solved one of his worries.

At three in the afternoon.

An interview started in the meeting room of the Aga Mountain Prison.

When a reporter asked Jon when the next drill would be.

He was slightly stunned because at that moment, the system’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Ding, the system has helped the host reach the peak of his life and is untying…”

“Ding, the system’s untying is successful. This is the system’s last voice. Host, farewell!”

Hearing the system’s final voice, even though Jon was reluctant, he still smiled.

It was over, it was all over. The enemy was dead, and the system had left.

“I will not participate in any more drills from now on, that’s all.” Jon smiled at the media.

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