Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 11: Complicated Substitute

Chapter 11: Complicated Substitute

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In her eyes, she probably thought that after she had invited him to dinner, she wouldn’t owe him anything; instead, he would be the one owing her. Ye Mo did not like at all these girls who were so full of themselves.

“You mean to say that because you feel that you owe me, you want to invite me to dinner, is that right?” Ye Mo asked blandly.

“Yes, yes, just like that!” Su Mei finally felt happy after Ye Mo had understood what she meant. She felt as though she was relieved.

“How much are you willing to spend to invite me?” Ye Mo’s words fazed Su Mei for a bit.

“Ugh… Ah… I was thinking of going to the Ju Wei restaurant in the school for a meal. It should be around 300 dollars...” although she didn’t understand what Ye Mo’s words meant, she was still able to react.

“Oh, do you have 200 dollars cash on you right now?” Ye Mo looked at Su Mei still expressionlessly.

Su Mei sneered in her mind. “What are you pretending? Pretending to be cool and yet you’re asking to borrow my money! It looked like those flowers were indeed for someone else. He probably acted like this because I took his flowers.” She was still thinking about whether to invite him to dinner after lending the money to him or not; she wasn’t even expecting it to be returned anyway.

“Since it’ll be 300 dollars for a meal, and I would probably eat about two-thirds, which would be the 200 dollars that you are about to give to me, it means that you have already invited me to dinner. Now, we don’t owe each other anything so don’t disturb me anymore!” Ye Mo took the 200 dollars and left.

“You…” Su Mei caught on to reality after a long while, she realized that there was actually this type of people in the world. She was so furious that she almost couldn’t breathe: “Who does he think he is?! An impotent man acting like he is the top sh*t! Did he forget that he was impotent?!”


Ye Mo was starting to get curious as to why he had already finished eating at school, and yet, he still didn’t find anyone suspicious following him. He didn’t think that Zheng Wenqiao would let things go like this: “Hmm... It seems that he really is patient.”

Just when Ye Mo went back to his residence, he saw Xu Wei with a face full of worry walking around the outside of his room so, he asked with curiosity: “Xu Wei, what’s wrong? You look like an ant on a stove.”

“Ye Mo, you’re finally back! Could you help me out? I really have something urgent today, but I already agreed to help Zhou Yun take her night shift.” As soon as Xu Wei saw Ye Mo, she immediately looked relieved and walked up to him.

“What can I help you with?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

“It’s like this, I was supposed to take Zhou Yun’s shift today, but now I have something else urgent to do. Could you take the shift in my stead? It’s only a few hours, and you can finish at 12 am,” Xu Wei said with an urgent face.

Ye Mo had black lines down his head and was almost speechless: “I’m a jobless person, and you want me to take your shift at the hospital. Do you have a fever?”

“Didn’t you say that you knew some things about medicine? Actually, you could still take the shift in my stead even if you didn’t know anything because my job at night is basically to measure the body’s temperature of the patient. You only need to take a thermometer and give it to the patients, and they can measure it themselves. Then you can just record it and, according to the temperature, put them on the waiting list if needed. I’ll give Xiao Wu a call later and ask her to teach you. You can learn it in a few minutes,” after Xu Wei had finished, she looked at Ye Mo with hopeful eyes.

Ye Mo looked at Xu Wei speechlessly; it sounded really simple and, since Ye Mo had a good impression of Xu Wei who had invited him for dinner previously, he said, “I can help you, but what if a manager checks and finds out about it?”

“Don’t worry; the managers won’t go to the reception. There are no managers at night, and even if they do go for checks, it would be at the specialized wards. On top of that, you’ll be wearing a face mask, who would know who you are under it?” said Xu Wei with certainty.

Ye Mo thought to himself: “Of course, I wouldn’t worry, even if they find out that I didn’t work there, the one who gets punished wouldn’t be me.”

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed, Xu Wei gave her lanyard card to Ye Mo and hurriedly packing up her bag before leaving. Ye Mo knew that she was probably in some sticky situation. Just in case, Ye Mo still brought his little medical kit. He didn’t think that the medical kit he prepared for his stall which hadn’t even been used before was going to be used for the first time in a proper hospital.

Probably because Xu Wei called Xiao Wu before, Xiao Wu pulled down her mouth mask as soon as Ye Mo came to the Li Kang Hospital reception: “You are Ye Mo, right? Wear your white gown first. Let me tell you, it’s very easy, this is the record and thermometer, and just leave everything else to me.”

Ye Mo then understood how easy it really was and there weren’t many patients at night. Even if he didn’t come, Xiao Wu could probably have managed it herself.

“We were just afraid that we would get a sudden burst of patients at night and I wouldn’t be able to handle it by myself. Then we would get complaints, and it is a grave matter if a patient complained about a doctor not coming. Zhou Yun is still in her trial period, and that is all the more reason she had to come. Usually, it’s mostly little children who come at night, either with a cold or a fever,” Xiao Wei seemed to see Ye Mo’s confusion and explained.

Ye Mo understood that the reason he was needed to take the shift, was that they were afraid of the patients complaining about the presence of only one person at the reception. In that case, the one who didn’t come would be punished severely.

Xiao Wu was a girl with a round face and two dimples when she smiled which made her looked amicable. As expected, just past 6 pm, the patients started to increase, and it was just as Xiao Wu said, they were mostly some little children either having a cold or a fever. If it were just Xiao Wu by herself, she really wouldn’t be able to take care of everything.

At around 11 pm, everyone was basically done with their work, and the hospital started to quieten down, leaving Ye Mo and Xiao Wu with some free time. When Xiao Wu saw there weren’t many people left, she said to Ye Mo: “I’ll go get something to eat quickly as I also have a night shift, do you want anything?”

Ye Mo waved his hand as he wasn’t hungry yet. Seeing Xiao Wu walk out, he went to the toilet and also brought his medical briefcase with him. The reason he did so was that he understood how much its content was worth, and people were coming and going at the reception. Although it was at night, if someone just took it, then his few days of hard work, and tens of thousands of dollars spent, would have all been for nothing.

“You, come with me, I have some things that I need you to help me with,” a middle-aged doctor wearing a white gown coincidentally met Ye Mo who just came out of the toilet and stopped him.

Ye Mo didn’t even want to pay attention to this guy but after thinking about how his tone sounded like a supervisor or something, if he knew he was taking a shift for Xu Wei, then he would probably give Xu Wei a hard time. He decided to follow him as he was already here to help Xu Wei anyway.

The doctor took Ye Mo to the emergency ward and asked, “Which ward are you from?”

Ye Mo thought that, with this guy’s age, if he told him which ward he was, he would probably know that he was lying. If he happened to say the wrong one, it wouldn’t be good. Therefore, he could only say: “I’m here because—”

Before Ye Mo could even find an excuse, the doctor’s phone started ringing. He picked up and only said a few sentences before getting angry. He had an argument with the person on the phone for quite a while before Ye Mo heard him say: “ Divorce then, you shameless…”

Finishing his call, this middle-aged man couldn’t be bothered with Ye Mo anymore. He took his clothes off and took a bag before turning to leave.

Ye Mo thought to himself that this guy was really doing what he liked. He left before even finishing his shift and argued about divorce with his wife… at 11 pm. Ye Mo was also speechless since it was the doctor that called him here but then left before even telling him anything, it wasn’t a surprise that this guy’s wife was divorcing him. When Ye Mo stood up, a nurse and a twenty-year-old girl were accompanying a sixty-year-old elderly here, and he could tell by their footsteps that the situation was urgent.

“Who are you? Where is doctor Cui?” Although Ye Mo had a mouth mask, this nurse could tell he wasn’t doctor Cui with just one glance and asked worriedly.

“Oh, he just left, I’m taking a shift for someone else, it’s for—” Before Ye Mo finished saying he was taking a shift for Zhou Yun, this nurse interrupted him.

“Then hurry up and give this elderly a check up! He feels pain everywhere and can’t even talk anymore…” The nurse helped the elderly with a pale face to the bed and was ready to assist him in the procedures.

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