Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1586 - A Secret Everyone Knows

Chapter 1586: A Secret Everyone Knows

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“I thought only I knew about it, but after I went there I realized that wasn’t the case. That abstruse immortal middle stage who tried to kill me was scared of news spreading, so he came to kill me. He had two other abstruse immortal primary stage friends who stayed there,” Zhen Bingyu answered.

Hearing this, he immediately asked, “How do you want to cooperate?”

“Before that I have two conditions,” Zhen Bingyu said upon seeing that Ye Mo’s wariness towards her reduced.

Ye Mo said plainly, “First, the Chaos Blue Reed you mentioned might not exist. Even if it does, we might not get it. Second, you don’t need to tell me your conditions, I won’t agree to it before seeing the Chaos Blue Reed.”

“…” Zhen Bingyu realized it was pointless to mention the cultivation method again so she fell into silence. After a while she could only say, “Then how would we divide things if we get the Chaos Blue Reed?”

He knew the chances were slim, but the Chaos Blue Reed was too much of an enticement to Ye Mo. If he found one, he would definitely not want to give it up.

He fell silent for a while and said, “If there’s more than one we can share them evenly, but if there’s only one…”

“Then there’s none for me right?” Zhen Bingyu sneered, but she was angry. This guy hadn’t even got the Chaos Blue Reed and already acted like this. If he got it, then wouldn’t he kill her?

Ye Mo was lost for words. If there was only one he really wouldn’t know how to split it.

“I’m already god state peak stage, I’m about to go through nirvana. I need it more desperately than you, so if you help me with this, I will compensate you elsewhere,” Ye Mo said helplessly.

Zhen Bingyu knew Ye Mo’s greed and sighed. If she didn’t work with him there was no way she would get the Chaos Blue Reed, but she felt unsatisfied collaborating with him.

“I’m also king state middle stage; plus, everyone wants something like the Chaos Blue Reed. You don’t need an entire one for body refinement. If there’s only one, give half to me,” Zhen Bingyu said without hesitation.

Ye Mo wasn’t surprised she reached king state in half a year. She was powerful and the body refinement places here were really good too.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t talk, she added, “If there’s only one, I want the top part of the Chaos Blue Reed, I can give the bottom half to you.

For something like the Chaos Blue Reed, the lower the part, the more valuable. Ye Mo nodded. “Okay we’ll do that. Now where is the Chaos Blue Reed?”

“It’s in the Extreme Star Swamp, a thousand kilometers west,” Zhen Bingyu said.

Ye Mo released Blue Moon and said to Zhen Bingyu, “Get on, let’s hurry.”

Ye Mo knew this place too. This was the perfect place for him. One couldn’t use spirit sense nor immortal essence here. A body refinement cultivator like him had a natural advantage.

Zhen Bingyu got on Blue Moon without hesitation.

Ye Mo controlled Blue Moon while expanding his spirit sense domain out. Blue Moon darted across the sky in a blue figure. It was many times faster than running on the ground.

Zhen Bingyu’s face was still very cold but she envied Ye Mo quite a lot. Even though she came from a great eternity immortal sect, she was like a hillbilly compared to Ye Mo. Other than her more adamant dao heart, her cultivation method and capabilities were all lower.

Just when Zhen Bingyu was thinking, Ye Mo suddenly hacked out with Zi Xu.

A shriek sounded and blood fell. Ye Mo grabbed a beast core and two feathers. Zhen Bingyu saw a Shadowless Vulture quickly disappear.

Zhen Bingyu was shook looking at this. the other parts of the Shadowless Vulture were worth some immortal crystals. This guy was too wasteful.

For the first time, Zhen Bingyu became curious about Ye Mo. She would never be interested in any cultivators but she asked this time, “Are you a cultivator from the cultivation realm?”

“Yes.” Ye Mo nodded.

“Then someone like you would have quite some dao partners in the cultivation realm?” Zhen Bingyu asked. She really felt it was a pity that someone this talented couldn’t focus on cultivation.

Ye Mo nodded awkwardly, thinking this woman was quite accurate.

Zhen Bingyu knew it was like this and hesitated before saying, “Your fortune must be astounding. My master said before that Nianmei didn’t deserve you, now I believe it. With your current situation, if you focus completely on cultivation, I believe you can reach the top of dao…”

Ye Mo waved his hand, he didn’t want her to remind him.

Seeing Ye Mo lost the interest to talk, Zhen Bingyu said, “I’m just reminding you, whether you listen or not, it’s up to you. I just feel pity for that unparalleled heritage of yours…”

Ye Mo looked at her plainly and said, “Then I’ll remind you too. If you don’t undress yourself in front of a man, you might reach the top of dao. Listen or not up to you, I just feel pity for such an extremely beautiful woman…”

Zhen Bingyu smiled and said no more. Although she didn’t care about her body, this was the only time she undressed herself in front of a male cultivator. This was because she had never teamed up with someone before. Even though she came with Hai Chuanwu she still chose to trial alone.

She was heavily injured this time and Ye Mo was in a worse state. There were people hunting then, she wouldn’t care about exposing her body.

Ye Mo was dazed. Ever since he met this woman, this was the first time he saw her smile. Her smile was many times prettier than her cold face.

Ye Mo sighed. Thinking that such extremely beautiful woman took her clothes off casually in front of other people, and how her body had been seen by countless people, there was a sense of disgust in Ye Mo’s heart.

“You are disgusted by me?” Zhen Bingyu scanned and saw the disgust in Ye Mo’s heart.

“Haha, we’re here.” Ye Mo still needed to collaborate with her, of course he couldn’t admit it.

Looking down, the Extreme Star Swamp was shrouded in what seemed like mist or chaos chi.

There were many immortals here, from golden immortal to abstruse immortal. There were constantly more cultivators coming over. In half a day, there would be more than two thousand here.

“This is your private news?” Ye Mo looked at Zhen Bingyu in confusion.

A sliver of awkwardness appeared on Zhen Bingyu’s face. “When I left, there was not a single person here. Now that so many came, the Chaos Blue Reed must’ve been exposed.”

Ye Mo got off from Blue Moon and many immortals saw it. They all turned around. There were people flying in here, but it was usually abstruse immortal cultivators with a top grade defense magic artifact.

When they saw it was only a golden immortal primary stage landing, there were shocked. Golden immortal primary stages could fly in here? But then they saw Zhen Bingyu behind him who was an abstruse immortal.

Ye Mo didn’t like Zhen Bingyu seeing that he was golden immortal middle stage, so he hid his power back to golden immortal primary stage as many of the cultivators here knew he was golden immortal primary stage.

“I know that golden immortal cultivator, no one wanted to team up with him but in the end he got to the asteroid door himself.”

A golden immortal primary stage passed the heaven domain void, are you sure?”

“It’s true, I saw it too. He not only crossed it but also killed more than ten thousand level two and level three Three Feet Wolves.

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