Stellar Transformations

Book 1 Chapter 21

B1C21: Life or death (2)

With his arms crossed on his chest, Qin Yu is watching the boundless sky through the window. A black eagle is quietly standing on his shoulder. Not long ago, when he was on the way back after leaving Yan City, the black eagle went to somewhere else. It only returned for a short while ago. Qin Yu knows the black eagle went to look for food. At Misty Villa, it is out to look for food during most of the time of a day.

‘’Mounted bandits are here again!’’

Various terrifying noises come in from outside the village. Qin Yu cannot help frowning. His feet can feel clearly the faint vibrations on the ground.

‘’Mounted bandits are coming again!’’ Tie Shan beside Xiao Lu suddenly stands up as soon as he hears that. He catches the black iron battle knife beside him in a grab. Qin Yu is already going toward the door of the room: ‘’Da Shan, very many people are coming. Perhaps there are about 100 of them!’’ As Qin Yu finishes saying, he has disappeared. The black eagle on his shoulder soars high into the sky.

Tie Shan immediately grasps the black iron battle knife. He charges toward the outside of the village while burning with killing intent.

Outside the village,

The barbarous-looking black-robed Wu Tuan goes to the side of Bai San’s corpse and examines it carefully.

‘’Oh, who could’ve thought this small place actually had an external expert.’’ Wu Tuan slightly raises the corners of his mouth and cast a disdainful look at those villagers before him. Those villagers have become extremely frightened. The axes and choppers in their hands are also trembling.

Wu Tuan gives a disdainful laugh then he glances over them. Suddenly his eyes totally focus on Qin Yu, who has just appeared, and carefully examine the clothes on Qin Yu’s body. Wu Tuan bursts out laughing: ‘’Amigo, it seems you don’t live in this small village.’’

Even though the style of Qin Yu’s clothes is common, Wu Tuan is shrewd and he can tell in a glance that Qin Yu’s clothes are made from extremely valuable materials and cannot be worn by ordinary people.

‘’Correct,’’ replies Qin Yu. ‘’You’re the leader of the Black Wind mounted bandit troop?’’

‘’Smart, is it you who killed Bai San?’’ Wu Tuan points at the body at his feet and asks in a very unconcerned manner. Qin Yu slightly nods. Seeing Qin Yu’s nod, Wu Tuan smiles broadly but the look in his eyes turns ice-cold.

‘’Knowing he was in our Black Wind mounted bandit troop, you still dared to do him in?’’ The energy on Wu Tuan’s body unexpectedly surges. The black robe he is wearing flutters in the air at once, revealing the terrifying muscles on Wu Tuan’s body. ‘’Brothers, what should we do?’’ Wu Tuan looks at the men behind him.

‘’Kill!’’ All of the mounted bandits have become extremely furious after seeing those 50 corpses. At this moment they all raise their battle knives.

Wu Tuan looks at Qin Yu: ‘’Little brother, we two will play with each other. The loser will die, alright?’’

Qin Yu’s body slightly moves. His whole body emits cracking sounds. His 10 fingers slightly curl up. With blazing eyes, he looks at Wu Tuan in front of him: “You must be stronger than that Bai San, right? Don’t disappoint me.”

‘’Second bro, slaughter this village. Let me play with this brat.’’ Wu Tuan gives the order very nonchalantly.

“Yes, big brother!”

Gu Ming’s eyes immediately shine. He says with excitement: ‘’Brothers, slaughter this village. Remember, leave some women alive. Ha-ha, let’s roll!’’ A flexible sword suddenly appears in Gu Ming’s hand. He stands aside and watches Wu Tuan and Qin Yu. He unexpectedly does not intend to take part in the forthcoming massacre. In his eyes, killing the ordinary people in the village is simply not worthy of the participation of a late-phase Houtian expert like him.

‘’What? Slaughter the village?’’ Qin Yu is shocked. His mind immediately becomes very anxious.

‘’No matter what, I won’t let them massacre the village. To catch the bandits, first catch the leader. I’ll kill this big brother first and talk later.’’ Qin Yu makes a dash. Like a floating cotton fiber in a breeze, his body follows a fantastic path of movement and arrives at Wu Tuan’s face.

“Very fast speed, very exquisite body-maneuvering skill,” thinks Wu Tuan to himself, secretly startled. But his body remains motionless.


A low sweeping kick is executed. Qin Yu usually trains the strength of his legs under the waterfall, add to that he often does weight-carrying deep squats or weight-carrying long-distance running, therefore his legs has been experiencing the largest strength training load possible. On Qin Yu’s whole body, legs are the parts with the most powerful offensive force.

Right in his first attempt, Qin Yu uses his strongest strike.


Qin Yu’s right leg ruthlessly hits Wu Tuan’s foot. “What?” Qin Yu’s face suddenly changes color greatly. A terrifying stream of energy suddenly transfers to his leg from Wu Tuan’s foot. Not only does it ward off Qin Yu’s strike easily, it also proceeds to attack Qin Yu.

‘’Go die!’’ Using a high cleaving kick, Wu Tuan slashes his leg downward like a big chopper. Qin Yu immediately makes a push with his hands and his whole body shoots up into the air like a bird. Soon afterwards he does a flip and runs away.

Wu Tuan’s leg fiercely smashes onto the ground, creating a resounding thunderous noise and causing a lot of dust to fly up. When the dust has disappeared, a large hole is revealed before everybody’s eyes. Since a mere kick was already so powerful, Wu Tuan’s real power, no doubt, is extremely terrifying.

“Rotten brat.” Wu Tuan suddenly rages.


Qin Yu extends his hand and forms a claw. He immediately grabs and breaks a vital point of a mounted bandit’s spine. His body continuously makes dashes. Agile like a catkin in a breeze, and fast like lightning, Qin Yu’s body, whose flexibility and toughness have reached a very high level through training, performs his body-maneuvering skill perfectly. He flashes back and forth through various mounted bandits.

One strike -- someone dies!

Basically, no time is wasted. Wherever he goes to, the mounted bandits at that place will only die.

‘’That guy is so terrifying. Having practiced his internal technique to that extent, according to Grandpa Lian, he should be one of those experts who have reached the peak of internal practice. Perhaps he’s in the same league as the 8 external experts at that time. He is really too strong. My attack simply can’t break his defense.’’ Qin Yu is shaken up. ‘’I must take care of these normal mounted bandit first.’’

Qin Yu’s original plan was “to catch the bandits, first catch the leader” but it later failed. Worried that too many villagers will be killed, he has decided to annihilate the normal mounted bandits first.

All the normal mounted bandits have become extremely frightened. This juvenile is really too terrifying. He can destroy anyone of them with a strike whereas they are not internal experts. These normal mounted bandits are much weaker than Bai San in overall power. Even Bai San was killed by Qin Yu with ease, then how can these men put up any resistance?

‘’Brothers, let’s kill him together.’’ A mounted bandit shouts loudly. The other mounted bandits suddenly come to their senses and stop bother themselves with killing villagers. Then so many people join together and attack Qin Yu.

‘’Be careful,’’ shouts Tie Shan hurriedly. The other villagers who are watching also fear for Qin Yu.

But Qin Yu gives an unconcerned smile.

“Attack together? When the speed of my body-maneuvering skill reaches its limit, I wouldn’t get a tiny scratch even if surrounded by a large army. Now there are no more than several tens mounted bandits, what do they amount to?” Qin Yu’s body charges into the middle of the mounted bandits like lightning.

Even though these mounted bandits hurriedly slash at him in a chaotic manner, Qin Yu avoids their strikes with no difficulty. Every time he executes a kick or throws a punch, he can kill a mounted bandit with ease.

‘’Brat, if you have skill then don’t hide.’’ Wu Tuan rushes at him at a very fast speed.

‘’This fellow is too strong. It’s better to get away first.’’ Qin Yu spreads his body and greatly increases the range of his movements. From the periphery of the crowd he successively kills the normal mounted bandits. Even though Wu Tuan’s overall power is very great, in terms of body-maneuvering skills, he seems to be inferior to Qin Yu.

‘’Second bro, quickly come here!’’ Wu Tuan shouts loudly.

That Gu Ming immediately charges forward. Unlike in the other aspects, his lightness art and body-maneuvering skill are a bit better than Wu Tuan’s. But facing Qin Yu’s unusual body-maneuvering skill, he still cannot do anything. He sees Qin Yu in front of him but at the next moment Qin Yu has gone several meters away to one side.


With his eyes wide opened, a mounted bandit utters a miserable shrill scream but his head immediately flies into the air because Qin Yu’s extremely fast piercing kick has unexpectedly decapitated him outright. This is the last normal mounted bandit. In just about 5 minutes, nearly 100 mounted bandits have been annihilated.

Qin Yu had to slow his attack speed down to this extent mostly because there have been 2 great experts Wu Tuan and Gu Ming around him.


Qin Yu makes a push with his feet. His body shoots up into the sky. Unexpectedly he jumps onto a fork of a tree outside the village and stands on the tree’s fork. Qin Yu coldly looks at the 2 great experts below him.

‘’This bastard dared to kill all of my brothers. I’ll definitely tear him apart!!!’’ Wu Tuan is extremely furious. His entire power bursts forth. The black robe on his body is unexpectedly blown up into rags, which drift up in the air. There are various visible streams of energy revolving around Wu Tuan’s body. The muscles of his whole body are still vibrating.

Impertinent Bull Power -- even though it is an internal technique, it is one which combines muscle strength with internal methodology. In addition to being born with great strength, Wu Tuan has been practicing the Impertinent Bull Power. Therefore, thanks to the combination of internal and external strengths, he has really reached the peak of the Houtian level. His overall power is terrifyingly strong.

‘’Big brother, let me cut him up alive!’’ Gu Ming’s eyes radiate with coldness and cruelty. His internal energy is rolling in his body. In terms of internal energy alone, he and Wu Tuan are on a par. Only thanks to the combination of internal energy and physical strength can Wu Tuan be more powerful than he is. How can ordinary people like Bai San compare with these 2 great experts?

Looking at the 2 great experts before him, Qin Yu complains bitterly to himself: “That big brother of the mounted bandits has reached the peak of the Houtian level and can compare with the 8 external experts at that time. This flexible-sword-wielding second brother of the mounted bandits isn’t far from him in power. Moreover his weapon is the flexible sword of the heterodox schools. If he channels internal energy into it, his attack will definitely be extremely odd.’’


End of b1c21.

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