Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1516 - Enter Nangong village again

Chapter 1516: Enter Nangong village again

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“so before I leave, I need to tell you what I know about the immortal realm so we can all meet up after immortal ascension. The immortal realm is different to Luo Yue continent, if we don’t make arrangements we’ll never find each other.” Ye Mo said seriously.

“tell us, after you leave I will tell this to Yimo and Beiwei and them.” Luo Ying nodded.

Ye Mo said “according to what I know there are 33 heavens in the immortal realm, there are division between them but I don’t know specifically. I think the divisions are either based on power or immortal spirit chi density. Yue Heng Heaven heaven lord Lu Zhengqun has enmity with me so we must not go there. We can’t even say we’re from Luo Yue continent, just say we’re from Shen Qiong cultivation realm.”

Ye Mo was worried about Lu Zhengqun the most, Ye Mo didn’t know how powerful this guy was but Jin Jinlin said he was extremely powerful. Shen Qiong cultivation realm was the cultivation realm of Meng Qi, it could avoid some trouble.

“then where should we meet?” Su Jingwen asked.

Ye Mo said “when we first immortal ascend, we’re took weak, we wouldn’t be able to cross heavens. We wouldn’t be able to afford the teleportation formation fees. I’m thinking we can cultivate ourselves or join a sect. after we have enough power, we’ll go meet up in Gong Hua heaven.”

Jin Jinlin told his descendants to go there, it must be very far from the Yue Heng heaven and a rather safe place.

“Gong Hua heaven? Is it really far from Yue Heng heaven?” Song Yangzhu asked.

Ye Mo nodded “theoretically yes, I got this news from Jin Qianqing’s ancestor. She was an immortal formation master and was thrown onto Luo Yue to set up formation and he was killed by Lu Zhengqun. He definitely would want his descendants to be safe from Lu Zhengqun so he probably chose a reliable place.

If you get to the immortal realm and find it’s very hard to get to Gong Hua heaven or it’s not safe to go we don’t have to meet there. All in all, cultivation and safety matters first. So what if we wait tens of thousands of years? As long as we have enough power we will meet again.”

Ye Mo took out communication beads and gave everyone one and the extras to Luo Yue “these are communication beads I made with extreme flame star gold. You can use it contact each other and sense each other on Luo Yue. I don’t know how far we will be in the immortal realm but this is better than nothing.”

Seeing them not talk, Ye Mo felt sad too. Sometimes, he really wanted to just grow old with them at Mo Yue City but he kept feeling this calling and that was he must keep cultivating. He must stand at the highest point. He knew that even if he didn’t cultivate, staying at Mo Yue City will result him reaching truth realisation state peak stage sooner or later.

Other than this, he had a sense of desperation. Even if he stayed at Luo Yue and didn’t grow in power, who knows if Lu Zhengqun can send other people down.

Casting these thoughts aside Ye Mo said again “no matter how long it takes for me to come back, if you need to immortal ascend then do it immediately. I feel that even when I don’t cultivate my power is increasing, I afraid I’ll ascend before coming back to Mo Yue City. As for the cultivation methods I gave you guys don’t worry about the latter parts. They came from Three Birth Chant, the latter parts will be born itself. So you must not reveal this cultivation method, tell Yimo and them.”

This wasn’t the first time Ye Mo said this, everyone knew Ye Mo’s cultivation method was very precious. It would have a different set of cultivation method based on the person’s own learnings.

Their current magics and techniques were gathered by Ye Mo but in the immortal realm Ye Mo didn’t even have his own. They would have to find their own.

Ye Mo was about to leave Mo Yue City so they just stopped cultivation and played together for a month. A month later, Ye Mo left Mo Yue City quietly.

Nangong Village, Ye Mo came in here and no one was able to notice. Ye Mo was certain that there was a level one immortal formation here. Before he wouldn’t be able to come in under the radar.

From the outside, the Nangong village didn’t seem very big but after coming in, he realized it was many times bigger than he had imagined. This was all because Chu Jiuyu set up formation here.

It was very quiet inside and one could occasionally see a few disciples walking past.

As soon as Ye Mo entered a defense formation in the back yard, a powerful spirit sense swept over. It stayed at where Ye Mo was for a long time before disappearing.

Ye Mo was shook, he knew that Nangong village was very powerful but he didn’t expect it was this powerful. That spirit sense was at least truth realisation state level nine. Just what were they doing hiding all this power?

Luckily he only entered the formation and didn’t break it. if he broke it, that spirit sense would’ve found him already. He wasn’t afraid of trouble but he didn’t want everyone to know Mo Yue City city lord snuck into Nan Gong village, this damaged Mo Yue City’s reputation.

Ye Mo just wanted to find if there was some teleportation tunnel here. He knew the chances were slim but he felt uncomfortable if he didn’t try. Ye Mo was more curious after seeing how powerful this place was.

After that spirit sense disappeared, Ye Mo was more careful in here. 15 minutes later, he found that the backyard wans’t the end. There were three doors and they were all blocked by restriction. The middle door was the largest and the ones on the two side were smaller.

Ye Mo couldn’t scan his spirit sense in any of them so he chose to go into the largest.

Just when Ye Mo was about to move, a figure dashed over. Ye Mo quickly stopped himself, it was Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng’s face was numb. He went into the left passage. Ye Mo immediately knew he must have some jade card to be able to enter so easily.

What confused Ye Mo was that Ye Zifeng was only hollow spirit state when he last saw him but in a few short years, he eas body condensation state level two.

Ye Mo changed his mind, he went into the left door. These restrictions were level nine but it was nothing for an immortal formation master.

After entering the door, the environment changed. It was a spirit herb garden, there were quite some level seven and level eight spirit herbs here.

This was definitely considered top grade spirit herb garden. Even though he left most of the spirit herbs at Mo Yue City his golden page world spirit herb garden was much higher level than this.

At the border of the garden was a 9 curved hallway, reminding Ye Mo of the same hallway at ice god forbidden grounds.

Ye Zifeng had disappeared. Ye Mo followed the hallway and after a few hundred meters, a level nine defense formation appeared before them.

Ye Mo didn’t go straight in. he had a feeling that no matter how careful he was, he would be found.

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