Stellar Transformations

Book 1, Chapter 20

B1C20: Life or death (1)

Various horse neighs rise nonstop. Because the mounted bandits are all dead, these horses get confused. They scatter and gallop away, creating tumbling clouds of dust which cover the former battlefield for a while. The dust enfolds Qin Yu in the middle of the battlefield.

The living villagers all look at the blur of Qin Yu’s body in the middle of the dust in astonishment. Originally, in the eyes of them, Qin Yu was only a kind-hearted polite juvenile. Who could believe that just now this juvenile annihilated an entire group of mounted bandits which they think was extremely terrifying in just a little while. The mounted bandits could not even put up any kinds of resistance.

Everybody’s eyes all focus on Qin Yu. But at this moment, he is gasping for breath with his head held low.

No one knows what Qin Yu is thinking. Because he is gasping for breath with his head held low, no one sees his facial expression. They have no way to imagine the turmoil in Qin Yu’s heart at the moment. Even though he was extremely resolute when he was killing the bandits, this is after all the first time he has ever killed someone.

The first time!

Qin Yu treats people very sincerely so it is very difficult for him to have an intention of killing someone. Just moments ago, because he saw that lovely Xiao Lu had had her arm cut off and that several tens pure and simple villagers had been killed, his killing intent surged up. In the heat of his fury, he killed every single mounted bandit.

‘’Did I do the right thing?’’ Qin Yu’s mind is a bit terrified.

Even though he is strong-willed, after all he is still only a 13 year old juvenile, only a juvenile. If a juvenile who normally treats people sincerely and kindly killed 50 people in one go, even if he was more strong-willed than Qin Yu is, he would still become terrified.

Qin Yu’s body cannot help starting to tremble.

‘’Xiao Yu.’’ Tie Shan runs up to Qin Yu and strokes his shoulders. Qin Yu raises his head. His eyes are having a hint of irresolution.

‘’Xiao Yu, I know what you are feeling because this is also the first time I’ve killed someone. But you must understand they were fiends. They deserved to die. If you hadn’t killed them, they would’ve slaughtered the whole village. Killing an evil man can save 100 people. Evil men of this kind should be killed. Moreover, they should be exterminated!’’ Tie Shan says while staring at Qin Yu. The bottom of his heart is still filled with hatred as before. The death of his father and the severed arm of his sister have made him even more furious at those mounted bandits.

Qin Yu’s body slightly shakes once.

‘’Killing an evil man can save 100 people.’’ Qin Yu mumbles to himself. His head is being held low as before.

Tie Shan cannot see the expression on head-bowing Qin Yu’s face so he does not know what Qin Yu is thinking. After a while, Qin Yu finally raises his head. His eyes are shining brilliantly. He turns to Tie Shan on his side and says: ‘’Thank you, Da Shan. I think … I already understand.’’

Suddenly, Qin Yu has a faint smile on his face: ‘’Da Shan, why haven’t you quickly gone help other people?’’

‘’Ah, you’re right.’’ Tie Shan’s mind has also been completely clouded by hatred. After being reminded by Qin Yu, he immediately starts to help the seriously injured villagers together with the other villagers.

In Xiao Lu’s home,

With a very white face, Xiao Lu is lying on the bed. Qin Yu is quietly watching her from a side of the bed. With a very complicated expression he thinks: ‘’Xiao Lu, sorry. I was late. Sorry. I’m really sorry.’’ After getting the black iron battle knife and the cloth doll in the princely mansion, he went for a good stroll in Yan City before returning.

If he had come back a bit faster, perhaps Xiao Lu would not have had her arm cut off.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ As soon as Qin Yu remembers how Xiao Lu held a bowl of tea in both hands and gave it to him to drink, his heart aches and his eyes are full of mournfulness.

Suddenly --

Qin Yu stands up. His eyes glitter with startling cold rays of light. Staring outside the window, Qin Yu’s resolute face emits an indescribable radiance: ‘’Father, big brother and second brother said, there are 10 billion people on the Qian Long continent, including all kinds of people. I mustn’t take advantage of anyone’s benevolence and should treat people sincerely. But these few malicious people ought to be killed, killed until none of them is left!!!’’

Qin Yu’s eyes are blazing.

Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and East Vanquishing Prince Qin De have all been worried about Qin Yu because he is too kind-hearted and on the Qian Long continent where only the fittest survive he will be at a big disadvantage with this kind of mindset. But Qin De, Qin Zheng and Qin Feng also believe that Qin Yu will grasp how to conduct in society because in the history of the Qin clan there has never been anyone who is so kind-hearted. The Qin clan’s people all have a sanguinary determination in the depths of their veins.

‘’But … the fight just now really made my blood boil with excitement.’’ Qin Yu’s eyes glitter. His head is full of the scenes of the fight just now -- used the minimum amounts of power, hit the most vital points, made every bit of strength explosively send forth the most powerful offensive force, used the top speed, directly killed the opponents.

In close-quarters combat, life or death is decided quickly in a moment.

‘’Among them, only the one-eyed man was a bit difficult. The other men were too weak. Only by fighting experts of the same level as mine can I experience the passion of fighting. Unleashing the most powerful fighting power on the border between life and death, burning the passion of life … this is just like a meteor.’’ Qin Yu recalls the sight of the meteors.

At this moment Tie Shan enters the room. He goes directly to the side of Xiao Lu’s bed then looks at her little face. Their mother passed away when she was giving birth to Xiao Lu due to difficult labor. Now that their father is also dead, Xiao Lu has become Tie Shan’s only one relative.

‘’Xiao Lu, I’m sorry. Big brother is really sorry.’’ Tie Shan gently strokes Xiao Lu’s face. His expression is very mournful.

‘’Da Shan.’’ Qin Yu walks to Tie Shan’s side and pats his shoulder to console him. They both tenderly look at Xiao Lu, who is still sleeping deeply. They cannot imagine how she will take all of this after she wakes up.


At the moment, the Black Wind mounted bandit troop is taking a rest at Mount Luoting not far from the village.

‘’Big brother, it seems wrong. Why hasn’t that brat Bai San come? It’s been a long time.’’ A middle-aged man whose body is fully covered in a black robe comes to that barbarous man’s side and says with a frown. This middle-aged man is none other than Gu Ming, the number two of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop. His internal energy is very profound. It is said that he has reached the late phase of the Houtian level. He is far superior to the third brother of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop.

The barbarous man has a very strong and large body. His muscles are also extremely developed. In theory, a person of a muscular build is simple-minded. But even the second brother Gu Ming of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop is extremely frightened of this big brother, not only because he is powerful, but also because he has a savage heart.

Wu Tuan, the big brother of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop, has reached the peak of the Houtian level. His internal energy is exceptionally terrifying. The third brother Bai San could not even take a strike from him.

‘’Humph!’’ Wu Tuan utters a cold humph and stands up. Suddenly he gives the rock beside him a slap. That rock shakes once then completely shatters into pieces with a boom. Countless rock fragments scatter over a wide area on the ground. In terms of overall power, this Wu Tuan can be comparable to the 8 external experts from whom Qin Yu could choose his master at that time. He is much more powerful than the current Qin Yu. It can be thought that the Black Wind mounted bandit troop’s notoriety has been gained by Wu Tuan alone.

Cold rays of light radiate from the eyes of black-robed Wu Tuan.

‘’Trash, this piece of trash Bai San has really wasted so much time. Everybody follows me to take a look and see what has happened!’’ After Wu Tuan gets on his horse, he immediately gives an order. His voice sounds extremely chilling. Following the order, 100 mounted bandits including the second brother Gu Ming mount their horses at once.


Wu Tuan gives an order and 100 mounted bandits immediately urge the horses to accelerate. They head for that village, which was just struck by disaster, at a gallop……


End of b1c20.

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