Stellar Transformations

Book 2 Chapter 7

B2C7: Leaping through the sky (1)

“I’ve never felt so good, so fresh and cool.” Qin Yu stretches his sluggish waist and takes a fresh and clean breath. Suddenly his eyes flash with fierceness. “Alright, let’s start to try hard. In 5 years I’ll definitely reach the peak of the Houtian level.”

His heart is full of enthusiasm. He immediately starts his morning training session.

Qin Yu has always been carrying 300 jin of weights on his body. He thus runs out of Misty Villa and heads directly for the foot of the mountain. From the foot of the mountain, he runs up to its peak. Then he runs from the peak down to the foot of the mountain again. He keeps running back and forth like that.

As usual, Qin Yu wants to run nonstop until he has no strength left to run. Only then will he stop.

“Phew!” Qin Yu is constantly gasping for breath. One after another, beads of sweat are falling down from his chin. At this moment he has reached his limit. Because he runs like this every day, he already knew his limits early. But who could have thought today he would unexpectedly run 1 more lap than yesterday? Moreover … he is not completely exhausted yet.

Even though at this moment he is extremely tired, he feels very excited: “My condition today is really not bad. If I can improve like this every day, I soon won’t be far from reaching the level where I can lift 800 jin with 1 arm and deflect weapons with my body. It seems Heaven is helping me.” Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint smile.

Qin Yu can feel clearly the reactions of his entire body’s muscles. He also knows at this moment he has reached his physical limit the first time.

Suddenly --

An extremely comfortable clear stream of energy starts to flow to every place in his entire body. Qin Yu feels that his entire body’s muscles, which have reached their limits, vying with each other to absorb this clear stream as if they are a thirsty traveller in the desert who can drink water all of a sudden…

Qin Yu is completely dumbfounded. He can feel clearly that his body, which has reached its physical limit, and his muscles, which are tired and aching, are suddenly recovering quickly. He can feel his whole body’s muscles regaining strength … and they are even being enhanced to some extent.

“What’s going on?” Qin Yu suddenly stops. “Where does this clear stream of mysterious power come from? What is really going on?”

This is too strange. Qin Yu has been training for 8 years but he has never experienced anything like this. Every time he reached his physical limit, he had to try hard to overcome them. But today, who could have thought a mysterious stream of energy would suddenly appear? Qin Yu basically did not feel its existence in his channels, as if it disregarded the channels. Instead, it directly spread throughout his body. When his muscles absorbed this clear stream, they also became stronger.

Qin Yu frowns deeply while pondering about the sudden appearance of this clear stream. But after thinking for a long time, he still does not know how this could happen.

‘’Let’s continue to train. Let’s see what will happen when I reach my physical limit again.” Qin Yu immediately continues to run. This time he even runs a longer distance than he did last time. In today’s morning training session, Qin Yu has run a longer aggregate distance than he ever did in any previous session.

“I’ve finally reached it!” Qin Yu feels that he has reached his physical limit again. Even though his legs are still running very fast, his mind and energy are mostly concentrated on the inside of his body.

A stream of energy starts to be generated……

“It’s the chest.” Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. “The source of that mysterious energy is in the chest.” Qin Yu feels clearly how comfortable it is when this stream of energy spreads throughout his body. This feeling is more comfortable than how he feels while soaking in the hot spring, and much more comfortable than how he feels while massaged by Old Dr. Weng Xian.

Qin Yu suddenly pulls open the black gold undershirt, which covers his chest. He stares at his chest --

There is a faint mark on the chest. If he had not looked carefully, he would not have noticed this mark. It has the shape of none other than the Meteoric Tear. But there were never any marks on Qin Yu’s chest. He remembers very well he did not see it while soaking in the hot spring yesterday, but now it is here.

“The Meteoric Tear, yesterday evening’s Meteoric Tear!”

Qin Yu’s eyes pop out of his head. He is so astonished that he is basically speechless. The sudden disappearance of the Meteoric Tear yesterday shocked him and made him doubtful for a long time. But now, with the appearance of the Meteoric-Tear-shaped mark on his chest, Qin Yu cannot help thinking about one matter.

“Could the clear stream of mysterious power appeared just now have something to do with this mark? Is this mark related to the mysterious Meteoric Tear yesterday?” Qin Yu simply has no way to know everything about what is going on.

But he is not a country bumpkin. As East Vanquishing Prince’s son, he knows that some rare treasures in the world can fuse with the body. Objects which are superior to both mundane-grade and Xian-grade weapons and are equal to Shangxian’s weapons can fuse with the body.

But Qin Yu has never heard of a crystal which can fuse with the body. However, as soon as he thinks about what happened just now, he knows …

He has struck it rich!

Limit training … …

… … is to break through the body’s limits time after time. But every time a limit is broken through, the body’s flesh and bones are put under a great deal of stress and will require various recovery methods later. In the past, Qin Yu would try to persist until he surpassed his limits, and when it was impossible for him to go on, he would have to use various recovery methods such as soaking in the hot spring, applying medicinal wine and so on.

However, now that he has the fantastic clear stream of energy, Qin Yu will not have to waste time on recovery. He can transcend his limits nonstop. Moreover, when that clear stream fuses with his flesh, it seems to also enhance his flesh’s capabilities.

“Heaven is helping me. Heaven is helping me!” Qin Yu clenches his fists. His eyes radiate a shocking fierceness. “Even Heaven is helping me. At first I thought it’d take me 5 or 6 years to reach Master Zhao Yunxing’s level, but with this Meteoric Tear, perhaps 2 years will be enough!”

Qin Yu’s eyes glitter with excitement.

From his childhood to his adulthood, in his father’s eyes, he has always been inferior to his big brother and 2nd brother. Not only can big brother lead troops in battle, he is also a Xiantian expert. And 2nd brother is proficient in governance. Only he, the 3rd brother, born with a dantian which cannot accumulate internal energy, is the most useless.

However … the Meteoric Tear has given him an opportunity.

An opportunity to change his life,

“Father, I’m not useless. I don’t want to hide and live shamefully behind your backs. I’ll let you know that I’m as good as big brother and 2nd brother.” The most resounding sounds rise in his mind. At this moment, his great ambition soars as high as the sky.

“Alright, let’s start training!”

Qin Yu starts his training immediately.

He trains like crazy, much crazier than in the past. Even if Zhao Yunxing came here personally, he would be scared stiff upon seeing how Qin Yu is training. The reason is that Qin Yu’s current training does not take into account his body’s endurance. He is totally torturing himself!

However, other people simply cannot know that every time Qin Yu reaches a physical limit, that mysterious clear stream will permeate through his muscles and relieve their fatigue. And whenever he transcends a limit, the muscles become stronger. As Qin Yu can continuously surpass his limits, he is improving extremely fast, like a shooting star leaping through the sky.

In the evening, Qin Yu returns to Misty Villa. His face is full of confidence. He has been going through a day of mad training, with the training load being over 10 times as heavy as in the past, however at this moment his entire body’s muscles are unexpectedly still full of vitality.


End of b2c7.

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