Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 29 - Ghost Blade Mantis And Dark Night Mantis

Chapter 29 - Ghost Blade Mantis And Dark Night Mantis

Su Bai had seen the symptoms of this Abis before, and it could be resolved without using the Pet Tamer interface. Upon closer inspection, there were some white snake scales with black and red blood stains on its body, and the cockscomb on its forehead was abnormally dark red. This was not a form of sickness. It was entering estrus, and only a spouse could resolve this.

This question had tried to trick them by asking the participant to return it to normal, and those who did not understand would subconsciously think that it was sick and hence fail.

Su Bai typed in the answer on the computer: Please find a male Abis.

Su Bai's answer quickly spread to the backstage. The ones in charge of reviewing the questions were four people in their thirties. They were all intermediate trainers and belonged to the Cannes Trainer Association.

"This young lad isn't bad; he solved the problem with the Abis so quickly."

"Yeah, he's not bad. The first question isn't that difficult; it's the next two questions that are difficult," someone else said.

"Look at the pet next to him which seems like a fox. When I saw this kid's profile earlier, I discovered that his pet is completely mutated and has a potential score of 93 points."

"A potential of 93? That's pretty impressive. It seems that this lad is very promising."

When the other three people heard this, they all turned their attention to the screen. Looking at the cub and then at the boy, their eyes lit up with interest.


"Oh, so I don't need to complete the mating of the two Abises myself."

Su Bai heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the answer on the phone. It would have been so troublesome for him to complete the actual operation.

Now that the first problem was solved, he studied the second monster's problem. It was a mid-level servant, a gold-night type Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis. The question requirement was to evolve it into a Ghost Blade Mantis.

This question tested evolution, which was difficult because many monsters had several different evolutionary types. For example, Purple Jade itself had three different evolutionary types.

One of the professions of a trainer was to evolve a pet in the desired direction.

The Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis was also a type with more evolutionary types. Su Bai focused his attention on it and saw a row of small fireflies appearing in front.

[Name/Race]: Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis monster

[Gender]: Male

[Level]: Middle-level Servant

[Attribute]: Gold, Night

[Features/Passive]: Decapitation (Wounds caused by the Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis are difficult to restore.)

[Restrained]: Wood, light attributes (mutual restraint)

[Weaknesses]: Fire and light attributes

[Evolutionary process]: Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis — Orchid Flying Mantis, Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis — Ghost Blade Mantis, Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis — Dark Night Mantis

[Introduction]: The Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis lives in dark, heavy-metal mine caves or mines. It is a killer in the dark, and it comes and goes silently. It hides its energy, is exceptionally fast, and is sensitive to the smell of blood.

Its weaknesses are fire-based light attacks, short-sightedness, and mainly able to sense opponents by vibration and smell.



Su Bai now understood from the specific information that the evolution of the Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis into the Orchid Flying Mantis was actually relatively simple. However, the Ghost Blade Mantis and the Dark Night Mantis both had dark attributes, followed by their gold-metal attributes. If he was not careful, they might evolve incorrectly.

Fortunately, his golden finger, the Pet Tamer interface, was powerful enough. The introduction not only explained the evolution materials of each branch clearly but also detailed the specific proportions of each material and the precautions to take.

He thought for a while before typing the names of four materials on the computer: one piece of dark-veined golden marrow ore, one demonized grass, a hundred liter ghost-needle flower liquid, and one heaven fruit.

"Huh? What's he thinking? Is he preparing to kill the Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis? The attributes of the demonized grass and the heaven fruit are obviously opposite!"

"Sigh, he's simply messing around!"

Upon seeing the materials requested by Su Bai, the four people were all puzzled. The catalytic material for this evolutionary process of the Ghost Blade Mantis had long been experimented with, so there were many related books to it. This second question was not testing the trainer's creative ability but rather their practicality.

This was because the preparation of the catalytic material of the Ghost Blade Mantis required very professional techniques, and there were also many details to pay attention to. The most important thing was to test the trainer's carefulness, patience, and practicality.

"Still, these materials are all very cheap, especially the ghost-needle flower, which isn't even an advanced spiritual plant. The total price of the ingredients is half that of the original catalytic materials.

"Maybe he has a different idea?"

"Forget it; he's young. Let him take the courage to try. Tell them to prepare the materials for him."


Soon, the materials were sent to the laboratory. Su Bai checked their qualities and started operating after making sure that nothing was wrong.

He poured the ghost-needle flower juice into a large glass jar, then added seventy liters of water, and used a grinder to grind the dark-veined golden marrow ore into powder for stirring.

"Buddy, inject some wood spiritual power and stir it."


Upon hearing that it could play a part, the cub hurried over to inject spiritual power to stir it.

Soon, the whole liquid turned into viscous dark green, with some golden spots appearing from time to time.

"Buddy, tie it up with the Vine Whip."

Once the Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis was bound tightly, Su Bai took out the needle and injected the demonized grass, which had been ground into juice.

With the infusion of the demonized grass juice, the Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis gradually woke up, its eyes turning blood red and black stripes appearing on its body.

"Okay, put it in the glass jar and hold it down. Don't let it get out of the juice."

"Howl, howl!"

The cub's eyes were full of curiosity and surprise as it marveled at how impressive Ah Bai was.

"Gulp, gulp…"

Before the Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis could fully explode in a frenzy, it was held down by the cub and was made to drink the liquid.

As the juice drained, it gradually stopped resisting as if it had died, but the liquid in the tank was still slowly decreasing.

The original marks of orchids on its back turned black, and soon, chaotic dark spiritual power fluctuated from its body.

An hour later, the juice in the glass jar was about to be cleared completely; the Orchid Ghost Blade Mantis's breathing became shallower as if it was truly about to die.

Su Bai poked it with a glass rod and nodded. "It's almost there!"

Turning around, he picked up a needle tube and injected five milliliters of the heaven fruit extract into the mantis.

Violent dark spiritual power fluctuations erupted and then a small spirit vortex appeared.


Nodding, he watched the light dissipate to reveal a spirit of about one meter tall standing in the glass tank. Its body was dark-gold with black lines, while its pair of blades were dark-black, shining with a cold aura. This was the Ghost Blade Mantis.

"What the f*ck! He actually succeeded!"

The four mid-level trainers were dumbfounded. Their jaws dropped open, for they could just not believe that the seemingly ridiculous idea had actually worked.

"He's a genius. This kid is definitely a trainer genius. We'll have to inform the president of this matter immediately. This kind of genius must stay in our association and mustn't be snatched away by those turtle grandsons of the Gymnasium Research Institute."

These four people understood how much potential a sixteen-year-old with these operations held. As long as he was trained well, he could become a master-level trainer.


Unaware of what was happening outside, Su Bai intently looked at the third question.

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