Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 13: Not A Fraud

Chapter 13: Not A Fraud

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Hearing Ye Mo’s words, there was a sliver of recognition flashing across the old man’s eyes. Although he knew Ye Mo was capable, he still didn’t quite believe that Ye Mo could completely cure him. Furthermore, this guy asked for money straight away without any medical morals.

In the medical field, 70% success was already quite significant. However, Ye Mo said he had 70% chance of curing him with ease. This moved the old man’s confidence for Ye Mo. However, thinking about how he only had a few months to live if he didn’t receive treatment, the only loss in agreeing to treatment was some money, which was no object for him.

Still, it wasn’t going to be easy to trick him to give away his money, and thus the old man said: “You say you don’t have 100% chance of success now, then when would you have 100% chance to successfully treat me?”

“Three years,” Ye Mo smiled blandly and said. Ye Mo thought in his mind that when his silver heart grass was ready for harvest, he should be able to reach stage 3 of Chi Gathering no matter what. Although he didn’t understand the old man’s intentions in his question, he knew that the old man was getting doubtful of him. However, he didn’t care as he only had this chance of earning money anyway.

He wouldn’t foolishly tell others about himself even if he didn’t earn money this time. Ye Mo already knew what sort of place this was, and if someone found out he had special arts that couldn’t be explained by the science here, nothing good would come out of it.

With his current strength, he couldn’t even run away. He was well aware of the power the government held. Thus, he could only earn his money in secret and couldn’t publicize his abilities. Otherwise, he would probably be dissected like a lab rat.

“Then I’ll choose to cure the symptoms but how much money do you need? We don’t have any right now so we can only ask people to transfer it to you after you cure me, or you can come and get it with us,” the old man was beginning to lose his new found hope. He was already sure that this doctor was a fraud. Because no one would believe that the disease he couldn’t cure now could be cured three years later.

The reason he still wanted Ye Mo to try was because Ye Mo woke him up with just a few needles. On top of that, he also wanted to know if this doctor was going to cheat him, he worked at Li Kang Hospital, he could run away but the hospital couldn’t.

Ye Mo immediately refused the old man’s suggestions. Without a certain amount of power, he wouldn’t expose his abilities. He knew the human heart was devious and had seen it all too many times. It could be said that other than his master Luo Ying, he wouldn’t trust anyone. Plus, he didn’t believe it at all that the girl didn’t have money on her. How could someone as rich as her not have a single card?

The old man’s face immediately looked ugly as he realized doctors like this actually existed. Regardless of whether he was a fraud or not, how could he be requesting for money before he even treated him? This wasn’t even bad medical morals; he had no medical morals.

“Grandpa, I heard all the doctors now are like that. They don’t want to treat without money, don’t get angry,” the girl called Qing Er felt better since her grandpa was starting to recover and instead came to comfort him.

“How much money for curing the symptoms?” Qing Er wasn’t dumb. Although she could tell Ye Mo had some abilities, this person was quite possibly bluffing, but facing the only one who claimed can treat her grandfather, she didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“200,000!” Ye Mo estimated that this girl’s clothes were probably worth 200,000 dollars so asking for this amount was probably easy for her. Meanwhile, the girl became a bit frustrated, she only had 50,000 altogether, yet, this guy asked for 200,000. Did he ask for this much based on the value of her clothes? However, she didn’t buy her clothes, and she couldn’t afford it either; it was given to her by her aunty.

“I only have 50,000 dollars, and it’s all in here. The password is 880521,” she gave her only card to Ye Mo. Ye Mo took the card and looked at the girl once. He thought to himself that she was really stingy. His heart protection pill was already worth more than 50,000. But it will do, he didn’t care that much about it. With this 50,000, he wouldn’t have to worry about money again for the time being.

He took the card and didn’t waste any time. He opened his medical case and took out a black pill and gave it to the old man: “Eat this heart protection pill, and then I’ll help you with acupuncture.”

“What medicine is that? Heart Protection Pill? Why does it look so ugly, don’t tell me you are one of those Chinese Medicine Physician? This is Li Kang Hospital!” Qing Er blocked Ye Mo’s hand and said worriedly.

“It’s up to you, if you don’t want the treatment, I’ll give the card back to you immediately,” Ye Mo said displeased. The old man looked at Ye Mo’s eyes and waved his hand: “Qing Er, move aside, give me the pill and I’ll eat it.”

The old man took the pill and ate it without any hesitation. He sighed, he wasn’t afraid of death, but if he could actually live for another three years, then he could settle a lot of things smoothly. Otherwise, if he suddenly died, his family might erupt into chaos and even start down on the road to failure, and that wasn’t something he wanted to see.

Although he was 90% sure Ye Mo was a fraud, he still wanted to try as long as there was 10% hope. Seeing the old man eat the pill, Ye Mo nodded and made the old man lay down as he begun his acupuncture.

Qing Er was already doubtful of Ye Mo and grew even more so after seeing him take out the black pill. But after seeing Ye Mo’s acupuncture speed and her grandpa’s gradually widening face, she began to have hopes for Ye Mo again. Although she hadn’t seen acupuncture before in real life, she had seen it on TV. Normally, acupuncture was a slow and careful procedure. Meanwhile, this doctor was so fast that you could barely see his hand pausing. Her doubt for Ye Mo had disappeared completely as she observed that Ye Mo’s forehead was covered in sweat beads.

Suddenly, the young girl started to worry again because she saw her grandpa’s complexion of pain. Just when she wanted to ask, Ye Mo suddenly grabbed the old man and flipped his body as he palmed the old man’s back. The old man started to spew as he spat out a globule of thick, dark and clotted liquid.

Ye Mo gasped for air and said to the girl: “Your grandpa is fine now, there won’t be any problems in three years. Tell the nurse to come in and clean up, I’m leaving.”

Before the girl could reply, he carried his little medical case and left. When Qing Er finally caught on and chased out, Ye Mo had already disappeared.

“Grandpa…” Qing Er hurried back into the emergency room. She suspected that Ye Mo was someone who cheated and ran. Perhaps he wasn’t even from the Li Kang Hospital. When they just came in, the nurse said that he wasn’t Doctor Cui. Now she remembered, but she couldn’t even chase up to him anymore.

The old man had recovered and wiped his mouth with a cloth. His eyes were peculiar as he looked at the young girl and said: “This doctor isn’t a fraud. I really feel the lightness in my body, it’s not like the burden it was before. I didn’t think that there would be such a magical doctor. Go ask the nurse later what the doctor is called, we must get to know someone like this.”

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