Stellar Transformations

Book 2 Chapter 8

B2C8: Leaping through the sky (2)

That night, Qin Yu sits with legs crossed in his room.

Every night he executes the Ancestral Dragon Art’s technique to turn the world’s holy energy into internal energy then, as it automatically disperses, lets his entire body’s muscles absorb some of this internal energy. Tonight is the same. Qin Yu executes the Ancestral Dragon Art again.

If there were an observer, he would see …

Various endless streams of the world’s holy energy start to whirl around Qin Yu at a very fast speed. Their number is shockingly large. Because there are too many of them, these holy energy streams unexpectedly form a blue mist. It looks as if Qin Yu’s entire body is wrapped in a hazy layer of blue mist. His body is only a blur through the blue mist.

Materialization of holy energy!

The materialization of holy energy according to legend!

If an internal expert or a Xiantian expert saw this, they would be scared stiff. Holy energy absorption speed naturally represents a person’s power improvement speed. And when the materialization of holy energy is achieved, the practice speed of that person will reach a terrifying level.

According to legend, Shangxian’s holy energy absorption is at a level where the holy energy is materialized. And even Xiantian experts are definitely below this level.

At the moment, however, the materialization of holy energy is happening on the body of a young man who is only 16 and practices external techniques.

At this moment Qin Yu’s face is very red. His body is slightly trembling, as if he has received a very great provocation. Beads of sweat have even stuck out on his forehead. The expression on his face shows that he is both in pain and shocked. However, the surging holy energy is still entering Qin Yu’s body nonstop.

“Why is this happening? So much holy energy.” Qin Yu is so shocked that he is speechless.

When he executed the Ancestral Dragon Art, the holy energy in his vicinity was very obedient and let itself be absorbed by him at a very fast speed. But because it was too obedient and too easy to maneuver … Qin Yu has unexpectedly absorbed an amount of holy energy over 10 times as much as usual in a short while.

“Could that Meteoric Tear be the reason?” Qin Yu automatically thinks about this. But he immediately smiles bitterly: “My goodness, you’re killing me!”

At this moment, the surging holy energy in his body starts to roll into his channels. If a footpath which can only accommodate 3 people walking abreast is suddenly walked on by people 10 abreast and, moreover, the number of people taking this footpath increases nonstop, it is easy to imagine how overcrowded it will become.

At this moment, the channels in Qin Yu’s body are exceptionally overcrowded. The amount of holy energy which far exceeds those of the past is totally clogging his channels.

“Absorbing too much holy energy isn’t a good thing. What should I do now?” Qin Yu can feel continual tearing pains in his channels. He makes every effort to circulate the holy energy in the channels. But because there is too much holy energy, even starting to keep it under control is hard for him.

This is like how while an instructor can still easily control the movements of 100 people he will not be able to direct the movements of 1000 people by himself.

“So painful, will I die because of the channels breaking into pieces?” Qin Yu smiles bitterly in his mind. “At first I thought this mysterious Meteoric Tear was a treasure. Now it seems to be a disaster for me instead. So much holy energy is already enough to squeeze into my channels until they break.”

Qin Yu can feel that every place of the channels in his entire body is in continuous pain.

Qin Yu’s channels have adapted themselves to those smaller amounts of holy energy of the past, but today’s amount has increased to 10 times the normal amounts, so how can they endure it? His channels have been overfilled. Moreover, they seem to be about to break apart because of that. Qin Yu can only see everything happening without being able to do anything.

Fizz, fizz ~~~

A place of his channels finally can no longer endure the pressure of the squeezing and starts to tear.

“No good!” Qin Yu’s face immediately goes very pale.

“Fizz, fizz~~~” In a short while, the channels in his entire body continuously tear in every place.

“Father, I thought I was still of some use and would be able to help you. But now it looks like … I’m completely useless as before.” Qin Yu is disappointed. However, despite facing death, he has absolutely neither fear nor sorrow.

“Maybe father will grieve for me after I die?” For some odd reason, Qin Yu unexpectedly thinks about this.

However, while he is having a bee in his bonnet, the Meteoric Tear in his chest sends out various clear streams of energy which immediately flow throughout Qin Yu’s body. These mysterious clear streams have some unknown power which unexpectedly lets those tattered channels easily take shape again.

Moreover, the newly formed channels are considerably wider than the previous ones.

“Ah.” Qin Yu is astonished. He watches this scene in stupefaction.

It seems … the Meteoric Tear is not as simple as he thinks at all.

However, because the current amount of holy energy is 10 times, or even over 10 times, larger than the normal amounts, the newly formed channels are still too narrow for it. In a short while, following the increasingly slower circulation of energy, the blockage in the channels becomes more and more serious, and the channels even tear again.

This time Qin Yu does not despair. He attentively waits for those mysterious clear streams from the Meteoric Tear.

As expected, the Meteoric Tear does not disappoint Qin Yu. Once again, a clear stream comes out from the Meteoric Tear with no difficulty and he can feel clearly that wherever it goes to the channels there recover quickly. After a short while, all of the channels have been formed again. This time they are even wider than before.

Tearing -- Mending!

Even though there is too much holy energy, after experiencing the ‘Tearing -- Mending’ process continuously, the channels have finally become able to withstand it. Qin Yu finally succeeds. However, the pain of having his channels tearing again and again was much more terrifying than the pain of practicing external techniques.

Various vigorous streams of internal energy swarm into his dantian then move outward in all directions. Like dry sandy soil, the flesh in Qin Yu’s entire body draws internal energy off nonstop. The more internal energy his flesh and bones absorb, the more formidable they become.

However, as time goes by, the flesh and bones absorb less and less internal energy.

After 4 hours, Qin Yu opens his eyes.

“Sure enough, just as I anticipated, when the training load increases, the flesh and bones become stronger and also absorb more internal energy. A day ago my training load increased to over 10 times the normal load, now I’ve only been absorbing for 4 hours, but the amount of internal energy absorbed was already about 10 times larger than in the past.” Qin Yu’s face is full of sweat.

The pain of the channels tearing just now has caused his entire body to be drenched in sweat.

“After my flesh and bones absorbed so much internal energy, now I feel…” Qin Yu kicks fast and fiercely with his legs, causing whizzing wind sounds. He also punches continuously with his fists, splitting the air before him. “Now I feel … my entire body is full of power!”

Qin Yu’s eyes glitter with extreme excitement.

After going through this one day of training, he can totally notice that his own improvement speed is extremely fast.

“2 years, will I need that much?” There is a hint of a confident smile on the corners of his mouth. It is pointless to guess how long it will take to reach the peak of the Houtian level. He can only undergo real training and wait for the facts to speak for themselves.

Time goes by.

Qin Yu starts to train like crazy. He throws caution regarding daily training load to the winds and completely attacks the endurance limit of the human nerve. Even if Xiantian experts came to see how he trains, they would be horrified to death by this madman. This kind of training is suicide.

With 300 jin of weights on his body, he holds high 2 huge rocks which weigh several hundred jin each using his hands. He thus runs at his fastest speed for 1 hour. Afterwards, he throws the rocks away and swims in the lake while carrying 300 jin of weights more than 100 round-trips. Then he repeats these forms of training…

This is totally beyond the human imagination. There is simply no way to explain it. Is this really what a person can endure?

However, Qin Yu is happy and lively. His body’s toughness, flexibility and agility improve day by day. His eyes also become increasingly swifter and fiercer.

Qin Yu always tests his arms’ strength while carrying 300 jin of weights. From lifting 300 jin with one arm, the weight he can lift with one arm continuously increases to 400 jin, 450 jin, 500 jin, 550 jin, 600 jin …… 700 jin …… However, even though his arms’ strength improves, there does not seem to be an upper limit on Qin Yu’s one-armed strength.

A peak-Houtian expert has 700 to 800 jin of strength in one arm?

To sum up, in just a year Qin Yu’s one-armed strength has surpassed this so-called peak of one-armed strength. His strength, agility and even his body’s attack resistance have all been continuously challenging the presumptive peaks of external practice on the Qian Long continent. Qin Yu is still improving very fast without showing any sign of deceleration. Moreover … he does not feel any bit of Xiantian energy at all, which means he is still a Houtian expert.

No one knows how great Qin Yu’s attributes will be at the peak of the Houtian level. In conclusion, the current Qin Yu’s achievements cannot be predicted using common sense. A miracle of external practice is being initiated by him……


End of b2c8.

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