Stellar Transformations

Book 1 Chapter 16

B1C16: High-speed transformations (3)

The Yu Clan's One Sword is an extremely cruel sword technique. This technique has only been passed down in the Yu clan. But for some unknown reason, it is also seen in the book of the Ancestral Dragon Art.

In every generation of the Yu clan, all the male newborns are considered heirs apparent of the Yu Clan's One Sword. When the children have just been born, their appearances are spoiled. Worse still, the Yu clan then secretly orders its servants to take each child to a slum separately.

The child will be tormented by the servant, add to that he will be discriminated against due to his disfigurement, and he will suffer all kinds of unfriendliness in the world. His disposition will change to an extent where he will extremely detest the world. When he grows up, the Yu clan will bring him back. He will be taught internal techniques, depending on his specialty. At the same time, he will undergo special training to learn the Yu Clan's One Sword.

The special training is very simple -- training to kill people. In the beginning, the clan will train its heirs apparent with corpses, letting these candidates stab the corpses in the vital points nonstop with their short swords. Each corpse will be stabbed into minced flesh but only when it has gone completely rotten will it be thrown away. After they can hit the enemy’s vital points easily with eyes closed, they will continuously carry out missions.

The Yu Clan's One Sword kills in one hit. It has only 2 moves altogether -- conceal the sword, draw the sword.

If the sword of a Yu Clan's One Sword user is not drawn, nothing will happen. But as soon as it is drawn, it will surely kill.

Simple, very simple, extremely simple, yet it is called the number one assassination sword technique.

‘Getting disfigured in infancy, then getting tormented, getting discriminated against continuously, unloved and unsupported by anyone, becoming associated with corpses every day after growing up, stabbing corpses into minced flesh nonstop until they are rotten. This kind of sword technique is really too twisted and disgusting.’ Qin Yu’s expression is very unpleasant to look at.

As soon as he thinks about the disfigurement of the babies and the use of corpses in training, Qin Yu feels very disgusted with this so-called Yu Clan's One Sword. Training assassins in this way really is too twisted.

‘The murderous air, is the most freakish and shocking thing that the Yu clan’s heirs possess!’

The Ancestral Dragon Art book’s last judgement on the Yu Clan's One Sword makes Qin Yu startled. After thinking for a while, Qin Yu totally understands why the Yu Clan's One Sword is so fearsome and why it is called the number one assassination sword technique.

Qin Yu’s expression is full of astonishment: ‘Formidable, formidable, the planner of the Yu Clan's One Sword training is really too formidable. Those babies are disfigured in infancy so they have completely warped minds. When they grow up, they train by stabbing corpses and stay close to corpses every day. Eventually, they carry out missions nonstop. Babies of this kind have savageness at the bottoms of the hearts from childhood. When they stay close to corpses every day later, the savageness increases terrifyingly. When they kill someone, just by having an outburst of savageness at that moment they can greatly discompose the opponents.’

Qin Yu takes 2 deep breaths and calms down.

Because Qin Yu is usually alone, he is in the habit of pondering over some matters.

‘This Yu Clan's One Sword is called the number one assassination sword technique because of 2 reasons. First is, the user has to cultivate a terrifying air of savageness. Second is, the sword is drawn in the simplest manner.’ Qin Yu concludes to himself, ‘The savageness that is cultivated at the bottom of his heart from childhood will become utterly terrifying in his adulthood. When he kills someone, that air of savageness will probably discompose the opponent greatly. At the right moment, drawing the sword extremely fast, he can kill the enemy in one hit.’

The Yu Clan's One Sword has only 2 moves: Concealing Sword and Drawing Sword.

This is very noteworthy. Concealing Sword is to make people unable to feel the existence of the sword. Drawing Sword is to make people simply unable to react. At the same time the enemy must be killed in one hit. No error is allowed.

‘Cultivating that terrifying aura is to increase the certainty of success when drawing the sword. Actually, without that terrifying aura, the Yu Clan's One Sword is still a formidable assassination sword technique!’ Qin Yu praises it highly in his mind. This Concealing Sword, Drawing Sword process is very simple but it is incomparably refined.

However, Qin Yu knows: without that fearsome air of savageness, the Yu Clan's One Sword is only a relatively formidable assassination sword technique and cannot be called the number one assassination sword technique.

‘I don’t want to be warped like that. But the so-called Concealing Sword, Drawing Sword of the Yu Clan's One Sword totally tickles my fancy.’ Qin Yu is very excited, ‘In normal situations, I’ll conceal the sword and engage in close-quarters combat. But when I have no choice, I’ll draw the sword. Alright, my weapon is going to be a short sword.’

Using fists and legs to fight is what Qin Yu likes the most.

Qin Yu selects the short sword because it is also used in close-quarters combat. The moment the sword is drawn, it can directly take the enemy’s life. Life or death to be decided in a moment -- Qin Yu loves this kind of passion-burning, blood-boiling fighting method.

In close-quarters combat, he will tear the enemy’s muscles apart and distort their bones, or attack their vital points with his fists.

The hand can become a fist, a claw, a palm, a chopper…

The leg can become a whip, a knife, a stick, an ax…

‘Close-quarters combat is the most exciting thing.’ Qin Yu looks at a wooden dummy which were created based on the entire human skeleton before him. Immediately, he changes his hands into claws and tears a couple joints of the dummy into pieces in one grab. At the same time, his hands move like illusions, and in just a moment, all the joints of the wooden dummy have been completely shattered into tiny bits.


In the hot spring in the west garden,

Qin Yu is strolling in the water like a wandering dragon. At the same time he punches continuously. Other people can even see the unceasing blurs of his fists under water. Qin Yu’s punching speed is extremely fast.

After nearly 3 years of training, Qin Yu has almost grasped the characteristics of water. When in water, he can make use of its forces. Water basically cannot become a hindrance to him. When in water, Qin Yu is like a fish, very difficult to hold.

‘Xiao Yu.’ Lian Yan enters the west garden with a smiling expression.


Qin Yu suddenly takes a leap. He unexpectedly gets out of the water directly. As soon as his hands are propped up against the ground, he does a flip and falls onto the ground in a beautiful manner.

‘Grandpa Lian.’ Qin Yu goes toward Lian Yan while laughing. Suddenly … a gust of wind blows onto his body. He unconsciously makes a swinging movement with his body, and all of a sudden he unexpectedly appears beside Lian Yan. This speed was terrifyingly fast. Lian Yan cannot help being shocked.

Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly glitter with astonishment. His whole body stands stock-still as if he has been struck by lightning.

‘Just now, just now …’

Qin Yu is extremely amazed by what has just happened. When he was in the water, he tried every means to make use of its forces to increase his speed. After he got out of the water just a moment ago, when the wind reached him, he was thinking about Lian Yan, so he unconsciously acted as if he was still in the water -- he once again attempted to make use of ‘water’s forces,’ but in fact it was the wind.

‘Water resistance, wind resistance, air resistance … actually they are all resistance, except that water resistance is much stronger. I can make use of water’s forces then why can’t I make use of the wind’s forces to prevent strong winds from becoming a hindrance when I’m moving fast?!’

Qin Yu gets even more excited.

‘Xiao Yu, you…’ Seeing this situation, Lian Yan is startled. Qin Yu simply does not look up. He waves his hands and says: ‘Grandpa Lian, let’s talk later.’ As he is saying, he totally immerses himself into his enlightenment. He shuts his eyes completely.

He uses his body to feel the wind’s resistance even more clearly.


In the end, how fast can a person be? When running at normal speeds, he feels as if there is no wind resistance. But when dashing at very high speeds, the faster he goes, the stronger the resistance he experiences. And when he reaches top speed, the air resistance reaches a shocking level.

‘If I even consider these kinds of resistance to be assistance rather than hindrances, then how fast will I be?’ Thinking about this matter, Qin Yu immediately has a goal. This period of time, he has always been searching for his own body-maneuvering skill. At this moment, Qin Yu suddenly understands that this is perhaps the way for his body-maneuvering skill.

He closes his eyes and slowly walks about to feel the wind’s resistance, just like how he felt water resistance in the water before.

But air resistance and wind resistance are obviously weaker than water resistance. It is much harder to go along with the forces of the wind. However, Qin Yu has previous experience with water, so at this moment he is learning about the wind through feeling much faster than normal. At the same time, he consciously combines the principles of Qi Men Dun Jia with his knowledge of the wind.


Day after day,

Enduring the water pressure under the waterfall, long-distance running while carrying weights, training the finger strength, reaction training in the sandbag formation, training the body’s toughness with wooden sticks … practicing close-quarters combat in the wooden dummy lane, practicing the Yu Clan's One Sword on a model of the human body, through feeling developing the body-maneuvering skill which makes use of wind’s and air’s forces …

Absorbing internal energy to enhance the flesh’s solidity, toughness and potential,

As Qin Yu’s appetite is redoubled, his bones and flesh also transform at very high speeds. Qin Yu, who is experiencing his period of bodily growth, uses several near perfect forms of limit training to enable his own body to quickly approach a state of perfect harmony. His overall power also increases at very high speeds.

His body-maneuvering skill is also nearing completion. The air resistance and wind resistance he experiences when he moves at his top speed has become increasingly smaller.


In the mansion of East Vanquishing Prince in Tiefeng City,

Qin De is looking at a military map on the wall. The map has various markings of different colors. The 3 Eastern region counties are black and the other regions of the Chu kingdom are red. As Qin De is looking at the military map, his eyes radiate killing intent. Every day he looks at this map while standing still for nearly 4 hours.

‘Your Highness, there is a message from Misty Villa.’ Black-clad Xu Yuan arrives.

Hearing the words ‘Misty Villa,’ Qin De finally shifts his attention away from the map. He turns his head and says unenthusiastically: ‘Say it, what’s the message?’

Xu Yuan immediately replies: ‘Your Highness, the message says that the 3 internal experts who have been specifically protecting Xiao Yu in secret according to your order at that time have decided to return to the army.’

Qin De cannot help feeling doubtful. He knows those 3 people very well. Even though they are only Houtian experts, when working together, their offensive force is very powerful. Moreover, they are very loyal and absolutely do not dare to disobey his orders at will.

‘Say, what’s the reason?’ asks Qin De in a cold voice.

Xu Yuan takes a look at the letter in his hand again. With a strange expression he says: ‘The letter says, Your Highness originally sent these 3 internal experts to secretly protect Xiao Yu. But, but…’ Saying to here, Xu Yuan seems to have something he cannot express.

‘In the end what’s the reason? Quickly say it!’ asks Qin De while staring at Xu Yuan.

With a strange expression Xu Yuan can only say: ‘Your Highness, this letter says, you chose the 3 internal experts, but now they basically can’t keep up with Xiao Yu’s movement speed, therefore they have no way to protect Xiao Yu secretly.’

‘What? Can’t keep up? How is it possible?’ Even if Qin De was calmer, at this moment his eyes would still pop out of his head.

This year, Qin Yu just turned 12.


End of b1c16.

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