Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 12: Do You Want To Treat The Symptoms Or The Disease?

Chapter 12: Do You Want To Treat The Symptoms Or The Disease?

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Ye Mo looked at the elderly laying on the bed. When he first arrived, he seemed to be barely able to walk, but now, he was already unconscious. His face was conspicuously changing into purple pink.

He looked at the worried nurse and the even more worried girl. Before he even had the chance to talk, the girl whimpered and said: “Doctor, please save my grandpa, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have let him come to Ning Hai secretly…”

Ye Mo frowned. He took out a few silver needles from the case then pierced the old man a few times, and his Chi immediately flowed into the old man’s body.

The old man exhaled a clotted breath as the purple color started to disappear from his face rapidly. In the blink of an eye, everything returned to normal. He opened his eyes and said: “Qing Er, don’t worry, this has already been an old problem by now.”

The nurse and the girl called Qing Er stared at Ye Mo in shock and couldn’t get a hold of themselves for a long while: “What medical skills were that? Saving an old man on the border of death with just a few needles?” The nurse still had a face full of shock as she was looking at Ye Mo’s mask. She was wondering who this substitute for doctor Cui was, and thought that his medical skills were amazing.

The other girl also came to reality and immediately rushed right next to the old man’s bedside: “Grandpa, you scared me, I won’t ever dare to bring you out on my own accord again…” Before she even finished speaking, tears had already flowed out.

Ye Mo looked at this girl, she was clothed in expensive brands: a Donna Karan top that was probably worth tens of thousands and a pair of Chanel shoes. Ye Mo’s first impression of her was that of a wealthy girl.

Then he looked more carefully at the girl who still had tears left on her face. She was breathtaking, and he could already imagine how much prettier she would be once she matured. It felt she was equally as pretty as the woman who bought Ye Mo’s charms last time. Perhaps due to her worry, her face had a tinge of redness which further complimented her snow white skin and neck. This prompted Ye Mo to look further down. A deep valley complimented by the perfectly suited Donna Karan further provoked people’s imaginations.

“Qing Er, I’m all right, help me sit up,” the old man waved and said.

“You are quite the astounding doctor! I know about my ailment, and there has been no one who could help me wake up in such a short time...” before the old man had finished talking, the girl called Qing Er seemed to have thought of something.

She turned around and looked at Ye Mo in shock as she spoke: “I didn’t think your medical skills would be so amazing! Are you a Chinese Medicine Doctor? Do you use golden needles? Can you see what my grandpa’s ailment is? We were lucky to have you beside us this time, I’m truly grateful.” She threw out a series of questions without even stopping to catch her breath.

However, this girl did not actually expect an answer, as she knew that her grandpa’s condition had been examined by many other overseas and renowned specialists, but none of them could diagnose the exact illness. They just gave the old man a notice that he had half a year left to live based on the inexplicable rapid aging of his organs.

She simply asked this subconsciously. She was mainly grateful towards this doctor for saving her grandpa. Luckily Li Kang Hospital was close; otherwise, the consequences would’ve really been unfathomable. If something happened to her grandpa, not only would she be devastated, she would also be unable to shoulder the responsibility for it.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I know what his ailment is!” Obviously, he was aware of this illness but also knew that Earth didn’t have the exact explanation to the cause of this disease. Therefore, he was sure that the old man’s exact condition still hadn’t been diagnosed yet because this illness was too rare. It was almost one in a trillion.

In the cultivation realm, there was a mineral rock called purple coral. Purple coral was a type of mineral that could be used to make middle-grade magical artifacts; however, it wasn’t commonly seen. But purple coral had a unique feature which after mining this rock, it had to be stored in a jade box or it would lose its powers. If someone left purple coral in their pocket, then in a day’s time, the harmful substances in purple coral would seep into the body and the purple coral itself would become a useless piece of rock.

It was evident that this old man was poisoned by a purple coral. He knew this when he used his acupuncture just then. Those who are poisoned by purple coral couldn’t see the symptoms immediately. If the body were healthy, the symptoms would start appearing ten years or even decades later. But if the symptoms started occurring and it wasn’t treated correctly, then death would be the only path for them.

The symptoms of the purple oral poisoning were the body showing tinges of purple everywhere, and the organs gradually aging into something coral-like, until eventually dying of suffocation. This old man had the typical symptoms of purple coral poisoning. If Ye Mo wasn’t a cultivator, he could remove the poison slowly with herbs. Fortunately, Ye Mo was already at the first stage of Chi Gathering cultivator. He only needed to use Chi to remove it.

However, Ye Mo didn’t expect Earth to have such a mineral. If he could acquire it, it would be rather pleasing.

“What? You said you know what my grandpa’s ailment is? Doctor, can you cure him? As long as you can treat my grandpa, I will do anything you ask!” The girl called Qing Er finally reacted after some time, and when she spoke, her hands were even shaking.

The old man also had a face of almost disbelief. It was already astounding that this young doctor could wake him up. He didn’t think that he would know what his ailment was, “This is too absurd. The medical standards of Li Kang Hospital in Ning Hai City are this high already? Even an emergency doctor knew of my condition, is this possible?”

Meanwhile, Ye Mo thought about how the girl said that she would do anything and smiled. He was going to take this girl’s words literally, and he also went to the conclusion that this girl’s family was probably very wealthy. In that case, he didn’t need to hold himself back, since he needed money, it was also fair that he got some money.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said to the nurse who still had her mouth wide open in shock: “You can leave for now as I need to have a talk with the patient and his family.”

After the nurse had left, Ye Mo knocked the table and contemplated for a while before saying, “I can cure this disease.”

The girl called Qing Er dropped her phone, and the battery flew out. She didn’t even seem to realize at all that her phone might be broken by that drop.

“Doctor, can you actually cure my grandpa’s disease, can you really?” Qing Er didn’t have the slightest attention for her phone. Instead, she rushed in front of Ye Mo and grabbed his hands and asked with nervousness.

The old man also looked at Ye Mo with a face full of shock. He didn’t think that Ye Mo was lying because Ye Mo’s actions before had already proved that he was a very competent doctor. Since he said so, it must mean that he knew how to cure him.

“Uh, I mean, Qing Er, don’t be so excited, sit down and let’s talk first,” Ye Mo enjoyed having his hands grabbed by a beautiful girl. This Qing Er was even prettier than that Su Mei. If this Qing Er went to Ning Hai University, then Su Mei would have to give over her title of the prettiest girl in Ning Hai University. The main thing was that Qing Er didn’t make people uncomfortable like Su Mei.

Seeing that the doctor also called her Qing Er[1], the girl blushed and let go of Ye Mo’s hands, then sat by the old man quietly. She had no idea that Ye Mo didn’t know what her actual name was and just called her as the old man called her.

The old man laughed, seeing his granddaughter being shy, and felt that the situation was quite interesting.

“Do you want to cure the symptoms or cure the disease?” Ye Mo suddenly asked.

“What would curing the symptoms or the disease involve? In the end, I still want to completely cure my grandpa,” seeing that Ye Mo came back to the topic of treatment, Qing Er immediately asked him about it while the ruddiness on her face retreated. Meanwhile, she thought to herself that this doctor’s eyes were dazzling, but it was a pity that she couldn’t see his face.

Ye Mo said: “With my current ability if we chose to cure the disease, I only have a 70% chance of success. The other 30% would be your grandpa dying early. But, if it’s only curing the symptoms, then I have 100% success chance, and it would let your grandpa live healthily for another 3 years. No matter which treatment you choose, you must pay the treatment fees right now. The medicine belongs to me, as a private physician.”

Although Ye Mo was a bit conservative saying 70% chance, it was still according to his current power. Although his medical skills were good, he only had the power of a first stage Chi Gathering. If he reached stage 2, then he would have a 90% chance, and at stage 3, he would have a 100% chance.

“Huh, how could this be? Grandpa…” Qing Er apparently wasn’t able to make the decision and looked at her grandpa with a troubled look. She hoped her grandpa could give her a good idea.

1: adding Er to the first name of someone is an intimate way of referring to the person. It is usually only used between parents and children, or between lovers.

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