Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 28 - Bear Fungus And Abis

Chapter 28 - Bear Fungus And Abis

The next morning, Su Bai got up early to get ready and set off with Purple Jade. The trainer's exam location was in Cannes, which was pretty far away.

Although his parents did not think that he could really obtain a certificate, they still prepared him a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast, he took the cub to the test location in a taxi.

There were several places for the trainer exam in An Cheng, and he came to the Blue Star exam venue which was closest to him.

When he arrived, it was half past seven, and the exam would begin at eight o'clock. He was not in a hurry and played with the cub while waiting.

"Hey, Student Su Bai, why are you here? Are you also here to test for a trainer qualification certificate? I thought I had seen wrongly, but it's really you!"

A woman in her twenties came over and observed him carefully before exclaiming.

"Hello, teacher. Yes, I'm here for a certificate. Are you here for it as well?"

Upon seeing the woman, Su Bai quickly got up to greet her. She was his English teacher, Hou Jie; he truly did not expect to see her here.

This teacher was nice, enthusiastic, and kind. As she was young and shared common topics with the students, she was very popular among them.

"Yes, I'm also here for a trainer certificate. There's not much future in being an English teacher, so I'm getting ready to take the test to become an educator of the spirit training course.

"By the way, are you confident? You don't appear nervous at all, while I'm feeling very nervous right now."

Hou Jie continued conversing with the boy. She had truly not expected to see a student of hers here.

"I don't know; I just came to give it a try and see where I stand," replied Su Bai.

"Oh, it's a good thing to have the courage to try. It's also a good idea to know the situation in advance. It's my eighth exam, so I hope that I can pass this time."

She heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing his words. She thought that he was in over his head if he felt confident about the exam.

Although his studies were excellent, the trainer certification test did not rely on rote memorization, or else she would not have failed it seven times.

"I believe that you, teacher, can pass the exam this time."

Su Bai nodded. It seemed that everyone had no confidence in him obtaining a certificate.

"Haha, thank you for your well-wishes." His teacher laughed.

They chatted while lining up.

The pet next to his teacher piqued Su Bai's curiosity. It was a bear type with white fur and long wings, but its body was actually made of very tiny bear fungus.

This monster was relatively well-known for having no combat effectiveness but a super decomposing ability. It was a little like a nano-robot that could decompose and separate many monster materials without damage.

It was a pet type commonly used by trainers and pharmacists.

However, what Su Bai could not fathom was why Hou Jie became an English teacher when such a pet should have made her determined to be a trainer from a young age.

Was it because she had failed to pass the junior trainer certificate?

Su Bai pondered for a while and decisively gave up on asking her. He was afraid that he would violate a taboo topic and be punished with reciting English texts.

It was soon eight o'clock, and the entrance of the examination room opened. Inside was a large hall with a computer on each table for the test-takers to use in the written examination.

Just like test subjects, they lined up to swipe their IDs and then went to their designated computer tables for the test.

"Teacher, I'm leaving now."

"Okay, don't be nervous and just do as per normal," instructed Hou Jie.

Su Bai went to scan his ID first.

"Computer 153, the third in the third row." The examiner assigned him a seat without looking up.


Nodding, he went to sit in front of the designated computer and confirmed that his information was correct before he started answering questions.

The test time was one hour, with a total of 100 questions. Out of these questions, 80 were multiple choices, 15 were true or false, and 5 were short essays.

The total score was 150. They would pass with 140 points.

Regardless of the number of questions, these were all drawn from the original question bank comprising tens of thousands, and this was especially so for the ones more difficult to solve. Each time, the written test alone could eliminate nearly 90% of the test-takers.

The first question asked for the essential difference between spirits and monsters:

A. Probability of mutation

B. Spirits are gentle while monsters have a strong desire for destruction.

C. Spirits are cute while monsters are ugly.

D. They belong to different worlds.

Su Bai took a look and chose D. The most essential difference was they belonged to different worlds. It was well-known that all monsters came from other worlds, and those born in the local area were called spirits.

The difference between the two was due to the contrast in world ownership. Monsters had high mutation probabilities, but there were also spirits with high mutation probabilities. Not all spirits were docile, and some, especially those found in the wild, were even more fierce and terrifying than monsters.

The second question: The legendary world is composed of four basic elements. After the birth of the world, the four elements gave birth to four legendary pets. What kind of element is the Infinite Shuttle Dragon bred, and what is it best at?


After more than forty minutes, Su Bai clicked on the submit icon. After ten seconds, he saw his score on the screen.



Seeing this score, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, he had been a little afraid of this written test, but the questions he encountered had thankfully been within the normal range.

Walking out of the examination room, a staff member guided him. "No. 153, Su Bai, you passed. Enter the practical area behind and get ready for the practical exam."

He nodded and looked around but did not see his English teacher. He just hoped that she had passed, too.

Walking into the practical area at the back, a special staff member received him. He was a middle-aged man.

"Please come with me to laboratory 3. Everything is ready; you only need to do your own operations as required."

"Okay, thank you. Laboratory 3? Have only three people passed the written test?" he asked.

"Yes, three. You're the youngest one." The middle-aged man nodded.

Wow! This passing rate is really terrifying, exclaimed Su Bai internally.

"There is no material inside the laboratory. You'll have to input the material you need into the computer, and someone will send it over."

The uncle took him to the laboratory and instructed.

"Okay, I understand."

He took Purple Jade into the laboratory and then closed the door.


The cub jumped onto the experiment platform and watched the sleeping monsters in three separate cages as it turned around curiously.

"Buddy, behave and don't move."

After giving this order to his pet, Su Bai observed the three monsters. It seemed that he was not very lucky this time. The three monsters were the more troublesome type.

There were many different monster types and they were very easy to mutate, unlike spirits, which had fewer types and more stable genes.

"This one is an Abis, and my task is to restore it to normal."

He looked at the Abis, which was lying down in its cage. It was a white serpent-shaped monster with two claws on its upper body. It had a red cockscomb on its head and was a water-poison type.

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