Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1515 - First step to fighting

Chapter 1515: First step to fighting

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Five days later, Ye Mo finished setting up the teleportation formation. He didn’t leave immediately and asked Chi Pei to help him find Chi Wanqing.

A month later, Ye Mo didn’t get any news of her. He was disappointed and left East Black State with Luo Ying and them.

Returning to South Peace State, Jin Qianqing also bid farewell and left.

The Blue Moon came to Mo Yue City, both Xin brothers and Qi Yirong were astounded by the dense spirit chi in Mo Yue City. The Xin brothers rejoiced at their decision.

For someone who stayed at the sea corner for a few decades, any place in South Peace State would make them very happy much less Mo Yue City. They could imagine how rapid they would be cultivating here.

Ye Mo thought Erta would ignore Qi Yirong but what they didn’t expect was that he saw her and immediately rushed over grabbing her hand.

“ERta…” Qi Yirong was excited seeing him after a few decades again and didn’t know what to say.

“did something happen to my dad?” Bian Fengta had a bad feeling and said in a shaky tone.

Qi Yirong’s eyes went red and she said in surprise “you already know?”

Bian Fengta took out a jade disk and nodded “after I reached disaster transformation state I found this heritage disk. I… know everything. Sorry, Yirong, I shouldn’t misunderstood you.”

They knew the two had a lot to talk so they left.

After all the huge events, South Peace State completely calmed down and so were the three other states in Luo Yue continent.

Ye Mo repaired the few teleportation formations and set up the teleportation formation from Pei Hai city to Mo Yue City and then went into solitary cultivation.

The benefits of corner soul weed to his spirit sense was unimaginable. Ye Mo got a lot of corner soul weed but he used them up quick and needed to leave some for the people with him.

Ye Mo didn’t use time formation disk to cultivate spirit sense, he dind’t have much immortal crystals left.

Three eyars later, Ye Mo’s spirit sense doubled. His spirit sense improved like crazy using corner soul weed and pure spirit nourishing well.

If he went to annihilate those spirit devouring bugs, he wouldn’t almost collapse in exhaustion.

Ye Mo had reached level five of five element mobility. He could use two purple suns for Heaven Flame Nine Suns now.

The only pity was that he didn’t have a better spirit sense cultivation method. His purple eye soul sever was too low, if he had better spirit sense cultivation method, Ye Mo believed he would be able to reach Heaven Flame Nine Suns level three.

Su Jingwen finished her divine damnation and reached cauldron filling state. Luo Ying reached body condensation state level seven, Tang Beiwei reached hollow spirit state level four and even XU Ping and Shi Tie were nascent soul state.

Only Ye Mo didn’t dare to cultivate, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control his power and ascended early. What annoyed Ye Mo was that when he cultivated, his cultivation wasn’t fast when he used time formation disk and immortal crystals. But when he cultivated spirit sense, in a few short years he reached truth realisation state level eight peak. If he used immortal crystals, he would’ve reached truth realisation state level nine in a short time already.

Ye Mo knew he couldn’t keep waiting. If he kept waiting he might not have a chance to go back to the small world. knowing that Mu Xiaoyun went missing at Liang Ji valley in the small world. Ye Mo wanted to go down already.

Now that Mo Yue City was going in the right tracks and everyone was cultivating fast, if he still didn’t go to the small world, people would be immortal ascending. He wanted to immortal ascend first. Mo Yue City was the safest place in South Peace State, no one dared to mess with them. This was a place countless people respected so Ye Mo felt very safe leaving everyone here.

From JIn Jinlin’s jade slip, he knew that immortal realm was countless times bigger than Luo Yue continent. The 33 heavens of immortal realm, if each heaven was an ocean, Luo Yue continent wouldn’t even splash a wave up if thrown inside.

At Mo Yue City lake, Ye Mo, Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue, Su Jingwen, Song Yangzhu and them were sitting together. They knew Ye Mo was going to the small world but no one stopped him. No one felt unhappy too.

Ye Mo would do this for any one of them, if Ye Mo wasn’t like this how could they fall in love with him?

“how are you planning to go?” Ning Qingxue bit her lips. She was body condensation state level four and many times she wanted to give birth to a child for Ye Mo but seeing everyone cultivating and out of fear she would fall behind too much, she delayed this plan to after immortal ascension.

Ye Mo was planning to go Nangong village first. That place was too mysterious, it was where Chu Jiuyu lived too. Chu Jiuyu immortal ascended in the small world, perhaps he could find something there. If not, he would forcefully tear open the voice. But Ye Mo didn’t dare to say this he was afraid they would go there if he went for too long.

Nangong village was not a good place. he warned everyone in Mo Yue City to never go there unless reaching truth realisation state peak stage.

“I’m planning to tear open the void, I can do that with my power now. I reached god state body refinement there so there’s no danger. Even if I can’t find the small world, I can come back.” Ye Mo said casually.

“then you need to come back earlier.” Su Jingwen said.

Ye Mo nodded “no matter if I find Xiaoyun or not I will try to come back as early as possible. If Xiaoyun is there too, we’ll be all united.”

Then, Ye Mo said heavily “there’s no direction in the void so I don’t’ know if I will go directly to the small world. so, I need to tell you guys some things.”

The group focused seeing that Ye Mo’s tone was serious.

“no matter how long cultivators live in the cultivation realm, it’s at most about ten thousand years. Those older than that are very rare. We will be together forever so we can only ascend to immortal realm. I want us to be able to be together forever in the immortal realm. then, we can sit in my magic artefact and roam the 33 heavens… so, ascending to the immortal realm is our first fighting step.”

“if we ascend to immortal realm, would we be able to live forever and be together forever?” Song Yangzhu’s eyes were teary. She was the weakest, she was scared she would fall behind too much and stay here alone. She couldn’t resist being alone…

Ye Mo shook his head “I don’t know, I only know immortals’ lifespan is countless times that of cultivation realm cultivators. I don’t know if it’s eternal lifespan but I have a feeling that even in the immortal realm, you probably can’t attain eternal life.”

He knew what Song Yangzhu thought, she worked hard but due to spirit root limitations, she was the weakest. Ye Mo got up and pulled her hand “no matter what, I’ll be satisfied that we can stay together in the immortal realm for countless years. Yangzhu don’t worry, although your spirit root isn’t as good as Jingwen and Qingxue and them but you can immortal ascension too, trust me.”

Song Yangzhu nodded.

Seeing them all a little reluctant to let him go Ye Mo said again “I’m certain I can come back but there’s no direction in the void, I don’t know how long it will be till I come back.”

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