Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1570 - Far Star Castle

Chapter 1570: Far Star Castle

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After they had disappeared, Ye Mo chose a direction and flew off. He was thinking about that terrifying Freedom King. If he was in front of such a person, his Golden Page World would be exposed for sure.

It wouldn’t be as simple as him dying. Everyone related to him would be killed. Everything inside the Golden Page World was invaluable. If it was revealed, how could that powerful being not kill everyone he knew to shut everyone up?

An immortal king was already this terrifying, what about immortal monarchs and immortal emperors? If Lu Zhengqun reached immortal king, how was he to survive?

Ye Mo sighed, it wasn’t bad that he met the Freedom King this time, at least he was alert now. He realized that if he didn’t reach status immortal he would still be an insect. He shouldn’t try to come in contact with those powerful beings, even coming to the Extreme Sword Sect was dangerous.

Qin Peifu and them had no ill will towards him, but if they did and tried to check him with their spirit sense, who knows what would happen?

He was too arrogant, Ye Mo told himself. He had decided that he would stay at the Chaos Star Realm and not come out unless he reached higher cultivation level. The immortal realm was very fascinating but it wasn’t a place a small golden immortal could have fun.

Ye Mo sped up and felt even more desperate to go there.

At the main peak of the Extreme Sword Sect, Qin Nianmei acted like a little kid who did something wrong, looking down at the ground while a man stood in front of her.

“Who is that Ye Mo? How do you know him? Is he really your dao partner?” Qin Peifu asked with a sliver of seriousness in his tone.

“Dad, I’ve said it many times, why don’t you believe me? He’s just like that, he’s not disrespecting you, I’ve brought it up to him many times. Even though he doesn’t change, I can’t just give up on him,” Qin Nianmei explained.

Seeing her father’s face ease, she quickly told him everything about how she met Yan Tantao. “I was at a marketplace in Hai Lan Immortal City, he was setting up a pill stall…”

After a long while, Qin Nianmei finished and Qin Peifu nodded. “That Ye Mo isn’t very mature, but he’s indeed a prodigy to be able to beat Gongsun Yin’s disciple. He’s a level three immortal pill master now, he might accomplish far more in the future. So, Nianwei, you need to work hard yourself now. You need to quickly reach abstruse immortal and break through to great immortal…”

“Dad…” Qin Nianmei groaned. “He just beat that Gongsun Zhiyu by luck. If he tried again, he might lose.”

“Oh, so you’re saying Gongsun ZHiyu is better than him?” Qin Peifu asked.

“No, I don’t mean that. I mean, his future would definitely be stronger than Gongsun Zhiyu’s.” Qin Nianmei waved her hand quickly.

Qin Peifu suddenly said seriously, “You need to find out who he is. Although it seemed very lucky, afterwards when I thought about it, he might’ve intentionally done that. That win was too lucky, if he did that on purpose then this pill master Ye is too terrifying. You need to be careful in dealing with such a person, you need to know what he wants.”

Qin Nianmei wanted to laugh. “Dad, don’t worry – I know where this person came from and what he does. He definitely won by luck…”

Qin Nianmei suddenly felt things weren’t right. She was talking about Ye Mo, he had nothing to do with her now. She should be caring about Yan Tantao. When she travelled with Yan Tantao, she never asked where he came from.

Qin Peifei nodded. “Indeed, it’s not quite possible he did it on purpose. You took a space laceration rune, did you give it to him to go to the Chaos Star Realm?”

“Yes,” Qin Nianmei admitted.

As though fearing her dad would tell her off, she added, “He said he would go after reaching golden immortal tertiary stage.”

Qin Peifu nodded. “Not bad, he has perseverance and the will to fight, he’s a pill master too. Nianmei, I feel like Ye Mo is a very good choice. His character is a bit lacking, but that isn’t the most important.”

Far Star Castle.

This was no castle nor immortal city nor town. This was just a huge square with countless stalls.

The only thing was that one side was covered in mist and one’s spirit sense couldn’t scan in. To be specific, it was a void.

There were many cultivators talking at the border of the square or walking around the stalls.

There was a huge teleportation formation in the middle, cultivators were constantly teleported here or teleporting waay.

Everyone knew this was the entry to the Chaos Star Realm. This square was the nearest square to Chaos Star Realm in Extreme Wind Heaven.

The people here didn’t go in immediately as they were grouping up. Each group would gather a certain amount of people before heading in. This way, even if they encountered a Void Hurricane or Void beasts, they would be able to help each other. Another thing was that if they used their space laceration runes together they would have a higher chance to open the space to the Chaos Star Realm.

If one person came to the space barrier at the Chaos Star Realm, there wasn’t a high probability of him tearing open the barrier to the Chaos Star Realm even with the rune.

Some squads with enough people walked towards the mist under the captain and quickly disappeared. Some squads even put up signs requesting what sort of power and what sort of flying magic artifacts they had.

Ye Mo reached the teleportation formation at Gong Hua Heaven in just five days as his Blue Moon wasn’t much slower than even middle grade flying immortal artifacts.

Ye Mo immediately took the teleportation formation to Far Star Castle.

Walking out of the teleportation formation, Ye Mo felt a little dizzy. This teleportation distance was extremely far, even he felt dizzy. He wouldn’t even be able to make even one formation flag for such a teleportation formation.

“Hmm, why is he here? Does this guy want to go the Chaos Star Realm too?” Hai Chuanwu immediately noticed Ye Mo. They didn’t have enough people yet.

Zhen Bingyu also looked at Ye Mo in confusion. She didn’t understand why Ye Mo came here too, didn’t he have something important to do? Was it to come here? Ye Mo was a mere golden immortal primary stage, it was suicide to come here.

Ye Mo scanned the square with spirit sense and the words ‘Far Star Castle’ floated in the middle.

There were many cultivators here, but Ye Mo soon found he was the weakest. Those immortals with stalls were at least golden immortal tertiary stage. Most of the cultivators in the square were abstruse immortals. There was not a single golden immortal middle stage, much less a primary stage cultivator.

So he was the weakest here, Ye Mo rubbed his nose speechlessly. His spirit sense saw Bingyu and Hai Chuanwu too, but he didn’t want to go over and talk.

He had nothing to do with their sect now. Ye Mo walked up to a golden immortal peak stage cultivator and saluted with his fists. “Friend, is this the place towards the Chaos Star Realm?”

The golden immortal peak stage looked at Ye Mo and nodded. “That’s right, this is Far Star Castle. You leave from here to go to the Chaos Star Realm.”

“How do you go in?” Ye Mo asked.

The golden immortal peak stage didn’t mind, many cultivators came here for the first time. The only thing was that this cultivator’s power was too low. He pointed at the misty side. “Go from there, fly for half a month to a month and you can see the barrier to the Chaos Star Realm. Use your space laceration rune with people and you can go in.”

“Thank you friend.” Ye Mo thanked him and immediately headed to the misty side.

The golden immortal was dumbfounded and murmured, “He won’t be going there alone, right?”

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