Stellar Transformations

Book 2 Chapter 6

B2C6: Meteoric Tear (2)

In the morning of the next day, Qin Yu leaves the princely mansion alone and returns to Misty Villa. Only Xiao Hei goes with him.

After getting back to Misty Villa, Qin Yu trains even harder. In his plan, even the time for him to go out to execute assassination missions is sharply reduced. Most of his time is spent on improving his power nonstop. When Qin De hears about this he can only smile bitterly. He does not know what to say.

Late at night a half month later,

Qin Yu walks out from his room and stand in the middle of the courtyard. Making a swaying movement with his body, he gets to the top of the room in a flash. Sitting on the top of the room, Qin Yu watches the boundless sky in silence. Xiao Hei also stays quietly beside him.

Misty Villa is located on the side of the mountain. On the top of the room, Qin Yu can even see a cliff not far from there. One cold wind after another reaches him from the depths next to the cliff but Qin Yu feels nothing.

‘’Xiao Hei, I feel that I’m too useless, extremely useless.’’ Qin Yu looks at Xiao Hei beside him and says in a low voice.

With its shiny black eyes fixed on Qin Yu, Xiao Hei spreads its huge wings and puts them around Qin Yu as if it is consoling him.

Looking into the sky, Qin Yu says in a voice which is a bit indistinct and a bit bitter: ‘’When I was little, I thought father didn’t care about me, so I trained very hard only for him to spend more time with me. When I grew up, I discovered father truly cared about me. But … he has his own business and doesn’t have time to stay with me. To destroy the Xiang clan to avenge mother’s death is indeed very difficult. Father, big brother and 2nd brother have always been trying hard, but I …”

“But I’m absolutely useless. I’m not proficient in political affairs. And I can’t command troops either. My body doesn’t have any internal energy so I’ll be of no use in the middle of a large army.” Qin Yu cannot help clenching his fists. “Actually … I want to help father as well. Actually, I also want to make myself a bit useful to them. Any bit will do.”

He hates the fact that he cannot power up at once.

He hates himself, hates himself for being useless.

Qin Yu is an adult now but since childhood, he has always felt lonesome. Even though he can feel that his father cares about him, in 10 whole years between age 6 and 16, the time he and his father met does not amount to more than 1 month.

He does not hate his father. He only hates himself for being useless.

Now that he already knows what his father is doing, he wants to do something. He also wants to help his father, but he really cannot help in anything.

“In father’s eyes, perhaps I’m a burden. The Xiantian level, when will I reach it? At the moment my power is improving very fast but to reach the peak of external practice it’ll take me at least 5 or 6 more years,” sighs Qin Yu.

After a long time, he suddenly stands up and lets out a deep sigh. His eyes glitter with resolution.

‘’Big brother, 2nd brother, father, all of you are trying hard nonstop to prepare for the war 5 years later. Therefore in the next 5 years I’ll train hard as well. At least in 5 years … I’ll reach the level of Master Zhao Yunxing, reach the peak of the Houtian level.” Qin Yu sets himself a goal.

Merit, anyone living in the world should have merit. At least, they must be of some merit in the eyes of their parents, otherwise their life will be a waste. Qin Yu does not like to depend on his father’s status like a profligate son of a rich family. He wants to achieve something worthwhile. At the minimum … being able to help his father will be enough.


The Qian Long continent is extremely large. However, the ocean beyond the boundary of the Qian Long continent is ten to hundred times as large as it is. Suddenly --

The boundless ocean heaves up and down violently. There is not a hurricane at the moment so how can it be heaving up and down without a reason like this? At the same time, the holy energy in the whole world starts to shake in an instant. The ocean waves surge to 100 zhang high then smash down with a loud noise. All of the martial art practitioners in the world can feel that the world’s holy energy has become so chaotic that for the moment they simply cannot absorb any of it.


In the sky, an exceptionally bright meteor suddenly appears out of thin air and flashes toward the Qian Long continent in an oblique straight line at an extremely fast speed. It is even making sharp buzzing sounds. In a short while, the meteor has disappeared. Then the holy energy in the world reverts to its stable state. The boundless ocean also goes back to normal.


“Meteor!” Qin Yu sees a meteor coming through the sky at an extremely fast speed in the distance. He immediately watches it carefully from the top of the room. That meteor unexpectedly comes directly toward Qin Yu. With his eyes brightening, he says laughingly: “Impossible. This meteor can’t be flying directly to Misty Villa.”

Qin Yu, however, knows that some meteoric metals have mostly been created by the meteors which have landed on the ground.

“Maybe I can still find a big chunk of meteoric metals.” Qin Yu thinks to himself. But Qin Yu is somewhat disappointed because when that meteor is halfway down in the air and when there is still a very long distance between it and him it disappears.

“Forget about it. But I was pretty lucky to be able to see a meteor.” Qin Yu slightly smiles. Then he takes a leap to get down from the top of the room. But when he is leaping, his eyes suddenly brighten.

‘’What is that?’’ Qin Yu vaguely sees a light shining faintly in the west garden. He cannot help feeling doubtful. He immediately goes to the west garden. After entering the west garden, he searches carefully in all directions but he does not find anything unusual.

He takes several steps on the side of the hot spring. Suddenly he notices a gleaming light on the ground.

‘’What’s that?’’ Qin Yu vaguely sees a crystalline object on the ground. He squats down and looks carefully. It is a red crystal which looks like a pendant gem. After picking it up and putting on his hand, he sees that this crystal has the shape of a tear.

‘’A blood-red crystal in the shape of a tear, it should be a piece of glass.’’ Qin Yu looks at the crystal in his palm. His mind unconsciously takes a liking to this ‘piece of glass.’

“Let’s embed this piece of glass in something to dress it up. A necklace will be pretty good. Xiao Lu will definitely like it very much. Hmm, if so what should it be called?” Qin Yu frowns and thinks. Then his eyes brighten: ‘’Ah, I got it after watching a meteor and it has a tear shape so let’s call it the Meteoric Tear.”

The Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu is very satisfied with this name.

Qin Yu even tries it a bit on his chest then he nods in satisfaction. But suddenly Qin Yu’s hand feels a bit lighter. The ‘piece of glass’ he found just now has unexpectedly disappeared strangely. It was right in the palm of Qin Yu’s hand, yet it has just disappeared like that.

Qin Yu’s eyes cannot help popping out of his head.

“What the hell has happened?” Qin Yu is shocked. He has never seen such an odd occurrence.

An object in his hand has disappeared without a reason as if it has never existed. But he is absolutely certain that just now he found a blood-red crystal in the shape of a tear and he even named it the Meteoric Tear.

“How come I can’t see it? Could it be some Xiantian expert or Shangxian took it directly using telekinesis?” Qin Yu ponders. “No, it couldn’t. I was grasping it in the palm of my hand. Even if someone had used telekinesis, I would’ve felt that ‘piece of glass’ moving in my hand. Could it be it just disappeared without a reason?”

Qin Yu cannot imagine what kind of magic power can move an object away in such an inexplicable manner.

“Not even Shangxian have this kind of magic power for certain. Moreover, why would such a super expert play tricks on me in the middle of the night?” He is filled with bewilderment.

In the west garden, bewildered Qin Yu thus ponders for a long time. Then, after finding absolutely no reason, he has no choice but to leave the west garden in bewilderment.


End of b2c6.

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