Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1571 - Weakest One

Chapter 1571: Weakest One

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Zhen Bingyu already felt it was strange that Ye Mo came here at golden immortal primary stage, but seeing him about to go in alone after asking a few questions, her jaw dropped. She really didn’t expect there to be someone this cocky, even abstruse immortal peak stage or great immortals rarely went in alone. Did this guy come here to seek death?

The nearby immortals were also dazed, but soon most of them realized that this new golden immortal primary stage didn’t know the rules. He thought he could go in alone – what an idiot!

But no one reminded Ye Mo, it was a good show for them. People were too bored, a golden immortal primary stage cultivator’s life meant nothing to them.

Ye Mo felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell where. He didn’t feel that golden immortal cultivator was lying to him and his instinct felt that he would reach the Chaos Star Realm if he went anymore forward. Just when he was about to go in, a faint blue figure stopped in front of him.

“You want to die?” a crisp cold voice sounded again.

Ye Mo looked and it was that Bingyu again, this was the second time she said ‘you want to die’?

But this time, Ye Mo didn’t get angry. She had saved him before indeed.

“Martial sister Bingyu, I’m living quite well, why would I want to die?” Ye Mo asked plainly.

Zhen BIngyu grunted, “You think all the people here aren’t going to the Chaos Star Realm? Why don’t they leave?”

“Why?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

Zhen BIngyu said coldly, “It’s indeed the Heaven Domain Void if you go in there. Unless you’re a great immortal, going in alone is like suicide. And, the barrier for the Chaos Star Realm can only be activated when tens or even a hundred people use their runes together.”

Ye Mo looked around at the cultivators here and realized how bleak they were, they were all watching him like a fool. No one came up to warn him.

“Thank you martial sister Bingyu, you saved me again.” Ye Mo didn’t believe he would die going into the Heaven Domain Void, but if he didn’t go with anyone his space laceration rune would be useless.

Zhen Bingyu didn’t look at Ye Mo and just went back to where she was. Ye Mo saw a skinny golden immortal tertiary stage cultivator just turn around too. He immediately politely called out to him, “Friend, you came to stop me going in right?”

The skinny cultivator nodded. “Yyes, you can’t go in there alone. You have to team up. I just wanted to stop you but someone already did.”

“Thank you. I’m Ye Mo, a solo cultivator.” Ye Mo saluted with his fists.

The skinny cultivator returned in the same manner, “I’m Cui Mingli, I come from Yu Wan Heaven’s great extreme immortal sect Dao Star Sect. I’ve found a team already, you should hurry and find one.”

Seeing him go back, Ye Mo breathed easy. This Cui Mingli clearly was a warm hearted cultivator. There were so many cultivators who saw him about to go in alone, but only Bingyu and this guy stopped him. But Ye Mo knew why Bingyu stopped him, it was due to Qin Nianmei. Otherwise, she definitely wouldn’t come out, but even so, Ye Mo was grateful to her.

Even though Ye Mo didn’t want to form a team, he had to find one. Otherwise, no one would take him in with his power.

Ye Mo scanned around and was disappointed, he didn’t match the requirements. The lowest requirement was golden immortal tertiary stage and have at least a low grade flying immortal artifact. He had one, but he was a far cry from golden immortal tertiary stage.

An ordinary golden immortal primary stage would take at least a few thousand years to reach golden immortal tertiary stage. Some talented cultivators would only need a few hundred years, extreme examples could do this in a few decades.

Ye Mo could only walk towards a sign asking for golden immortal tertiary stage. It was a golden immortal peak stage cultivator, he saw Ye Mo come over and frowned.

“Can I join your team?” Ye Mo saw the frown and sighed but still asked.

The golden immortal peak stage was very polite. “Sorry, the lowest requirement is golden immortal tertiary stage, you’re only golden immortal primary stage..”

“I believe I won’t drag the team behind,” Ye Mo said.

The golden immortal tertiary stage shook his head and said nothing.

Ye Mo asked a few more and he was rejected by them all, no one wanted to take a golden immortal primary stage who would drag the team down.

Some squads had enough people and began to go in.

Hai Chuanwu saw Bingyu stare at Ye Mo and asked, “How about we let pill master Ye come to our squad?”

Bingyu asked coldly, “Did he ask for your help?”

Hai Chuanwu felt uncomfortable seeing Bingyu stop Ye Mo, but hearing this, he felt very satisfied. But he still sighed and said nothing.

Bingyu indeed didn’t want Ye Mo to join her squad. To her, Ye Mo would die no matter what squad he joined. It was better for him to not let him join a squad as he would go back and not die.

Seeing that he still had to go in alone, Ye Mo shook his head helplessly.

Cui Mingli saw Ye Mo couldn’t find a team and worried for him too.

“Martial brother Chen, that golden immortal primary stage…”

Cui MIngli didn’t even finish before he was interrupted by the abstruse immortal primary stage captain. “Cui Mingli, I took you because your perseverance is good yet you still want to help someone else? If you still want to say that, then please leave.”

Cui Mingli’s mouth was bitter but he didn’t dare to say anything.

Ye Mo didn’t hear Cui Mingli trying to help him, but seeing the captain reproach him he immediately knew what happened.

Ye Mo felt a little despondent seeing that no team willing to take him. Some cultivators admired Ye Mo’s courage.

Daring to go into the Chaos Star Realm alone and thinking that he could join a team with golden immortal primary stage cultivation. If the captain wasn’t brain dead, he wouldn’t allow such a person.

There were so many dangers out there and if one person dragged the team back, it would be a ticking time bomb.

As more and more teams left, Ye Mo knew it was probably very hard to find someone to take him.

At this moment, the teleportation formation lit up again and a few thousand people were teleported back.

Ye Mo was confused why so many cultivators came when he heard other people discuss.

“This is the Extreme Heaven Sect joining up to trial together, I didn’t think there would be this many.”

“Less than 3000 for a heaven domain, this isn’t much.”

“True, it’s said that the reward for the top ten is very juicy. ”

Ye Mo scanned with spirit sense and found that the leading person was indeed a great eternity immortal and a few great extreme immortals.

The great eternity immortal said to the few thousand cultivators, “The time frame for this trial is two years. Two years later we will be calculating results here. The Chaos Star Realm is full of danger, I hope you guys can help each other. Okay, I’ve said enough, time for you to form teams and go in.”

Soon, the cultivators formed into small groups and went in.

Zhen Bingyu glanced at Ye Mo and followed her squad into the Heaven Domain Void.

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