Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1587 - Extreme Star Swamp

Chapter 1587: Extreme Star Swamp

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Everyone discussed and soon determined Ye Mo to be a master who could fight beyond his level. Thus, no cultivators dared to scan Ye Mo with spirit sense.

“Martial sister Bingyu…”

A joyful voice sounded. Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu looked at Hai Wuchuan at the same time. Seeing Ye Mo next to Zhen Bingyu, Hai Wuchuan’s eyes flashed with discomfort. He didn’t expect she rejected to go with him and instead went with Ye Mo. But that sliver of discomfort quickly disappeared and he sped up to them.

“Martial sister BIngyu, did you hear there was Chaos Blue Reed here?” Hai Wuchuan asked immediately.

Zhen Bingyu nodded. “Yes, how did you know?”

“I heard that a golden immortal cultivator got his friend’s messenger flying sword and immediately knew his friend was killed due to this. In his fury, he spread this everywhere. I think half of the cultivators here know now. Many more are still coming over,” Hai Wuchuan said.

“Martial sister Bingyu, didn’t you say you were going to trial alone? Why are you with pill master Ye…” Hai Wuchuan felt that Zhen Bingyu wouldn’t be interested in Ye Mo and she said to him that she didn’t want a dao partner, but these few times he saw her, she was with Ye Mo.

Zhen Bingyu said, “I happened to see martial brother Ye here so we came together.”

“Pill master Ye, I didn’t expect you could cross the Heaven Domain Void alone. I wanted to greet you at the time but you left too quickly.” Hai Wuchuan realized that Zhen Bingyu changed from calling Ye Mo ‘pill master Ye’ to ‘martial brother Ye’, but he still smiled.

“So it’s martial brother Hai.” Hai Wuchuan was polite and Ye Mo couldn’t say much.

Seeing Ye Mo not interested in talking, Hai Wuchuan said to Zhen Bingyu again, “I heard that the Chaos Blue Reed is a thousand kilometers west of here. These people are going over in teams. There might be conflict if it’s found. One can’t use spirit sense and immortal essence in the Extreme Star Swamp, why don’t us two find two more abstruse immortal cultivators and go together?”

Zhen Bingyu said apologetically to Hai Wuchuan, “Sorry martial brother Wu, I’m grouped with martial brother Ye.”

Hai Wuchuan looked at Ye Mo in confusion and then said to Zhen Bingyu, “But martial sister Bingyu, pill master Ye is only golden immortal power. If …”

Zhen Bingyu’s face was getting colder and colder. She didn’t like talking about the same thing again and again.

Hai Wuchuan clearly knew her character, and seeing her annoyance he immediately stopped and said again, “Then I’ll join your team, teams are usually four to six people…”

Before he finished, he was interrupted by Zhen Bingyu again, “Martial brother Wu, just brother Ye and I are fine. You can find someone else to team up with, we’ll be going inside first.”

Ye Mo didn’t care about what Hai Wuchuan said. He knew that Zhen Bingyu would definitely not team up with Hai Wuchuan. He noticed that a lot of immortals were making magic artifacts. Just when he didn’t know why they were doing so, Zhen Bingyu had gone in already.

Seeing this, Ye Mo immediately followed.

There were water ditches and weeds everywhere as well as some small hills.

Ye Mo immediately felt the suppression of spirit sense and immortal essence when he came here. This wasn’t a complete suppression, an extremely small amount of immortal essence could be used and spirit sense could only see around ten meters. One might as well use their eyes.

But this little immortal essence was like nothing. They didn’t even have chi gathering level five power. One could only use magic artifacts at such a power level.

Ye Mo realized why body refinement cultivators here had the advantage. In such places, golden immortal could definitely challenge great immortals. He also realized why people were making magic artifacts – it was to fly.

Despite this, no one really used magic artifact to fly, it was just for backup. There were few Shadowless Vultures here, but it didn’t mean there were none.

A thousand kilometers wasn’t far. Despite being suppressed to chi gathering middle stage, they were still very fast. Plus, it was just suppression, it didn’t mean that the rest of their immortal essence was gone. Cultivators could run like this for a few years without tiring at all.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to run, he released his top grade flying magic artifact and said to Zhen Bingyu, “Get on.”

Zhen Bingyu realized now the benefit of cooperating with Ye Mo. Everyone else had to run but they could fly.

Many cultivators saw Ye Mo dared to use his flying magic artifact and all looked contemptuous, but Ye Mo didn’t care; he sped up the flying magic artifact.

Ye Mo didn’t waste time on the ship. He used the Three Birth Chant to see if he could release some of his suppressed immortal essence.

Ye Mo was just testing, but what shocked him was that his immortal essence immediately started to be released. Even his spirit sense started to recover slowly.

Ye Mo was overwhelmed with shock. The Three Birth Chant was too insane. In a place where even immortal emperors, couldn’t resolve the problem of suppression, he could recover some of his immortal essence. Who would be able to beat him here?

“What happened to you?” Zhen Bingyu’s power was suppressed but it didn’t lower her senses.

Ye Mo smiled. “I’m still a little injured, I’m going to slow the ship down.”

“Okay, but watch out for Shadowless Vultures.” Zhen Bingyu nodded.

“How about this – let’s stop at a quiet place, and once I recover, we’ll go?” Ye Mo asked. He didn’t want Zhen Bingyu to see that he could recover his power.

But he couldn’t give this flying magic artifact to Zhen Bingyu. After all, Shadowless Vultures here wouldn’t be suppressed.

Zhen Bingyu frowned but still agreed. Ye Mo clearly said he had pretty much recovered, so why did he need to recover now?

Ye Mo changed the direction the ship went and found some brush to sit in. He threw down a few stealth formations and a few defense formations disks.

Zhen Bingyu could only watch Ye Mo do this. Seeing that Ye Mo still used stealth formation disk, she felt very contemptuous.

Ye Mo immediately used Three Birth Chant at full power inside the stealth formation disk. His immortal essence and spirit sense grew rapidly. Soon, he was foundation establishment state. Five minutes later, he was body condensation state power.

Fifteen minutes later, Ye Mo’s power recovered to golden immortal primary stage. Half an hour later, Ye Mo completely recovered his power.

Ye Mo got out in joy.

“Can we go now?” Zhen Bingyu asked plainly.

“Of course, I’m fully recovered, let’s go.” Ye Mo really wanted to show off and release Blue Moon, but he knew if he did, he would die for sure. Unless he could kill whoever saw him on Blue Moon, the powerful beings of the 11 grand heaven domains might come for him.

This time, Ye Mo released a middle grade flying magic artifact. Seeing Ye Mo use a worse one, Zhen Bingyu looked strangely at Ye Mo but still said nothing.

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived a thousand kilometers west of Extreme Star Swamp. After getting off, he saw that this place was filled.

Seeing nearly two thousand cultivators look for the Chaos Blue Reed, Ye Mo knew the hopes were slim.

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