Stealing The Heavens

Chapter 986 - So Many Ghosts

Chapter 986: So Many Ghosts

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Gui Tunluo was originally named Tunluo, a famous tyrannical figure among the Chaos Fiend Gods in ancient times. After Pangu had created the world, he and a group of Chaos Fiend Gods fought each other for an extraordinary treasure in the middle of an Apocalypse, and were accidentally dragged into the Ghost Realm, which was taking shape at that moment. The first thread of ghost energy in the universe had devoured and digested them together, converting him into a ghost.

Since then, he had been dwelling in the Ghost Realm and relying on the ghost energy to avoid the Apocalypses. Occasionally, he did leave the Ghost Realm to collect some precious materials, and had had some conflicts and entanglements with the almighty experts in the outside world. But, he had been extremely cautious, and never had desperate fights with others. And since there were Dao Fusing experts, he had maintained an even lower profile, rarely leaving his seclusion. As a result, few knew that an almighty expert who had survived since the ancient times was hiding in the Ghost Realm.

When the six-armed Fiend God sensed the enormous pressure come weighing down on her from Gui Tunluo, the fear in her heart drove her to attack first. The blade light blanketed Gui Tunluo’s head like a torrential rain, but he had only widened his eyes and a colossal bone shield—about a thousand miles in diameter and thousands of feet in thickness—appeared right in front of him. The pitch-black shield was constructed from countless human skulls, each spraying a plume of dark smoke mixed with flames. The green flames smeared the shield, making it looked particularly gruesome and evil.

Countless blade lights landed on the shield. Amidst the jarring noise of hacking, millions of tiny sparks darted out at the same time from the shield’s surface. The Fiend God’s attack speed was frighteningly fast; she could throw out millions of blades in an instant, and each blade could break hundreds to thousands of skulls on the shield.

But, with each skull destroyed, a new one emerged to take its place. In the span of seven to eight breaths, the Fiend God had threw out uncountable blade lights, and yet the shield was still intact.

Gui Tunluo laughed darkly as he crawled slowly out of the earth. The complexion of his whole body was dark purple, and he had a layer of hard shells in place of skin. It was as smooth and clean as glaze, and made him look as if he was forged from steel. His form still largely resembled a human being, but he had an ugly and ferocious face, with a dozen long, thick fangs that poked out of his mouth. A long, huge tail that was thousands of miles long hung from his back, and pitch-black bone spikes sprouted from all the joints across his body, backbone, and tail.

He slowly rose to his feet. His height was over ten thousand miles, and as he stood there on the ground, he was almost of the same height as the Mount Kunlun, which was hovering in mid-air. Taking a deep breath, Gui Tunluo stared at the Mirror of Kunlun and sneered, “Little punk Chang Qin, if you don’t shut down the portals now, don’t blame me for shattering this unique treasure with a punch later!”

Prince Chang Qin laughed derisively. “Old ghost, don’t tell me you are trying to be a guest on Mount Kunlun, given your status and the fact that you have sneaked up less than a thousand miles from here? More likely, you are already planning on destroying Mount Kunlun, aren’t you? So, stop uttering nonsense and start dealing with those Fiend Gods of the outworlds.”

Seeing that her attack had yielded no success, the six-arm Fiend God stepped back in exasperation and stood on a river flowing with lava. Then, she threw her head back and roared into the sky. At her voice, a plume of dark cloud mixed with bolts of lightning shot out of the portal she had come through and poured into her body. Slowly, her body grew larger and taller like a balloon to some ten thousand miles tall, exactly the same height as Gui Tunluo.

The hint of joy in Chang Qin’s voice deepened. “Gui Tunluo, it seems that she is going to give you a desperate fight. You better watch out and not fall miserably in such an easy fight, lest you should bring shame to yourself!”

Gui Tunluo gave a snort of anger. He grabbed the bone shield and strapped it to his left arm, then threw his right fist at the Fiend God. As soon as the punch was thrown out, the entire Ghost Realm trembled, and all the ghost energy within a million miles suddenly came pouring over. The energy attached to his fist and wrapped it in a layer of dark light that was more than a hundred miles thick as it smashed out like a meteor with a long flaming tail.

The Fiend God crossed her twelve arms before her and was struck in the next instant.

A loud boom rang out as two walls of blast wave swept out from her left and right, vanishing numerous low-ranking Fiend Gods and heavenly ghosts along the way. Meanwhile, she was knocked thousands of miles back, slamming straight into Mount Kunlun, which was surrounded by nine layers of purple light. A sizzling noise was heard as if someone had poured a bowl of cold water into a jar of hot oil; the mountain did not budge, but the flesh on her back began to fall off as soon as it was shone on by the purple light. As a result, she shrieked with intense pain.

Half of her six pairs of arms were broken, and tendrils of potent ghost energy were constantly entering her body. While trembling, the Fiend God suddenly fell to her knees. Gui Tunluo’s punch was too powerful. Not only were her arms badly injured by it, but her knees were also wounded by the tremendous force and could no longer support her huge body.

Smiling grimly, Gui Tunluo strode over and grabbed the Fiend God’s head with a hand, lifting her up like a bale of hay. Then, he began to smash her on Mount Kunlun over and over again. The mountain, surrounded by layers of purple light, did not budge, while the Fiend God howled and shrieked miserably. Whenever her body touched the light, a large chunk of flesh was corroded away, and the powerful impact broke her bones. Soon, all her bones had turned into powder, and Gui Tunluo’s sharp claws had even pierced her skull, penetrating deep into her brain.

Prince Chang Qin exclaimed, “You are truly a senior among the Chaos Fiend Gods! Although you have not struck for so many years, I can see that the age has not weakened you!”

Gui Tunluo laughed and said, “What a talkative punk! Anyway, at least you know what I’m good at. It will be your turn after I’m done with this b*tch!”

Chang Qin sneered, then suddenly cried out in a loud voice, “Senior, watch your back!”

That startled Gui Tunluo. His long tail vanished instantly, lashing out toward his back like a phantom. But, there was nothing behind him. Instead, dozens of six-armed Fiend Gods came rushing at him from his left and right while blotting the sky with countless blade light. Somewhat shocked, Gui Tunluo threw away the dying Fiend God in his hand and raised both arms, getting ready to counterattack.

Then, he felt something on his legs: six six-arm Fiend Gods had flashed out of nowhere and grabbed his legs. Immediately after that, countless sparks darted out from across his body, accompanied by a series of rapid clanging noise that shook the heaven and earth. The powerful hacking had caused him to sway, and he struggled hard to move amidst the blade light like the last withered leaf on a tree branch in the storm.

The cultivation base of these six-arm Fiend Gods was comparable to that of Dao Breaking experts. Although Gui Tunluo was an almighty expert, he had not fused with the Dao, and his cultivation base was only at the peak level of the Dao Breaking realm. Nevertheless, as he had lived for so long, his ghost body had been tempered to an extremely tough level, and the ghost energy in him was enormous. In terms of energy essence alone, his was the combination of dozens of ordinary Dao Breaking experts.

Even so, Gui Tunluo struggled to resist the concerted attack of dozens of six-armed Fiend Gods, and there were signs that their number was growing. Although his body seemed unhurt, each blade had consumed a large amount of his ghost energy. Furthermore, the bizarre energy attached to each attack had penetrated straight into him, causing his ghost energy to tremble and making him feel extremely bad.

“You better watch out, Senior! Their numbers are growing!” Prince Chang Qin sneered. “Her Holiness had told us once that there are too many powerful figures on Pangu Continent, and each of them is as cunning and treacherous as an old fox, always harboring ill thoughts. However, regardless of how many schemes and plots they had devised, there are so many scapegoats in the outworlds we can use, who will eventually kill these old seniors at the cost of their lives!”

With bright sparks darting out of his head and his eyes twirling, Gui Tunluo exclaimed, “It is Empress Wa’s idea to bridge the outworlds with the Mirror of Kunlun and bring forth these Fiend Gods? This…this…How could she do this?”

Chang Qin sighed and said, “We have no other choice. What else can we do, when the enemies are already at the front fate of the Palace of Empress Wa?”

“The seven Buddhist Patriarchs and the nine Dao Patriarchs are fools! What had they promised me?” Gui Tunluo cursed under his breath and gritted his teeth. “I thought they said there will be no backlash, and Empress Wa could only watch from the side as Pangu Continent falls into our hands! What is this then? No enemy had ever invaded the Ghost Realm since its birth, but now it is filled with all kinds of monsters!”

Before his voice had died away, a long roar echoed out from across the distance, followed by a fierce voice, “My brothers, we have a mighty figure here! Let’s kill him and eat him! The stronger a prey, the richer the blood essence is, and the better it tastes!”

Gui Tunluo, who felt his head in an extreme pain from all the hacking, looked back over his shoulder and saw nearly a hundred Fiend Gods charging toward him. They had forms similar to that of centaurs—their lower bodies were horses clad in hard scales and upper bodies that of burly men. Each one of them had three pairs of curved horns on the forehead, and they all were shrouded in an evil black aura. With giant stone axes in hands, they yelled and screamed while trampling over countless many-armed Fiend Gods and heavenly ghosts.

These Fiend Gods were all Dao Breaking experts. Along the way, anyone who dared to stop before them was instantly smashed to gore with a single swing of their stone axes, heavenly ghosts and Fiend Gods alike. No one could resist a single blow from them. They did not use any mystic arts or magic, but rammed over with brute force.

“Empress Wa!” Gui Tunluo threw his head back and roared furiously. “Nothing is more poisonous than a woman’s heart!”

A deafening rumble rang out. At this critical juncture when he was about to be completely surrounded by hundreds of Dao Breaking Fiend Gods from two species, a massive plume of dark smoke rushed out from the top of Gui Tunluo’s head, amidst which came rolling out a black flag that rippled like water. The surface of the flag was drawn with countless images of Ghost Gods, each emanating a suffocating pressure.

“Behold the Myriad Ghosts Flag! Come out now, my old friends!”

As the flag waved, the ground around Mount Kunlun suddenly caved into countless huge sinkholes, and then one colossal figure after another—each standing thousands of miles tall and shrouded in strong ghost energy—crept slowly out of them.

Chang Qin sighed and said in a low voice, “Poor things…They were all mighty figures in the Chaos, but too bad they had fallen here and become the natal Fiend Gods in your flag…Well, old ghost, how many ancient Fiend Gods had fallen in the Ghost Realm in those years?”

Laughing darkly, Gui Tunluo said, “I don’t know about others, but in this flag are 108 natal Fiend Gods whom I’ve refined using the bodies of the Chaos Fiend Gods I’ve collected, and 3,600 Fiend Gods who were born after the world was created. Each and every one of them is imperishable and extremely powerful. Little punk Chaos Fiend God, you are far from destroying my Ghost Realm!”

Amidst his wild laughter, countless Fiend Gods struggled out of the sinkholes and quickly leaped out in all directions.

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