Stellar Transformations

Book 1, Chapter 19

B1C19: First kills of fury (2)

After searching for a while, Qin Yu gives up sorrowfully. There is a pair of gloves in the Weapon Storing Warehouse but they do not have separate parts for each finger. Qin Yu simply does not like this kind of gloves because if he were to put them on, he would not be able to use some attacking techniques.

“Alright, I’ll make them when I obtain good minerals and materials later.” Qin Yu has no choice but to console himself. Then he leaves the Weapon Storing Warehouse.


Horse hooves are running very fast, as if flying. More than 100 horsemen are galloping at top speed on the highway. The leader is a barbarous man who is about 2 m tall and extremely muscular. This man is dressed in a black robe. His whole body is covered in it. His eyes radiate cold rays of light, looking very eerie.


The leading barbarous man suddenly makes a wave with his hand and utters a cold shout. Immediately, the troop of over 100 horsemen suddenly stops.

“Third bro, lead a group of horsemen and seize all the money and women of this village. I’ll give you 5 minutes. Second bro and I will be some way ahead. We’ll wait for you at Mount Louting over there.” The leading horse man instantly gives his order.

“This is just a small village. 5 minutes? This is too much time. Big brother, don’t worry! Brothers, go.” A very thin one-eyed man with a long narrow scimitar hung on his back utters a loud shout and leads 50 men toward the village not far from there.

Then the barbarous muscular man leads the 2 remaining groups of horsemen and heads directly for Mount Luoting.

Tie Shan, wearing no clothes on the top half of his robust body, is digging the ground in front of the village. Beads of sweat have stood out on his strong back. On one side of him, Xiao Lu is watching the roadside flowers. She is moving her eyes around and indulging in a fantasy.

‘’Big brother, when will brother Yu return?’’ Xiao Lu looks into the sky. There is a layer of dark clouds in it. The weather is obviously not very nice.

Tie Shan says with a smile: ‘’Xiao Lu, don’t worry. Xiao Yu won’t forget.’’ At this moment, Tie Shan cannot help remembering he asked Qin Yu to help him buy a battle knife. Tie Shan usually likes to practice martial arts in his spare time. What he wishes for the most is a sharp battle knife.

‘’Ah, horses, brother Yu has come.’’ Xiao Lu becomes excited as she looks into the distance.

Tie Shan feels the fierce vibrations on the ground: ‘Wrong, it’s not one person.’’ He takes a careful look and only sees that several tens people are coming at full gallop in the distance. An idea springs to his mind. He cannot help feeling so frightened that he is out of his wits.

‘‘Run fast, Xiao Lu!’’ Tie Shan grabs Xiao Lu in a movement and rushes toward the village then turns his head around to take a look. At this moment, several tens mounted bandits have drawn near the village. Every one of them is holding a battle knife in his hand. Tie Shan immediately shouts to the village: ‘’Mounted bandits are here! Mounted bandits are here!’’

Mounted bandits are even more fearsome than ordinary bandits. Because they ride horses, they come without any warning and go without a trace. In addition, they are also more bloodthirsty. Ordinary bandits economize to avoid running short of money, therefore they only rob the surrounding villages a bit. However, it is common for mounted bandits to slaughter a whole village.

Mounted bandits are here!

The whole village gets panicky. All the strong adults stay in their rooms with weapons in their hands, whether iron shovels or firewood chopping knives, while children, old people and women hide behind them.

‘’Hah!’’ The one-eyed man suddenly urges his horse to accelerate. His eye radiates ice-cold rays of light. The horse runs very fast and will catch up with Tie Shan very soon. All the people in the village fear for Tie Shan and his little sister. But none of them dares to come forward.

There is still a 500 m distance between Tie Shan and the village but the galloping one-eyed man is only 10 m from his back now. With a flash of a light, the long narrow scimitar appears in the one-eyed man’s hand. His eye shines with a hint of bloodthirstiness.

‘’Stop.’’ Suddenly, a robust man charges forward. It is Tie Shan’s father.

A hint of coldness appears at the corners of the one-eyed man’s mouth. His wrist suddenly makes a movement. The long narrow scimitar immediately spins out of his hand and slashes at Tie Shan like a bolt of lightning. Tie Shan is paying attention to his back. Seeing what is happening, he immediately does a very quick roll on the ground. Luckily he usually trains himself in martial arts so he successfully dodges this blow.

The one-eyed man’s face changes color. ‘’Stop!’’ Following a cold humph, with a push of his legs, he jumps high into the air from the horse’s back. The spinning scimitar has unexpectedly spun back and he gets hold of it in a grab with no difficulty.


A light flashes. Tie Shan hurriedly does a roll and barely avoids that blow of the scimitar. But --

‘’Ah!’’ Xiao Lu utters a miserable cry. Tie Shan lowers his head to take a look and sees that Xiao Lu’s right arm has been cut off. The severed arm is lying at her side. Xiao Lu is in so much pain that her face has turned very white. Just now when Tie Shan was dodging the scimitar, that arm of Xiao Lu in his bosom stuck out and was cut off by chance. Only at this moment does Tie Shan’s father reach them. Seeing what has just happened, the corners of his eyes wish to crack.


The scimitar flashes through Tie Shan’s father and his head flies up. He has been killed in an instant. How can a peasant compare with the number three man of a troop of mounted bandits?

‘’All of you listen. Bring out all the money and young women and I’ll spare your hamlet. Otherwise … I’ll slaughter everyone,’’ says the one-eyed man with a cold laugh. His hand is holding that scimitar which is dripping with blood.

All the other mounted bandits ride forward and look down at the villagers.


A gust of wind suddenly blows. An iron shovel fiercely smashes down onto the head of a mounted bandit with an extremely strong force, creating a very resounding noise. ‘’Bang!’’ The head of that mounted bandit is smashed. His blood splatters over a large area on the ground. With a ferocious, distorted expression on his face, Tie Shan is holding an iron shovel in his hands, his arms’ muscles twisting together. He looks at the mounted bandits before him in hatred.

‘’Oh, you really killed a brother among us. Brothers, let’s slaughter this village. Only the women can be left alive.’’ The one-eyed man says dully. By now he has become angry.

The other mounted bandits are also angry. In their eyes, a normal village is nothing but a piece of fish meat. Who could have thought a brother among them would die here?

‘’Father, Xiao Lu.’’ Because his father has been killed and his sister’s arm has been severed, Tie Shan cannot think calmly at all. There is only rage in his mind. At the moment he only wants revenge. With the corners of his eyes nearly cracking, he looks at the one-eyed man before him.

Severed arms fly. Blood splatters.

The one-eyed man murders one villager after another with ease. Those villagers’ dying blows do not pose any threat to him. How can ordinary people compare with an internal expert?

One after another, the villagers Tie Shan knew well in the past have been murdered like this, such as his own big uncle and his big uncle’s wife. Tie Shan’s eyes are very red. He is staring so hard that the corners of his eyes have cracked.

‘’Come, come to kill me.’’ Tie Shan lifts the battle knife on the body of the mounted bandit he killed and slashes at the one-eyed man. But that one-eyed man seems to be playing with Tie Shan. Instead of killing him, he uses a smart art of lightness to kill other people easily while letting Tie Shan chase after him nonstop.

Seeing the people he knows well being murdered successively, Tie Shan is in so much pain that he wants to go crazy.


Suddenly -- a thunderous shout resounds through the whole yard. Everyone is startled and stops for a moment.

Holding a black iron battle knife in one hand and a cloth doll in the other, Qin Yu thus appears on the yard.

The one-eyed man takes a look at Qin Yu. He slightly narrows his eye then says with a smile: ‘’Hello, friend. I am Bai San, the number three man of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop. People call me Scimitar San. May I ask who you are?’’ This Bai San is also an internal expert. He knows in a glance that the juvenile before him is not an ordinary person.

‘’Xiao Lu.’’ Qin Yu looks at Xiao Lu, whose right arm has been cut off. His heart aches with pity. Fortunately, Qin Yu is proficient in the art of medicine. He immediately pokes some acupoints to stop the wounded arm from bleeding.

Xiao Lu slowly opens her eyes. Seeing Qin Yu, a faint smiling expression appears on her very while face: ‘’Brother Yu.’’ When Xiao Lu sees the bodies of father and of other villagers she knew well around her, her tears cannot help streaming out of her eyes.

‘’Father, big uncle, uncle!’’

Xiao Lu’s tears keeps rolling down. At the same time, she convulses. The pain of having an arm cut off is really too terrifying to a little girl.

Seeing that many of the villagers who greeted him warmly a half day ago have died, the sanguinary determination contained in the blood of the Qin clan’s people starts to boil in Qin Yu’s veins. His eyes start to blaze with anger.

Qin Yu carefully puts the cloth doll beside Xiao Lu then he suddenly stands up and throws the black iron battle knife in his hand to Tie Shan: ‘’Da Shan, catch the knife.’’ Tie Shan immediately receives the black iron battle knife in a grab. As a fight is going on, a black iron battle knife comes in very useful.

Qin Yu sees a little severed arm on one side. He knows it is Xiao Lu’s severed arm. From now on, Xiao Lu will forever be a disabled person.

The one-eyed man Bai San promptly says laughingly: ‘’Friend, you’re an expert at any rate. Why bother fighting us Black Wind for a bunch of ordinary people? Instead, you can pick one that you like from these women. What do you think?’’

Bai San can see that Qin Yu is an expert. Experts generally have their masters or schools behind them so Bai San does not want to casually offend them. Moreover, in his eye, the juvenile before him is no pushover. If he is to kill this juvenile, he does not know how many mounted bandits will die in the process.

‘’You’ll …’’ Qin Yu coldly looks at the several tens mounted bandits in front of him, ‘’all die!’’ Qin Yu forcefully utters these few words through his teeth.

Suddenly --

Qin Yu appears beside a mounted bandit. His hand changes into a claw and grabs the bandit’s throat in a movement. Qin Yu coldly looks at the mounted bandit, whose eyes are filled with terror and astonishment. He exerts the strength of his hand and the bandit immediately dies with a clack.

At the same time, Qin Yu charges toward another mounted bandit like a flash. His legs move like rolling thunder. He performs a fierce kick across the sky. His leg pierces the air and lands heavily on the bandit’s head. With a bang, the head is smashed. One more mounted bandit is dead.

‘’Brothers, don’t hold back. Kill!’’ By now Bai San has become angry. All the mounted bandits charge at Qin Yu murderously at once.

Qin Yu is very fast. He gets away with just a swaying movement of his body.

‘’Bang!’’ Qin Yu sends a man flying with a heavy kick. Then he crushes the opponent’s head immediately with a high cleaving kick.

‘’Clack!’’ Qin Yu raises his tiptoes and kicks a bandit directly in the throat. The bandit is killed in one kick.

‘’Hah!’’ Qin Yu shouts loudly. His spear hand strike, which has the most powerful penetrating force, hits an opponent in the stomach. His internal organs are immediately ruptured. That mounted bandit stares until his eyes are round like a ball. He is already dead.

‘’Bang!’’ Qin Yu turns around and executes a kick. His tiptoes hit a vital point of a mounted bandit’s spine. The bandit is immediately paralyzed stock-still on the ground.


With his profound body-maneuvering skill, Qin Yu moves like the wind and attacks extremely fast using his legs and fists. Not even a single mounted bandit is able to withstand his attack. In general, he kills an opponent with only one move. And it takes him at most 2 blows to kill an opponent.

Because his blows hit vital points, they are extremely devastating.

Qin Yu has planned everything perfectly since the beginning of his training. Today he can lift an over 100 jin weight and hold it in the air with one arm. Normally he can caper freely with 200 jin of weights on his body. The offensive force of his fists and legs has become extremely formidable. They can absolutely hit a person to death with ease.

In addition, thanks to Qin Yu’s body-maneuvering skill, wind is no longer a hindrance to him. Because he fused the art of Qi Men Dun Jia with it, add to that his body’s agility and explosiveness, his body-maneuvering skill has become something with which these men have absolutely no hope of keeping up.

‘’How is this possible? How is this possible?’’

Holding his scimitar, the one-eyed man is watching the scene before him in stupefaction.

A silhouette is moving at a terrifying speed --

His fists are fast like lightning. His legs are as stable as a mountain!

When a punch is thrown, someone falls down. When a kick is executed, someone is sent flying!

Each dead mounted bandit was killed in an instant. After a short period of a half minute, nearly half of the 50 mounted bandits have been killed.

‘’Stop. Fight me!’’ The one-eyed man very quickly uses his art of lightness to pursue Qin Yu.

But Qin Yu’s body-maneuvering skill is too profound for him. With a swaying movement, which is very strange yet at the same time seems to contain some profound principles, he gets away several meters. The one-eyed man Bai San simply cannot keep up with him. Bai San raises his scimitar and chases after him like a mad man. But he fails to touch even a corner of Qin Yu’s clothes.

As he keeps chasing, he sees one mounted bandit after another gets killed with his eyes wide opened.

‘’Fight me. Don’t run if you have skill. Don’t run!!!’’ Bai San yells madly. But even if he yells more it will still be useless. The mounted bandits are killed successively. Even though some mounted bandits try to flee on their horses, their attempts prove to be pointless.

Because… Qin Yu is even much faster than horses.

Qin Yu jumps into the air and performs a tornado kick which ruthlessly hits a panic-stricken mounted bandit in a side of the head -- it is exactly the temple. The mounted bandit’s head is crushed on the spot. He falls down onto the ground and dies instantly. Qin Yu lands lightly as if floating and coldly looks at the last mounted bandit -- Bai San.

In a mere minute, 50 mounted bandits are all dead except for one -- Bai San, the number three man of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop.

Bai San is holding his scimitar. His only eye glitters nonstop while his throat utters low yowls. In a mere minute, his subordinates are all dead. The Black Wind mounted bandit troop has lost a third of its power, how would Bai San not become terrified?

‘’Die!’’ Using his lightness art, Bai San charges at Qin Yu at top speed. The scimitar in his hand radiates ice-cold rays of light.

Qin Yu stands stock-still and watches Bai San charging. Bai San’s eye has reddened. The entire internal energy of his body is bursting forth and the scimitar in his hand is radiating rays of light. His body has also reached the maximum speed. He comes up to Qin Yu’s face in just a moment. Seeing that Qin Yu still does not make a movement, all of the surviving villagers around become worried. But at this moment --

In just a swinging movement of his body, Qin Yu has unexpectedly arrived at Bai San’s side. From there he directly hits Bai San’s knee with a kick.

‘’Clack!’’ The sides of the knee have the weakest resistance and therefore it is smashed in an instant. ‘’Ah!’’ Bai San immediately utters a miserable cry. His body shakes. At the same time Qin Yu’s right hand forms a claw and catches hold of Bai San’s wrist in a grab. The powerful strength of the fingers is suddenly exerted.

Along with the sound of bones being shattered, Bai San’s right wrist is completely destroyed.


Using a spear hand strike, Qin Yu directly hits a vital point on Bai San’s throat. He focuses his entire power on the tip of the spear hand and explosively sends forth the most powerful penetrating force he is capable of. After a clear sound is heard, Bai San, with his eyes popping, falls down on the ground with a loud sound. He can never get up again.

In just a bit over a minute, an entire 50 strong group of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop has been exterminated!


End of b1c19.

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