Stealing The Heavens

Chapter 987 - The Defeat Of The Ghost Realm

Chapter 987: The Defeat Of The Ghost Realm

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Gui Tunluo’s clamor made Prince Chang Qin burst into a cold laughter.

“Old ghost, do you really think I can’t make your Ghost Realm suffer more? Well, how about this?”

The Mirror of Kunlun glowed even more intensely and gave off a roar like a tidal wave. With that, several more portals appeared in the sky, and the diameter of those already existing portals suddenly increased by more than ten times. More bizarre creatures poured through them, and the speed they came through the portals was at least ten times faster. After all, the portals had grown larger, and thus more creatures could step through them at the same time.

Gui Tunluo was so furious that spittle was flying out of his mouth. Howling with the flag in his hand, he wanted to jump up and curse Prince Chang Qin. But, how could he jump when six six-armed Fiend Gods had wrapped their arms around his legs? Enraged, he exercised the innate divine ability of the heavenly ghost; with a sway of his body, he vanished from where he was and appeared hundreds of miles away in the blink of an eye.

A centaur Fiend God who had just chopped two Sky Gods to pieces with an axe was stunned when Gui Tunluo suddenly appeared in front of him. Grinning grimly, Gui Tunluo waved his flag at the Fiend God. Amidst a sharp ghost screech, streams of light suddenly spewed out of the centaur’s seven orifices. In just a flash, his soul was sucked clean by the flag and the blood essence in his body was devoured by the ghosts. All that was left of him was a piece of skin that fell to the ground.

Gui Tunluo was howling triumphantly when dozens of loud thuds came into his ears; dozens of stone axes with short shafts came hurling over and struck his body. These short-handled stone axes were unusually heavy and made of an unknown but inherently armor-piercing material, which had never been seen on the Pangu World. Moreover, dozens of strange runes were carved on their surface, which caused the axes to emit a bizarre whistle when they spun. Even Gui Tunluo felt lightheaded due to the sound.

The axes were blown to pieces when they struck Gui Tunluo’s body, and his hard, smooth skin shattered in dozens of places. Thick, black liquid gushed out of the cracks as he hissed in pain. He looked back angrily and saw the group of nearly a hundred centaur Fiend Gods pulling out more short-handled stone axes and preparing to throw them at him.

His heart gave a sudden jerk. He had just experienced the destructive power of these axes, and he dared not to stand still and let them strike him once again. Growling furiously, he twisted his body as his enormous form, which was over ten thousand miles high, shrank rapidly to a height of no more than a hundred feet, about the height of an ordinary heavenly ghost. With a triumphant smile on his face, he flicked his tail, which was ten times the length of his body, and bolted into a nearby army of heavenly ghosts who were jumping and shouting frantically.

The centaur Fiend gods and the six-armed Fiend Gods stood facing each other for a moment, then sniffled at the same time and spat sulkily on the ground. “We are all from the outworlds,” cried the tallest centaur Fiend God. “We are all here for delicious food. There is enough prey for us to eat. Let’s hunt and kill, and not go to war with one another!”

The beautiful six-arm Fiend God, who was almost killed by Gui Tunluo, had somehow recovered. She stood up with a sorry look and coughed out a mouthful of pale green blood, then raised her arms and shouted, “Yes, there is enough prey here. We shouldn’t go to war with one another!”

Countless powerful divine senses came sweeping over from all sides as the leaders of all the alien races that had invaded the Ghost Realm made the same declaration. Then, thousands of powerful divine senses locked onto Gui Tunluo, who was running amongst the heavenly ghosts. In the blink of an eye, thousands of grotesque-looking leaders of the Fiend Gods ran toward him while screaming and roaring wildly.

These fiends from the outworlds did not care if their prey’s flesh was sour, sweet, bitter, or spicy…They only cared about how much blood essence and energy essence their prey had. For them, the more blood essence and energy essence a prey had, the more delicious it was. Gui Tunluo had the highest status in the Ghost Realm, and his cultivation base was the number one. So, his blood essence and energy essence was the strongest, which made him the most delicious food in the eyes of all invading fiends.

If they could devour Gui Tunluo, their strength would certainly grow tremendously.

Hiding among the heavenly ghosts, Gui Tunluo was like a light in the night, shining brightly to attract these Fiend Gods’ attention. Thousands of the leaders from nearly a hundred races from the outworlds rushed at him at the same time. They had also shrunk their size; the tallest was only a thousand feet now and the shortest was about ten feet. Howling and roaring merrily, they raised their weapons and raced at Gui Tunluo.

Gui Tunluo groaned inwardly as he glanced around and saw that the 108 natal fiend gods he had made out of the bodies of the fallen Chaos Fiend Gods were being attacked by tens of thousands of alien Fiend Gods. Meanwhile, the 3,600 natal fiend gods he had made out of the bodies of the fallen Ghost Gods were also being attacked by countless armies.

It was like ants devouring an elephant. Although an elephant could kill millions of ants with one step, when the ants reached a staggering number, that was another story.

The heights of the fiends from the outworlds varied greatly; the tall ones were hundreds of miles tall while the short ones were just like ordinary adult human beings. They kept climbing up the natal fiend gods, whose average heights were 10,000 miles, and attacking them with all sorts of bizarre weapons. Some of them were strong enough to break through the defenses of the natal fiend gods and hurt them.

“Die!” An angry roar came from a distance. One of the natal fiend gods from the flag—dragon-like in shape and covered in bones—whose true form was Hei Gu, a Chaos Fiend God who had fallen in ancient times, gave a low growl as countless bone spikes suddenly ejected from his body, turning every creature in their paths into gore.

The attack swept across thousands of miles, killing countless invading fiends and leaving a bloodstained void in the crowd. But, the piece of open space lasted less than a breath as the crowd swamped him again like a tidal wave. Meanwhile, dozens of five-armed Fiend Gods hacked him with long knives, breaking his bones and chopping tens of thousands of invading fiends attached to him into pieces.

The Myriad Ghost Flag fluttered violently as ghost energy poured into Hei Gu’s body from the surroundings. Gui Tunluo had crafted this flag with all his possessions, a trace of innate ghost energy he had spent countless years extracting from the infinite ghost energy in the Ghost Realm, as well as the bodies of 108 fallen Chaos Fiend Gods and 3,600 fallen Ghost Gods.

With that innate ghost energy as the core of the flag, as long as these natal fiend gods were in the Ghost Realm, they could absorb ghost energy to repair themselves without any limitation; as long as they were in the Ghost Realm, these natal fiend gods were imperishable.

But, even if they were imperishable, they still needed time to absorb ghost energy to repair themselves, and the endless beings from the outworlds were attacking faster than they could repair themselves. These invading fiends did more damage in a short time than the natal fiend gods could repair.

As a result, more and more of Hei Gu’s bones were broken. They healed quickly, but at the same time, they were hacked, torn, and bitten off again and again. Before he could eject a second wave of bone spikes, his body was ripped to pieces by countless fiends.

With a miserable cry, Hei Gu transformed into a beam of black light and flew back into the flag. As his body was broken, he had to absorb huge amounts of ghost energy to reform it before he could join the battle again.

Gui Tunluo felt his heart bleed. If these natal fiend gods could maintain the bodies they had formed, they would only need three to five days to repair the damage they suffered, regardless of how serious it was. But once their bodies were shattered and they were forced back to the flag, it would take them 36 years to absorb enough ghost energy to reform the bodies. At such a critical moment, Gui Tunluo simply did not have time to wait.

Just as he was cursing these invading beings in a low voice, a thunderclap suddenly rang out in the distance, and then he heard another scream of misery.

Thousands of invading fiends transformed into terrifying black thunderbolts and struck a natal fiend god in a suicidal attack. The black thunderbolts, each about a mile thick, shot into his body and exploded inside him. Another beam of black light flew back into the flag; another natal fiend god had his body shattered. Gui Tunluo’s heart gave a jerk once again. It suddenly struck him that things were not going well today. It was the first time he had used the flag. Was he going to suffer a major loss?

But, before he could come up with a solution, one miserable cry after another rang out, and one beam of black light after another flew back into the flag.

Before each natal fiend god was killed, they had exterminated at least a few experts of equal strength and trillions of cannon fodder. But, the invaders were simply too many, and they were eventually outnumbered and killed.

Gui Tunluo’s heart beat faster and faster as more and more natal fiend gods flew back into the flag. At least, he began to panic.

All of a sudden, a strange laugh rang out, and then Gui Tunluo was caught in a gray, glaring net. A toad-like, red, three-legged Fiend God with a human face caught him with a large net and carried him away in triumph. As he ran, he laughed and said, “He is mine, he is mine! Don’t you take him away from me! Brothers, time for a grand feast!”

Gui Tunluo’s face turned blue with anger. Meanwhile, another dozens of beams of black lights flew back into the flag. He looked back and saw thousands of ugly and ferocious fiend gods chasing after him, all roaring and screaming in excitement. It was obvious that they were all coveting his flesh.

Among them, the aura of at least thirty was not weaker than his, and some were even more dreadful than him.

The Myriad Ghost Flag trembled violently as Gui Tunluo gritted his teeth and shot a venomous look at the shining Mirror of Kunlun over the mountain. Then, with a sway of his body, he vanished from the net.

“Boys, retreat, retreat!” Gui Tunluo’s voice was heard throughout the entire Ghost Realm. Countless heavenly ghosts immediately vanished from their spot and followed Gui Tunluo in the direction of Pangu Continent.

The fiend gods from the outworlds also rushed out of the Ghost Realm, all pouring into the boundless sky of stars.

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