Stellar Transformations

Book 1 Chapter 22

B1C22: Life or death (3)

‘’It doesn’t matter which one of them I’ll fight head-on, I won’t have much chance of winning.’’ In a short while, Qin Yu makes a comparison between their power levels. At the present he also does not know what he should do. After all he is still no more than a 13 year old juvenile. Even though he can be considered an external expert, he is still far from reaching the level of external great-masters such as Zhao Yunxing.

The only things on which Qin Yu can depend are his body-maneuvering skill and close-quarters offensive techniques which he has researched and figured out on his own.

‘’Die, brat!’’ Gu Ming shouts furiously. His eyes radiate ice-cold rays of light. He straightens his sword tightly and points it at Qin Yu. His whole body shoots up into the sky like an arrow leaving a bow and flies directly toward the tree fork where Qin Yu is standing.

Qin Yu’s body immediately moves. Agile like a monkey, he moves around the big tree down onto the ground.

‘’Stay where you are!’’ Gu Ming immediately charges down from the tree fork. However Qin Yu gives a cold laugh: ‘’Never knew a mounted bandit leader can also use a sneak attack.’’ As he is saying, he has already gone away 10 meters. The place where he was standing just now has been smashed into a large hole by Wu Tuan with a kick.

‘’You actually knew I was attacking from behind. You’ve got some skill.’’ Wu Tuan raises his eyebrows.

But Qin Yu feels confident. What are the principles of his body-maneuvering skill? They are to feel wind’s forces, and to turn wind resistance into assistance. It can be said that even with his eyes closed Qin Yu can still use his body to feel the wind forces around him easily.

Whenever a person around him makes a movement, it causes the wind to change and naturally Qin Yu can detect that. This is also the secret of how, when Qin Yu was being ganged up on by a lot of people, he could still evade easily and kill fast like a wave of the hand.

‘’Want to sneak up on me? Dream on!’’ Qin Yu stares at the 2 big enemies. He is extremely furious.

‘’Second bro, this brat’s body-maneuvering skill is strange, let’s attack together!’’ Wu Tuan gives an order. Gu Ming and Wu Tuan immediately activate the internal energy in their bodies and charge toward Qin Yu together at top speeds. At their top speeds Gu Ming and Wu Tuan cause strong winds but Qin Yu is the contrary.

He makes swinging movements with his body in a very skillful and relaxed manner. Even though his speed is fast, he is creating very few sounds of wind. Only someone near him can hear the sounds.

‘’My body-maneuvering skill is not completed yet. If it was completed, I would be fast like lightning without causing any wind.’’ Qin Yu secretly sighs. But at this moment he hears the sharp sounds of the winds caused by the 2 men at his back. Qin Yu gives a disdainful smile. In just a while, he has already gone away several hundred meters, leaving the 2 men far behind him.

‘’Don’t run!’’ Wu Tuan and Gu Ming are extremely furious but they can do nothing. In front of them, Qin Yu’s whole body is powerful like a hunting leopard and nimble like a cunning hare. They cannot even hear the wind sounds caused by the very fast movements of his whole body.

‘’Hey, two old farts, catch me if you can,’’ says Qin Yu laughingly. Taking on 2 opponents, he has no chance of winning. Therefore he can only depend on his body-maneuvering skill.

Qin Yu runs away. The 2 men at his back hurriedly chase after him, but the more they chase the more furious and exasperated they get. They simply have no way to catch up with Qin Yu. Furthermore, as they chase him, the distance between them and Qin Yu grows longer. Qin Yu continuously mocks them with words. Suddenly --

‘’Brat, if you keep running I’ll slaughter the whole village.’’ Wu Tuan suddenly shouts loudly. As if struck by lightning, Qin Yu’s body stops moving.

‘’What do you want to do!’’ Qin Yu slowly turns around and coldly looks at the 2 men not far from him.

‘’Ha-ha, finally you’ve stopped running.’’ Wu Tuan raises his head and says with loud laughs. Then he stares at Qin Yu like a poisonous scorpion: “You still asked what I want to do? You killed those 100 brothers of mine and you still asked what I want to do? Ha-ha-ha, this is really laughable, man!!!”

Gu Ming beside him laughs coldly while looking at Qin Yu.

‘’Just keep running. You can run yourself, but those villagers won’t get away. This small village also has several hundred people. It’ll be very easy to kill them all. Why aren’t you running, brat?’’ asks Wu Tuan while looking at Qin Yu. He seems very doubtful.

Seeing the expression on Wu Tuan’s face, Qin Yu has only 1 word to describe him in his mind -- psycho!

‘’Xiao Yu, quickly run, don’t care about us. Quickly run!’’ Tie Shan shouts loudly. He is so worried that his whole face has reddened. Just now he saw Wu Tuan smash a large hole into the ground with a mere kick. Then he saw that Qin Yu had no intention of killing him in one blow as he did ordinary mounted bandits. Instead, Qin Yu kept running. Therefore, he knows that Qin Yu is obviously no match for these 2 mounted bandit leaders.

Qin Yu’s face is expressionless. He only stares at Wu Tuan and Gu Ming before him.

‘’You’re very good, very chivalrous, right? Who could’ve thought you wouldn’t run because of these worthless people?’’ Wu Tuan clenches his fists, creating various cracking sounds immediately. He laughs coldly while looking at Qin Yu: ‘’Brat, you’re very righteous. I don’t want you to tie your own hands and surrender. I only want you to stop running and have a fight with me.’’

“Cut the crap! If you want to fight me then fight me!” Qin Yu’s face is still expressionless as before.

Wu Tuan is startled. Then he laughs out loud: ‘’I respect you. You’re a little juvenile but you’re so righteous and chivalrous. Too bad, chivalrous men will all die in the end.’’ As he is saying he takes one step after another toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s mind is calm. He focuses all of his attention on Wu Tuan’s body. He knows Wu Tuan’s overall power is far superior to his therefore he must be calm and must get hold of the enemy’s weak points. He has no choice but to wait for the opponent to make a mistake to deliver a fatal blow.

‘’Ha-ha, taste my fist!’’ Wu Tuan has come near Qin Yu. Suddenly his body charges ferociously at him like a buffalo. The internal energy of the peak-Houtian Impertinent Bull Power internal technique inside his body completely bursts forth. All of his muscles bulge out and his blue veins stick out even more. There are various streams of energy revolving around his right fist. No one can have any doubts about the power of this fist.

Qin Yu suddenly narrows his eyes. His body suddenly flies up with the wind like a butterfly. At the same time he extends his hand, forms a claw and fiercely grabs the joint of Wu Tuan’s right wrist.

‘’Break for me!’’ Qin Yu violently opens his eyes and utters a furious shout! At the same time the power of his right claw’s fingers totally bursts forth. His terrifying finger strength as a result of 5 years of limit training can easily rend a brick in a grab of a hand. Qin Yu’s finger strength is undoubtedly very great. At this moment, the place Qin Yu is grabbing is exactly the joint of the right wrist.

‘’Humph!’’ Wu Tuan gives a cold laugh.

‘’What?!’’ Qin Yu feels that his 5 fingers are attacked by a powerful sphere of energy and they tingle as if he is getting an electric shock. “No good!” Qin Yu simply has no time to continue to attack. He immediately squats down at a very fast speed and throws a palm strike at the ground with his left hand. His whole body springs up from the ground obliquely and escapes to one side.


Wu Tuan’s heavy leg whizzes to the place where Qin Yu was at a moment ago. If Qin Yu had been a bit slower, he would have been hit by Wu Tuan’s kick.

Qin Yu’s face suddenly changes color. He also immediately makes a dash. Feeling an acute pain coming instantly from his left shoulder, he makes 2 more dashes. After getting away 10 meters, he turns around and coldly looks at Gu Ming, who has just sneaked up on him.

“So dangerous.’’ Qin Yu stares at Gu Ming. However, his left shoulder is hurting terribly and also leaking blood nonstop.

When he just escaped from Wu Tuan’s attack a moment ago, that Gu Ming had already prepared a sneak attack. Soon after Qin Yu stood still, Gu Ming’s flexible sword, aimed directly at a vital point of his heart, also reached his back. Luckily Qin Yu’s body made a movement sideways and therefore this fatal sword blow only pierced his left shoulder.

‘’Your reaction was really quite fast. Even this couldn’t kill you.’’ Gu Ming sticks out his tongue and has a taste of the blood on his sword. Then with his eyes wide opened, he says in excitement: “Your blood tastes really good. Very fresh and clean, without another taste mixed into it. You must be a virgin boy, right?’’

But Qin Yu is thinking about how to deal with these 2 men.

Even though his own power is pretty good, he cannot compare with Wu Tuan, who has been practicing the Impertinent Bull Power to the peak of the Houtian level and was born with great strength. That man Gu Ming is even more like a poisonous snake. That flexible sword can attack sneakily at any time.

‘’Don’t run. If you run I’ll slaughter the villagers.’’ Wu Tuan walks up to him while laughing menacingly.

Looking at Wu Tuan in front of him then looking at those pitiful villagers, who do not seem to have any power to resist, Qin Yu cannot help clenching his fists. But he feels the continual burning pains coming from his left shoulder. At least … his left hand’s offence will be negatively affected.

‘’Speed, that Wu Tuan’s speed is slower than mine. Use speed.’’ Qin Yu secretly decides.

‘’Die, brat!’’ Wu Tuan gives a cold laugh and suddenly smashes his bulrush-fan-like big hand down. Agile like a monkey, Qin Yu moves to one side and throws a punch at Wu Tuan’s armpit with his entire power. Wu Tuan easily blocks this blow simply by withdrawing his arm.

‘’Bam!’’ Qin Yu’s right fist hits Wu Tuan’s shoulder but it seems to have hit a rock.

‘’Your attack is too weak,’’ says Wu Tuan disdainfully. Indeed, the Impertinent Bull Power fuses his internal energy with his muscle strength so his defense is extremely strong. He is as effective in defense as one who has reached the peak of the Violent Training of the Thirteen Great Protectors. Qin Yu’s attack basically cannot break his defense.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

Qin Yu’s whole body is moving extremely fast. With his hands, he uses various forms of hand strikes such as punches, knife hand strikes, and spear hand strikes to try to attack different vital points nonstop. But Wu Tuan’s defense is too terrifying. He carefully protects the points which are truly fatal. As for the other places such as joints, Qin Yu is simply unable to overcome their defense.

‘’Die!’’ While Qin Yu is facing Wu Tuan, a cold light suddenly flashes in his eye. His killing blow is finally executed. He has been waiting for this opportunity -- an opportunity to attack a vital point. The Yu Clan's One Sword must kill the enemy in one hit because if the first strike fails, the second strike will encounter the enemy’s preparations.

‘’What?!’’ Wu Tuan can only feel a shaft of black light flashing by --

Yu Clan's One Sword, Concealing Sword -- Drawing Sword!

When Qin Yu was delivering a knife hand strike with his right hand, a black short sword suddenly appeared in his hand. This happened so fast that Wu Tuan was not even allowed any time to react. The Yuchang sword turned into a shaft of black light and directly slashed at Wu Tuan’s throat. The Impertinent Bull Power energy inside Wu Tuan’s body automatically bursts forth, but … the Yuchang sword is definitely not an ordinary sword. It is one of the Xian-grade swords, albeit only low Xian-grade. The Yuchang sword easily cuts through Wu Tuan’s Impertinent Bull Power energy and slits hit throat!

‘’Pu!’’ Blood splatters. Wu Tuan’s eyes are full of unwillingness. Originally he could kill this brat with ease. He was only playing with Qin Yu. In his eyes, this brat simply had no way to even scratch his defense. But by playing with Qin Yu, he threw his own life away in the end -- He has been killed by a juvenile.


‘’Die!’’ Gu Ming, who has been waiting for a chance, utters a loud shout. When Qin Yu’s Yuchang sword has just slit Wu Tuan’s throat, Gu Ming’s flexible sword has already reached his back. Qin Yu simply has no time to dodge. It looks like he will get killed soon.

Gu Ming’s eyes are filled with cruelty and bloodthirstiness. All of the villagers become terrified. At this moment Qin Yu does not even have enough time to think. Gu Ming’s eyes even radiate excitement as he knows the juvenile before him will die at his hands.


Suddenly a pair of sharp claws descends from the sky and ruthlessly grabs Gu Ming’s head. Gu Ming has his whole body pulled up into the air and dies on the spot. At the same time, a series of eagle cries resound through the sky. At this moment, Qin Yu is looking at the body of Wu Tuan, who died due to having his throat slit, in front of him. Then, as he looks at the body of Gu Ming, whose head was crushed by a grab, he gets frightened in retrospect.

He looks up. Xiao Hei is looking at him with its sharp eyes.

“Thank you, Xiao Hei.”

Qin Yu lets out a deep sigh. Only at this moment does his back break a cold sweat while his heart skips a beat. He was a hair’s breadth away from being killed. There is no way to describe clearly the feeling of struggling on the border between life and death. Qin Yu’s heart has also changed gradually.

‘’Perhaps … I should modify my training methods a bit.’’ Looking into the boundless sky, Qin Yu secretly makes a decision. In this battle Qin Yu killed 150 men and, moreover, he almost died. Other people simply cannot imagine the effects that this battle has on Qin Yu.


End of b1c22.

End of book 1.

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