Stellar Transformations

Book 1, Chapter 17

B1C17: The Yuchang sword

Qin De cannot believe this outcome. Xu Yuan also finds it very unbelievable. But how could the people at Misty Villa dare to deceive Qin De?

‘Your Highness…’ Xu Yuan looks at Qin De.

Qin De has calmed down. He ponders for a while then stares at Xu Yuan and says: ‘Those 3 internal experts who secretly protect Yu’er can return now. From now on, no one has to protect Yu’er in secret!’ Qin De looks into the sky through the window. With a faint smile he mumbles: ‘Yu’er has grown up. He no longer needs to stay under my wing. What he needs is to experience hardships. And eventually he will flap his wings to hover over the 9 levels of the sky!’

‘Your Highness, should we let Xiao Yu participate in the plan?’ asks Xu Yuan suddenly.

Qin De’s face hardens. He says directly without any hesitation: ‘No. Xiao Yu’s power is not bad, but in the middle of a battle with the participation of several hundred thousand soldiers or even 1 million soldiers, if surrounded, an individual is simply of no use. Only when the individual has reached the Xiantian level, will he be able to save his little life in the middle of a large army. Moreover, Yu’er has never marshaled soldiers. Therefore… he has to reach the Xiantian level. Otherwise he definitely can’t take part in the plan.’

‘Yes!’ Xu Yuan replies.

‘Xu Yuan, it is Jing Yi’s death anniversary in a few days, right? …’ Qin De is suddenly upset. Standing at one side, Xu Yuan nods and keeps silent.


Qin Yu trains nonstop assiduously. Late at night, he circulates internal energy using the Ancestral Dragon Art to make the energy fuse with his flesh and bones, enhancing the toughness and flexibility of the flesh and skin of his whole body. During the daytime he works hard to train his body. At the same time, he practices close-quarters offence and continuously perfects his body-maneuvering skill and practices the Yu Clan's One Sword. Every day, only the nearly 6 hours during which he soaks in the hot spring is his time for sleep and rest.

Time goes by as he keeps training fiercely like that. In the blink of an eye, Qin Yu has turned 13.

Late at night, the sky is full of visible stars. At the moment, Qin Yu is taking a rare break from practicing his internal technique and absorbing internal energy. He is looking into the starry sky. There is an extremely intimidating black eagle beside him. This black eagle is not like ordinary eagles. It looks even faster and fiercer.

Regardless of the crown-resembling golden feathers atop its head, the shiny black feathers, or the cold-light-radiating pointed beak and sharp claws, Qin Yu is amazed by Xiao Hei’s capabilities. But he still has not found out what kind of bird Xiao Hei actually is.

‘Xiao Hei, I took you in when I was 7. It’s been 6 years but I’ve never been clear about what kind of bird you are. Are you an eagle?’ Qin Yu strokes Xiao Hei’s head and says amiably.

Xiao Hei enjoys Qin Yu’s caresses very much. Its sharp eyes look at Qin Yu and radiate an intense attachment.

The limit training has been going on for 5 years.

Qin Yu’s body has been experiencing world-shattering transformations. If Zhao Yunxing came here, he would definitely find it hard to believe. After all, internal energy fusing with his flesh has allowed Qin Yu’s body to transform even faster. He has been undergoing limit training for only 5 years, but these 5 years can be comparable to ordinary people’s 10 years of limit training.

In addition, he has been helped by the special hot spring at Misty Villa, by medical expert Weng Xian, who has been massaging him and applying medicinal wine for him, and by the various precious medicinal meals which he obtained thanks to East Vanquishing Prince’s powerful influence. Of course … the most important thing is Qin Yu himself has been trying very hard.

It does not matter what the circumstances are, individual effort is still the most important thing.

Qin Yu has been training with the same resolution every day for the last 5 years. This has made 13-year-old Qin Yu an external expert. Qin Yu is currently about 1.7 m tall. His body’s muscles work in harmony and are streamlined. Just by looking at his body, other people will probably think about the words ‘explosive power’ and ‘speed’ involuntarily.

‘Xiao Hei, I’ve been at Misty Villa for 7 years. Father has also visited me 4 times.’ Qin Yu looks into the starry sky. His eyes are calm.

During the 5 years of limit training, Qin Yu’s mind has also been trained. Even an ordinary person would mature a lot mentally if put in this kind of situation. As Qin Yu grew, he also slowly understood his father and noticed some matters.

‘Father actually cares about me. I can feel that. Since he’s always been working hard to handle that plan, he’s had no time for me. Big brother and second brother are also taking part in that plan. Only I … am living in comfort nonchalantly at Misty Villa.’ Qin Yu’s eyes have a hint of powerlessness.

‘I don’t know what that plan is. Father has never told me either. I see father overworking like that but I can’t offer him any help.’ Qin Yu shakes his head and says with a forced smile.

Qin Yu does not even know what the plan is, how can he help?

Moreover, his father Qin De has simply not told him anything about it.

‘Father is with the army in the wilderness. Big brother is also there. Second brother went there too. They’ve been trying hard to carry out that mysterious plan and yet I can’t help in anything.’ Qin Yu still remembers the last time Qin De visited him he said -- ‘Yu’er, don’t ask. When you become a Xiantian expert, father will let you take part in this plan.’

‘Oh well, Xiantian!’ Qin Yu turns skywards and sighs. Then he bursts out laughing: ‘All right, let’s forget about it. So what if I can’t join the plan? Training hard is the most important thing.’

Qin Yu’s face has an utterly unconcerned expression. But does he think so from the bottom of his heart?

Qin Yu raises his head and looks into the starry sky. Xiao Hei beside him is also looking up.

As the night passes slowly, a human and an eagle watch the sky quietly. Suddenly -- the sky brightens. One after another, a number of meteors flash through the sky. At first sight, there are at least several tens of them. This is exactly a meteor shower.

‘It’s a meteor shower!’

Qin Yu shouts in a pleasant surprise. His face is full of excitement. It is extremely hard to come across a meteor shower. At least Qin Yu has never seen one before. He has only heard about its enchantment and gorgeousness from Lian Yan.

Sure enough --

Every single one of the meteors is so dazzling and effulgent. They outshine all the stars in the sky. Each meteor is radiating the last light rays of its life and burning the last bits of its energy, producing a thrilling radiance.

Qin Yu is watching calmly. Various hints of mystery appear in his eyes.

‘Meteors -- even though their lives are short, they radiate the brightest lights. They are dazzling. As for human, not even a Xiantian expert can live longer than several hundred years. Instead of living my whole life in mediocrity, why don’t I learn from the meteors? In my limited life, I’ll burn my passion of life and stimulate the blood in my veins, making my life radiate the most dazzling light. Only in this way will I die with no regret.’

Seeing the meteors disappear successively, Qin Yu cannot help saying emotionally.

The limit training has been burning that passion at the bottom of his heart, causing him to love the feeling of blood boiling even more. This is also the reason why he chose close-quarters combat. And at this moment, when he sees the meteor shower, he gains some more understanding of himself.

‘Xiao Hei, I haven’t visited Yan City for about a half year. Let’s go for a stroll in Yan City tomorrow. By the way, I’m going to fetch that short sword -- the Yuchang sword -- from the Prince’s mansion,’ says Qin Yu while stroking Xiao Hei’s head. Xiao Hei looks at Qin Yu then utters a cry which resounds through the sky. It is obviously very excited.

The Yuchang sword is a short sword which is made of meteoric metals. As Qin Yu has been practicing the Yu Clan's One Sword, it is the most suitable to use this kind of short sword. Having heard about the sword’s story from Lian Yan, Qin Yu has decided to fetch that Yuchang sword from the mansion.

The sky is gradually getting darker. This is the darkness before dawn breaks. Qin Yu waits until it starts to get light then returns to Yan City.


End of b1c17.

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